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Chapter 17 - Crisis, Opportunity, Crisis (8)

Chik- tak

Chik- tak

Unlike my broken right leg, my left leg was working fine, so I was able to move my body to some extent by relying on the spear and the splint.

[Warning- ‘Mutation Blood’ infection rate 40%]


My body shuddered at the strange pain penetrating through my wounds.

‘This is bad.’

The cell prototype of the Mutation Blood, the infectious agent, has 2 traits: infection and regenerative.

In accordance with the will of the queen, on a cell-by-cell basis, as soon as it enters the body of the host, it starts to erode the point of contact and control the body.

At this time, since the eroded part is recognized as self-body, it starts to repair the damaged part by exerting its own regenerative power.

Conversely, it means that the wounded areas have begun to heal, and it can be said that that area is out of control.

‘No, not legs… it is around my waist.’

It was an unusual sensation.

I went from feeling like a swarm of ants was eating at my wounds to feeling like a sword was skinning me alive to being tickled.

It was so painful that I wanted to leave the wound with my hand, but I was still happy.

‘Well, as the wound healed, it is much easier to move now.’

As I moved away from the battle area of Charlotte and that monster, I thought constantly, is there a way I can contribute to what I cannot even see I tried to keep my body moving and check every warning information I would get from the Mental Weakness.

I thought I would fall down if I stopped.

‘There is nothing I can do by intervening in that battle.

How to lead the battle to our advantage Make use of the strengths of allies and take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses.

And surely… it has to be, but it is hazy.’

I raised my head, which was continually down while walking.

In the distance, troops were battling mutes.

And when I was pushed out and was losing consciousness, My point of view was Edeorna’s assault and the bodies of knights and the captain, who were lying a little further from the site of the two’s conflict.

As if possessed, I approached the armor.


He was moving.

With a hole the size of a fist in the side, this knight was still able to move his hand and grip the sword, he wasn’t ready to let go of it, and he had his eyes wide open.

A movement that was close to posting mordem rigidity but with willpower.

I looked into the knight’s eyes.

The two eyes with tears of blood were looking at Charlotte.

He constantly tried to lift the sword which the hand which lost its strength and yet the knight continued to look at the enemy there.

Clack! Clack!

Small movements all over the place.

Those with their arms cut, those with intestines pulled out, and those who were foaming blood.

Everyone was lying in Charlotte’s direction.

Every move they made said one thing: dedicated their lives earnestly for the cause.

I listened to them.


I pulled the corpse fallen near me and cut its throat with the broken blade.

Fresh blood poured out from the corpse of a variant that had just died.


Red smoke rose on the wounded area, and with a noticeable increase in the flesh with the healing of wounds, the infection rate must have risen by about 30%.

There must already be infectious agents within the wounds they previously had, so maybe Professor’s current actions were now progressing the infection the man had.

Rather than being destroyed by the hand of the enemy in the battle, the infection penetrates the brain and turns them into a monster that dies at the hands of their comrades.

A most dishonorable death for a knight.

The head of the knight turned to me.

I wanted to apologize.

My selfishness had tarnished his honor.

Denied the life he wanted.


However, the direction I pointed to as I brained the blood was the middle of the fierce battle.

“Cough, go… fight… cough!”

The knight quietly looked at Professor.

A broken leg, a wobbly cane to walk, and a finger pointing toward the captain.

The knight closed his eyes without saying a word and…


He held the sword so hard that it felt like it would break.



Charlotte, who managed to block the incoming attacks, exhaled roughly.

‘Things aren’t looking good.’

In an instant, she checked the tip of the white spear aimed at the name of the neck, waist, and knee and glared at the enemy, who faded.

‘His attacks are light.

There is nothing bad about defending.

But… my sword wouldn’t even touch his body!’

The attack didn’t carry weight, and it was too fast.

With each stabbing move, these attacks continue to target the gaps in her armor.

Even though she tried to strike hard to widen the gap, one way or another, the opponent managed to get into her zone, making her unable to even fight back, leaving behind an unpleasant sensation.

‘I can accept such light attacks for three days and nights, but….’

The problem was that after the first clash, the opponent withdrew a lot faster than she imagined and would constantly deflect the sword of Charlotte and attack any knights who came to help up after cleaning up the Mutes.

By the time she looked back, her knights were down in fatal injuries.



A sharp pain pierced through her thoughts, and she noticed the white spear in her left shoulder.

“You are turning careless.

Shouldn’t you concentrate on the strong enemy ahead and not think about random stuff”

“Shut… up!”

Charlotte grunted through her teeth as she watched the spear be created from the monster’s empty hand.

A weapon that is precisely the same type as the one lodged in her shoulder.

‘The color is similar, so it must be a part of the body.’


“… this!”


Instantly, a sharp pain began to spread around the tip of the spear embedded in her shoulder.

As soon as the spear got pulled out, a chunk of flesh was stuck to it, like a tree being pulled from the roots holding mud.

“Well, well, you need to be careful.

Such precious meat cannot be thrown.

If you are concerned about those things behind you, don’t worry.

I didn’t kill them as I wanted them fresh.

I have no intention of offering rotten meat to mother.”

“… I cannot even look at you.

You’re a disgusting monster trying to act like a human.”

“Don’t look at me then.

If you just pluck those two eyes out, you won’t be able to see even if you want to.”


His body disappeared again, and Charlotte held the sword tightly.

There was no strength in her arm.

’… is this it’

The enemy is a full-on warrior.

Someone who only uses force when he is close ranged to the opponent, and she, who should be fine, was now bleeding.

And the guy would probably aim for each gap in her form.

‘Then, if I can buy time.

If I get away from the area here as much as possible while dealing with him, the other knights will have time to leave here alive.’

Charlotte, who was prepared, changed her sword movement.

Even if it meant taking damage, she decided to keep the enemy away from here


“Looks like your hand is giving up.

Your side is empty, though”

As soon as Charlotte dashed ahead to the gray shadow, Edeorna emerged from the left and thrust the spear into the wide-open stomach.

And instead of moving to a defense form, she simply put more strength into the sword she is wielding.

‘I’ll give you flesh and broken bones.

But I will take at least one of your arms!’

Instead of defending, she wielded the sword with her best strength and ran ahead.

At the same time, the glow o the sunset shone on her.

The white spear and the sword of sunset crossed.

‘May His Majesty forgive the knight who won’t stay by his side till the end.’



One blocked, and one reached.

“This… you lowly things and your useless brains!!!”

A white arm was cut off clearly near the shoulder blade and fell to the ground.

Charlotte looked at the master of the word, which just blocked the white spear, and went shocked.

“How… are you…”

“Forgive me for being late.”

Charlotte looked at the knight who had his sword raised.

The dark and blue flesh which looked like a child who got stuck in between walls and the broken armor.

“Knight Narik has returned.”


After that, knights with similar appearances were walking.

“Night Dicapro has returned.”

“Knight Tagnal has returned.”

“Night McCarson has returned.”

“Knight Rodim…”





When she turned, the knights gathered around her and stood next to her with their swords raised.

Unworthy of the name knight due to how they looked, but their steps were stronger than ever.

And none of them let go of their swords, and not one looked away from the enemy.

“… this is a dog’s death, Narik.

It would be difficult to even lift the sword with that body.”

“I already feel nothing behind the neck.

I didn’t neglect my training, so I will be able to control my body for a while.”

“He is stronger than me.”

“Did you see it before When you cut off his arm, Dame Agat had plenty of time to decapitate him, yet he stayed here.

His shows he has power but no combat experience.”

“… if you went away, you would have had more time to live by going to the city.”

“The sun is still shining on the battlefield; why will we leave already Sun of Battle”

Narik smiled despite his face being covered in blood.

‘This is absurd.

My body is already turned into a monster, yet here I am joking around on the verge of death.’

“… you ignorant bastards.”

“We blame Dame Agat for teaching us such things.”

Charlotte looked at the faces of the knights next to her.

She smiled, too, along with with the waters flowing out of her eyes.

“If I survive, I shall take your names to… the palace of the King… to make sure you get attribute.”

“It is already an honor to be part of the journey of Knight Charlotte.”

“Huhuhu, the rumor I heard at the academy of the best knight in the kingdom being a crybaby is so true.”

Charlotte couldn’t hide her tears any longer.

She knew what this meant.

They were all ready to throw away their bodies, which were turning into monsters, to make sure her embers of life shone.

To say goodbye to these honorable knights, no one could call it a tear, but heartfelt gratitude.

From Charlotte’s body, standing in front of the knights in formation, a glow resembling the sunset began to spread and surround the knights.

The enemy is far from observing what they are doing.

It looked like he wanted to run away at this moment in fear, just like Narik said,

’… their resolve cannot be in vain.’

Charlotte raised her voice.

“You, white monster.

Afraid of us”

“Ughhh! Shut up! You **ing lowly meat!”

“If you are afraid, run away.

Your mother, who waited several days for you, will be starving! Go back to where you belong and ask your hungry mother to give you one more arm!”

“How dare—how dare you insult my mother!”

The enemy, who was moving back and forth, wanting to retreat, was furious as he began to run ahead.

‘As said, he is young.

That relaxed appearance at the beginning was all futile; a little shock and the smallest provocation bring his façade down.’

Strategies for dealing with him began to enter Charlotte’s mind.

“Tagnal and Rodim, when the battle starts, move to his back.

It isn’t about besieging.

You do not even have to join in attacking, so take enough space if he ever retreats.”


“Dicapro and McCarson, I am sorry, but my arm looks like this, so please be on my left side.”

“Leave it to us.”

“And Narik, you move ahead with him, just like me.”



They heard the monster’s movement cutting down wind as he approached, and Charlotte took a step ahead.


The glowing of the sunset touched her toes and wrapped around her body as it flowed into the tip of her sword.

“Knights of Rodrik, move ahead!”


“From now on, we aim for the enemy’s life for the sake of peace and well-being of the kingdom!”


“Today is the day! Today might be the day.

In front of the name of our former kings! We move to the sky without shame! Our sin rises from the bosom of our hometown!!!”

“We die on the battlefield!!!”

“Diee!! Apologize to my mother with your life, you meat!”







And so the knights rushed ahead as one, and collided with the white monster.


‘It is starting…’

Professor collapsed a little further away, looking at Charlotte and the knights.

“Things will be a little different from before, you monster jerk.”

The true strength of the hero named Charlotte de Agat isn’t about her individual strength.

The unbelievable tactics, command ability, and buff allow 200% of the combat power to rise for every individual around her, placing her allies as her best support.

Rodrick’s best knight is the strongest when fighting alongside her allies.

‘The age of warlocks has just begun, so Edeorna must be less than a year old.

When his pace starts to crumble, he will not know how to deal with this.

He can inherit the power from the queen but not the experience.

We’ll win this battle.’


Seeing the white and orange flashes, Professor collapsed.

Beep! Beep!

[Warning: Mutation Blood infection rate 92%]

It was fortunate that he had no wound on the back.

He felt so nice to be able to lean down.


Seriously, me too.

I got too over-immersed.

At best, this is a game.

Why am I clinging onto this….”

He was feeling frustrated, but he knew the answer to his question.

He had roamed around pouring down his own blood of mute, which was like poison to the dying knights, yet none of them showed reluctance.

They didn’t say anything, but Professor wasn’t stupid enough to not know what it meant.

It was in their eyes.

He couldn’t explain it, but after the world has vanished, something disappears in a human, bringing tears from the void.

Someone who makes no one able to simply pass by them.

“… I don’t know.


It was interesting.

I just want the game to be fun.”

‘This is my limit.’

Professor’s eyes began to struggle as he lay back.


[Warning: Abnormal logout detected.

If you do not log out in a safe zone, the player’s character will move autonomously according to the situation of the game.

Are you sure you want to log out]

“Just handle it.

I am bound to die.”

It was the stage where the infection was touching his brain, and the auditory hallucinations began to rise up.

His character now had to give up.

[Never give up]

In the ears of Professor, who was losing consciousness, his father’s voice could be heard.

“… looks like the deceased are busy.

You saw it, right.

I didn’t give up.

Just resting.

Do not… worry… I am just… rest….”

Professor lost consciousness, thinking he heard his father laugh.


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