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Chapter 18 - For That Handful Of Silver Coins (1)


The door of the connector opened, and a cool breeze wrapped itself around my sweaty body, along with the sound of air inside escaping at once.

I slowly moved myself.

I started clenching my toes, moving my ankles, wrists, fingers, and fists, and loosening my hardened neck.

“Master! You are back.”

‘I am back.’

Koduro’s voice making a fuss outside the connector reminded me this place is reak.

I am back, I am back, ah…



“I did come back, but it isn’t like I have been to another world, just a game.”

For nothing, I hit the drone of Koduro with a flick, and then I pulled my hand back in shock.

Bandages, where are the bandages…

“Ah, you are fine.”

“Uh That is natural.

I only pretended to be hurt, according to the customer service manual, but is there any chance a drone gets hurt”

No, not you, my fingers.

“What time is it now”


“Did I play 28 hours in the game”

“Was it that much”

A terrible habit.

It had only been a day in the game and less than 6 hours in real life, and my body was already adapting.

I realized it wasn’t my mind reacting but my body.

Being gently when closing things or lying down on the sofa careful—


What—what is this

The sofa was covered with dust 24 hours ago, to which I joked with Kodura saying, ‘I can throw this sofa instead of a smoke bomb when an enemy invades.’ Why does it feel so different

I once again sat on the sofa.


I was getting a fragrant smell and not dusty.

There was no need to find the culprit as I sat down, and Koduro was awkwardly flowing around.

“Uh… Koduro”


“What did you do while I was playing”

“Ah, that Ah, man, this is so embarrassing to say this, but….”

What I haven’t even said anything yet.


Kodura’s drone moved past me and opened the door to the living room widely.

“It wasn’t much, it is just… it has been a while since I did some cleaning! Hehe.”


I frowned after looking blankly at Koduro.

For the first time in 7 years of living here, he was able to see his house become so dazzling.

The dishes, which had flipped upside down due to all the dirt, were now sparkling brilliantly, the walls, which were meant to be yellow, were now dazzling white, and the dust that had attached to the glass was cleansed due to the humidity inside.

The inside walls of the greenhouse were similarly brilliantly lit, as was everything that attracted his eye.

“You… did this”

“Ahem! Machines are quite industrious.”

No, I didn’t ask about that.

“… to what percentage of shield transmittance did you adjust”


We blocked everything except fine dust.”

It’s usually 30%, except for large chunks, that I received everything.

As the output increases so does the consumption of power.


“Using everything except the broken one.”

“Water Well, a few days back, the greenhouse was a little dry because of the weather.

You must have used a lot of the water we saved then.

If only it was used to clean—”

“Ahh, well, I was waiting for that.”

Koduro which was flapping its wings brought back a white wet towel.


You must have had a hard time playing.

Wipe the sweat off.”

“… no water to shower”

As soon as the connector enters and the choke-type terminal called ‘linker’ is hung around the neck, the inner wall of the connector swells and adheres to the user’s body shape.

And it is a built-in air conditioner, but as soon as I found out last year that the air conditioner was using a rechargeable battery, I took it apart and put it in the greenhouse.

Thanks to this, I was able to make another potato field of about 5 more meters but the connecter turned into a steamer.

And now Koduro is taking down the electricity which I had been sparing so delicately.


“Wahhhh! Do not be angry! Stop the hand! Humans communicate with minds!”

“I won’t hit you.

I am not angry.”

I didn’t know either but it was so ridiculous that I couldn’t even get angry, I was curious, though.

“What new wind touched you…for all the sudden changes”

“Lol… this is nothing to be shocked about.

If the master sees what I see! Oh my, our AI did well! Now, come and let me show you!”

With Koduro’s confident voice, the small screen built into the drone shone.


‘garrymoode0385’ has entered the chat room!

‘gasman’ has entered the chat room!

‘ooo’ has entered the chat room!

- gasman : I came in knowing it could be just a bait, but is it true For real

- garrymoode0385 : is this for real That f**king white one is roaming in the war And it was defeated Guys, it is the 124 solar year!

- Speedwagon: Yes, ridiculous.

- Highwaynachoman: what what are you saying

- garrymoode0385 : Holy mana!

- Speedwagon : in 124th, a white guy roamed around and asked if he could be beaten and he got taken down.

– Soygaybar : Charlotte is Invincible and Professor is God! For real!

- g3854 : Was it huge

- jokass : it is really unfortunate.

If Edeorna was captured, the chances of clearing the world would have increased by a lot.

- Mukaba : right, picking up a high-tier mute like that in the early days of the black horse era meant that the queen is suffering, but if it got caught then the game will fall over.

- Killingspree : but in the end, why did Charlotte get sent A King’s Knight must have a skill.

A duel application.

15 minutes forced one on one battle.

- Heungandumpling : it consumes around 5% of max hp.

The damage from being hit by a spear in the middle is too much so the cost of consumption probably isnt enough.

Or maybe she didn’t do anything because she thought she was going to die.

- Holli : it was so tough that I wanted to cry… at the end she shed tears while fighting with her surviving knights…

- Highwaynachoman: do not be embarrassed.

Sending knights like that, no one will be able to hold back the tears.

- takealook : Kya, I am hit by the chic words.

- Jokass : if you leave her alone she might walk to the queen on her own feet.

That is the thing done when the reasoning is lost.

- Noru_is_Druig : I saw the look in her eyes! The look in her eyes as she looked at Professor getting carried by the mercenaries who gathered around! That was… amazing angle!

- Jokass : even that one moment must be amazing, so can’t you think from the top of the head instead of the bottom


“W-what is this”

“What do you think It is literally that! when I checked, master chose to log out and lost consciousness! So, although master might not know, those people saw the battle happen vividly.

That is why they are so excited.”

“Then… did she win Charlotte”

“Yes… but they lost more than 50% of Turan’s troops and the Knight’s Templar got annihilated… but the Queen looked starving.

Can this be seen as a win”

Professor looked at the crowd in the chat window.

At a glance, it wasn’t just one or two, he could see conversations of lots of people and the names he was seeing for the first time.

“S-seven hundred Seven hundred in the chat room”

“It is too early to be surprised! Come and see!”

Koduro flicked around my face to get attention and showed the screen


Hot! Post: A study on the Possibility of Negative Characteristics by Daedalus

I see them every day so I omit the greetings.

Recently, I was watching a broadcast and I saw something interesting there so I decided to write about it.

As you can see, this game is quite vulnerable to accessibility.

There is no one in the world who does not do GG.

Let’s raise the bar a bit.

There is no stagnant water that can be used to study, and only people who play the game can be used to know about it.

The difficulty is one and it costs a whopping 500,000 shillings to get an account.

It is a structure where it is impossible to try many things unless one is a person rotten with money.

Statistically, over 80% of the players use starting combinations recommended by the community here.

In that sense, the broadcast of ‘professor’ I saw yesterday was quite a shock.

I coped the character sheet and put it in the comments, so refer to it.

A conditional player.

Well, conditional, that word feels nostalgic.

It is conditionally realistic and the character is sloppy.

Well, if I had to explain it there will be no end, so here…

[Mental Weakness] is what I mean, which is more of a thing than I thought.

What you are thinking is right.

Uncastable, realistic, headaches, ferocious… worst of worst.

But because it is connected with ‘Realistic mode’ do you think the synergy dies

It is almost like an all-eather radar.

When you are around there is nothing you cannot see.

I was curious and found out that in normal mode this trait came out like an error message on the PC screen in old times.

Since this transitioned to the real more, it changed to something which hits the mind of the player directly and it is the ability of the player to pick out what is needed from the floor of information, but I will commend this player ‘Professor’ for using the negative trait so well.

Broadcast is fun.

Everyone should go take a look.


“And there! This post was posted just 10 minutes back! Look at the number of views! It is done! We succeeded! This is the end of my poor life! I mean it!”

“I do not agree with the content of it, but this… looks nice.”

It isn’t just a simple post but a popular one, so the exposure it gets is no joke.

With this, the number of people coming into the broadcast will also increase.

“So! For master who worked so hard, I raked up all the resources I had and cleaned up this place! Now, you will be broadcasting, dragging in thousands and ten thousands of people like the rankers, and will we have a problem with money”

“Um… uh…”

It will be a problem.

They are there looking at the character I played but the one died now.

It can be said that I feel more like a con artist than a broadcaster.

While I couldn’t answer, Koduro mumbled something as it pulled out an old piece of paper.

“Master, do you remember this bucket list.”

“Ah, last time…”

“Yes, that is right! Last year, when I was told that you would die of depression, I told you we should try this at least once.”

Ah, right.

It was the time when pests kept coming to the greenhouse and the crops got eaten by cockroaches.

It was probably a black history for me and I wrote down anything I could when I got the taste of depression.

“Didn’t I tell you to throw it away”

“Surely, such a command was given but it was processed as a user medical record and the priority got changed and it was saved.”


“An act of loyalty.


Anyway, now that we have become so rich.

I thought it would be a good idea to clear one after another.”

Professor stared at the lens of Koduro.

No matter how one looks, this wasn’t like an AI.

Someone had to be controlling it, or it could be possessed by a ghost.


I get it.

Give it.

one by one.

If we have time and can afford it.”

As Professor held out the sighing hand, Koduro hid his bucket list behind him.

“Huh What I said let’s do it.”

“Ah, ha, let’s wait.

What is the reason for the existence of a housing AI like me Is it to increase user convenience Just thinking about it, it is unlikely that master, whose frugality has now entered the bones, will face his true nature and do what is on the bucket list”

What is this sense of crisis

It didn’t feel right.

When it talks too long, nothing good ever happens.

“You… did you…”

“Yes! From 15 to 32, I have purchased all the items that are available for immediate purchase!”





“W-why! See this! The shilling we earned today is over 80,000! Over 80,000! Don’t you know that the grasp goes up as in here 100,000 tomorrow and 200,000 the next.

I million in a week and then 2 million!”

“S-so Did you buy them all For 80,000 shillings”


I sighed and rubbed my chest.

“Right You couldn’t have bought them.

Even if I remember what I wrote on the bucket lift, they cannot be that less-”

“When you post the player information of Dom’s Marketplace site, they said they will watch the show and send it as a credit to us”



Koduro smashed and crashed with a sound.

“Why, why, why!”

“Huh What Why Look who’s talking! You brought everything you could get into your hands.

So you brought spare drone parts too, right”



“So, no problem”

“T-that… none… maybe… I don’t know.”

And with that, I lost my temper and didn’t remember what happened.

I think I said something like, ‘I am glad I have a fist I can wield as much as I want.’


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