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Chapter 16 - Crisis, Opportunity, Crisis (7)

“All troops! News!”

Chuk! Chuk!

Once they began to move, regular soldiers who faithfully followed orders were happy looking at this.

Commanding a huge army is something one cannot do without experience.

Perhaps after this battle, the person commanding might get stats such as command-related traits or leadership

‘Well, that is a regular army.

Marching the ranks of mercenaries is different from all!’

They were going to help the troops in the center, but they had to turn around from the back of the lines to allow the knights to burst through, so the infantry still had time to reach the front line.

‘Ah, come to think of it, the chat window is still off.’


- Noru_is_druig : Noona! Ahhhh!

- Soygaybar : Charlotte! The real Charlotte is here! I need a perfect screenshot!

- Highwaynachoman : Woah!

- Numb3rtree : I! I need to work hard.

If I had known this would happen, I would have bought it with a connection that runs GG! The cheap connector developed by Dome can only enter the community and exchange! Shit!

- Highwaynachoman : No.

For real, this is insane.

I turned on sharing with player to see her for myself but I thought I would lose my head! Professor, how are you still so level headed!

- Noru_is_druig : Huh, focus on goal

- Holli : wow, she is so pretty…

- Jokass : Professor, woahhhh! Look after us people!

- Soygaybar : No! Focus on the game!

- Mukaba : The angle is dead.


does it make sense to wear something like metal armor and look that pretty




- Jokass : Wow

- takealook : what the hell.

Captain Is that high role

- Speedwagon : ‘Temporary’.

Actually, the authority of a royal knight isn’t so high.

At best, immunity and permission to kill and maybe execute others on right reasons Although it is a military-related command, he doesn’t have the authority to bring people in, and this position will be pulled back after the battle.

- Soygaybar : damn it, royal knights!

- Numb3rtree : that woman has a high-ranking position.

- Mukaba : that is right.

There were rumors that the king had a hidden lover, and that is her

- Jokass : impossible

- takealook : definitely impossible.

- Speedwagon : right.

Charm 94.

it is famous for the case of a character like a living pheromone that knocks the woman of the regiment apart every time they take it off.

It isn’t called iron armor for nothing.

- Noru_is_druig : A flower which blooms on cliff! Everyone’s lover has such a good story!

- Soygaybar : Kuaaak! My head hurts from it, not just my head, even my body hurts now!!




“system chat off.”


I just didn’t want to read their chats anymore.

After a while, the troops were close enough to the front line.

“This distance should be enough.


Chuk! Chuk!

About 20 steps farther, the troops on the left wing approached the rear of the mute, who were fighting the troops in the middle.

What we are going to do now is to smash them at the back of their heads and shatter them by half so the knights can take lead.

“Move ahead! When the enemy comes into range, attack all together!”

It might be complicated as the most weapons were hammers and stuff, and our role was to hold them so the knights can do their job…

“… the battle begins!”

The role of smashing the enemies with excitement!

Even if they were close enough to hurt us, the mutes are the kind to focus on one enemy and they will die as they get attacked by many from our side.

“Do not get caught up in the heat of excitement! Those who have suffered even the most minor injury will be moved back! Do not let the blood of theirs touch you! You will get infected!”

And so, we went to wipe the mutes, who were confused with the attacks from front and back.

“Left! Stop attacking and retreat 10 steps according to command!”

“Ten to back!”

“Be close! Make space!”

Suddenly, the enemies were pushed to the right to make room for the knights to accelerate again.





“The knights have passed! Another 10 steps ahead!!”

As the knights passed, we charged back at the half crushed mutes.


Hey, oldie.

You were right! This is close to a one sided massacre!”

“Youngest! When we go back! Let’s have a drink!”

“Ah! I will buy it! Thanks to him the money we get increases several times! Not just a cup, I will buy you a barrel!”

The mercenaries were already imagining about the way to spend the money after the battle is done.

This battle is close to repetitive work without a sense of crisis.

‘It was easy.’

Professor has been concerned about that fact ever since.

Other things are unknown, but whenever he felt this game was easy, something always went wrong.

‘Even if Charlotte de Agat has strong power and these ones are easy.

These monsters are stronger than their standard, and from my point of view, the regular army here lack combat power enough to not be able to do one-on-one and be careful to not get infected.’

Of course, I did make good use of the situation and devised the right strategy with luck.

However, if it was an enemy that could be handled this easily, the 2 cities shouldn’t have collapsed.

Beep! Beep!

The alarm in my head was ringing wildly as if something was happening.

‘I missed something.

What is it What am I being so suspicious about The half shield No use.

Fallen mutes That makes no sense either.

Middle troops They are allies.

No, why do I keep seeing these things!’

From his experience till now, the trait [Mental Weakness] infuses information into his head about almost everything and anything that could be a threat.

Instead, it gives effects that reduce concentration and headaches once done.

Even if I didn’t have it, having repeated bells in my head ringing in this situation meant something was being missed.

‘It’s something I didn’t know till now, or maybe questions I overlooked’

As I began to doubt it, the facts I missed began to appear.

Why did Charlotte, who should be the King’s weapon, come here to Turan And a Kite Shield cut in two A large shield made for knights with an iron placed on the inside and outside was neatly cut in two The soldiers of the middle troops were slowly starting to show their expressions as the mutes were being cleared.

The battle is done, so why are they making such a face You survived a crisis, so what is making you scared even now

And despite all that, this isn’t an army which could collapse so quickly, yet the soldiers, had collapsed almost right away as the battle started.







The quiet sound of paper being shredded with a sharp knife and the thoughts of us being caught.

“Uh… Uh”

The soldier’s head looking at the sky.

Boots stained in blood and dirt, the chainmail looking like ** after being scratched with claws, the mace being swung to the mute, and…



A head lost its body due to clean cut.


No pain, no scream.

The body, which got its head and body cut, fell down in an instant.

A monster, one with unnaturally white body which didn’t fit the bloody battlefield, as it if it was stripped off its color, was perched on top of the small mountain of corpses it made of the knights and captains.

“… we are late.”


Professor stepped back on instinct.

Every cell in his body is ringing up an alarm.

Avoid, hide.

If you cannot do that, you die in its hand!


The white body resembling bones got up.

Thin limbs, similarly skinny body, and a long body which seemed to be around 3m tall.

It looked weak at first glance bu Professor could tell, one wouldn’t even know they died if it moves.

It wouldn’t even give them a chance to even move.

“We’re really… late.

I am quite busy.

My mother is still hungry and this hunt… is late.”

I really hoped I heard it wrong.

I hoped it is an illusion created by [Mental Weakness] or my delusion, but what came out from the mouth of this white monter were clearly ‘words’ I could understand.

‘This race.

An alien appearance that is markedly different from the others and is smart enough speak a language.

Combat power which I cannot know.

Above all else, the face resembles more of a dog and a white body.

It has to be that.

it might look different from the Community pics, but everything else matched.’

Depending on the time, the Named mute exhibits at least a rank of 3 to 1 combat power.

An elite entity capable of thinking without the order of the Queen.

White death.

Queen’s dog. [Edeorna]

That was the end of the small clues Professor got when the being in front him was moving very slowly.

“Mother is a person worthy of request”


The footsteps it took didn’t even have sound.

The moment it seemed on the corpse filled ground, the moment it stepped on muddy ground or soaked in blood, the footsteps were light as wind.

“Most of mother’s consciousness is asleep during the warlocks tricks, but we instinctively know what we need the most from the fragments that remain.”


“A lot of meat.

To avenge the atrocities those warlocks have committed to steal the power of mother.”


“I am talking about a body of the strong ones.

For my weak brothers and sisters, I was given a strong body.”


“And I am a creature of high intelligence.

And to instill the same intelligence as me in my siblings who are wandering in confusion.”


Edeorna’s steps stopped.

The monster which bowed a little lightly wiped the chin of Professor with its fingers to clean a drop of blood leaking from the mouth and took it to the lip.

And it smiled.

“I was watching you.

From the moment you arrived to the battlefield till this moment.

The wisdom you had for surviving the waves of violence with incredibly fragile body and leading this lowly crowd to slaughter my siblings right in front of my eyes.”

The fingernails that had been slowly stroking the cheeks reached the neck.

“Your blood is the sumptuous meal.”

‘Move! Move! You f**king body!’

I wanted to move, but my body wouldn’t even budge.

I’m like a frog that met a snake.

My body went stiff due to the overwhelming difference in power I felt.

“Do not be afraid.

I will use you preciously without wasting even a single drop of blood or flesh.”


Professor shut his eyes tightly, and the white nails cut through his skin that was stiff, nice, and as soft as butter






“Put your dity claws away, monster.”

“… this.

do not rush.”

Just before Professor died, Charlotte’s sword blocked it.


“Cough! Cough!”

I lived No, am I alive

Charlotte and Edeorna collided, making a gust of wind rise.

“Cough! Cough!”

It felt so impossible to breathe with the blood flowing into my throat, and as if my intestines took the shock of the gust of wind, my body felt limp.

‘Damn it, damn it, anything sharp…!’

Professor’s vision began to turn blurry as if something was wrong with his eyes.

Fortunately, this is a battlefield, and fumbling around will always find sharp things, and he also found a broken blade.




The pain of suffocation was a lot stronger than the fear of blades.

Immediately, the blade was put into the airway under the uvula and he managed to secure the breathing.

‘The battle… how is the battle’

The violent clash signaled, and the continuation of the battle had to happen, but his bruised eyes didn’t show him anything.

‘Damn it.

if only I had a single potion with…!’

In an instant, Professor began to rummage the ground of filth and blood.

There was a body which had been torn.

The blood of the mute covered here and there must have already released the infectious virus into the body of Professor.

‘Mute’s blood is known to have excellent regenerative power.

Though it is a complicated process to remove the infectious aspects, it is sometimes used as high-quality potions.

After all, adding just a little of it to the body won’t make the infection spread any faster.’

Of course, suppose the mute’s blood is used directly on the wound without precautions.

In that case, even if they take purification from priests, the infected place cannot be restored, so maybe the eye has to be removed later but now isn’t the time to care for that.


When the bloody mud was collected and applied to one eye, he began to see clearly.

As soon as he turned his head after opening his eye, there was a sound of metal and air being ripped.

His eyes were healed, but he could see Charlotte struggling against Edeorna, who was constantly moving freely.

’… this has to be a close battle.

But the longer this gets, the more disadvantageous it is for us.’

Edeorna is a monster which got conceived by the Queen herself to hunt the strong.

Composed of the exoskeleton, muscles, and endoskeleton, which is perfectly suited to kill the strong, give strength, and move as light as a feather, so it holds a weird sharpness and defense at the same time.

In a way, it can be said that it was everything a human was not so it is natural to be at a disadvantage with such a being.

Although she was defending well for now, the damage will accumulating and Edeorna will wait for the right moment the damages explodes and kill her.

‘if that is the case, it is the end for us.

I need to make Charlotte win…’


Professor tried to move, but when he got up he felt the left leg broken up and collapsed down.

It was painful.

The blood kept pouring out of the hole he drilled in his chest to breathe, but it made breathing difficult.

This is just a game.

Even now, if he pressed the end, the world around him willgo dark in an instant.



When the sweet temptation tickled my brain, something caught his feet, trying to move far.

The wooden handle of a short sword.

Professor cut the hilt part of the handle with the piece of blade he was holding and then inserted the part he cut at the hole in the neck.

“Uhhh! Akkkkk!”

His breathing finally turned a little easier as the hole was killed.

The head was fuzzy and the pain of flesh rubbing against this materials was horrible, and the sharpest memories of past pierced through precarious consciousness.

[Do not give up.

Even the most insignificant piece of life is a part of you.

If you handle it one after another like this, giving up will turn into habit, and one day will lose the strength to hold onto the most important thing in your life.

So cling to your life to the point of being dirty, pathetic and miserable.

Love your life, son.]

My father.

A poet.

Contrary to his appearance, father was someone who created delicate phrases with his fingers.

Maybe that is why this was in my memory.

My father’s voice who came to me and put a gas mask on when I was thrown into the middle of enemy camp and was isolated in an area where chemical bombs fell, the face of father whose expression seemed to catch the eye despite having the gasp mask on

My father’s gas mask didn’t have a purifier like mine.


Professor tied his broken leg to a nearby spear.

He was dragging it, but it looked more like crawling.

‘Status window… it isnt clear.

They are all flashing red and infected and maybe I am getting worse.’

In the end, the system was telling his state.

What moves the body is the mind.

So he decided to move without every thinking about falling

‘Do not give up.


There is no such thing as unanswered questions.

Somewhere, here, there is an answer I need to find.’

And the crumbling body once again began to move.


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