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30 Ive Already Been Seen Through

In the evening.

Because Isabella had classes in the afternoon, it was almost six p.m. when she arrived at the Wilson Manor.

She had thought that she would definitely be late, but she hadnt expected that she would be the first to arrive.

“Joseph and Master Wilson didnt come back yet”

Isabella asked William as she changed her shoes.

“Master Wilson engages in many social activities since he has just returned from abroad. Im not sure if he will come back for dinner. As for Mr. Joseph, he wont be working overtime today. He should be home soon.”

“Even when hes not working late”

Isabella pouted, “I cant tell that hes still a workaholic.”

“To manage a diversified group ranked in the top ten in the world, he is indeed very busy.”


Old William smiled and said, “Is Miss Isabella hungry Do you want some snacks”

As he spoke, he clapped his hands and a maid immediately handed over a tray.

When Isabella saw the beautiful snacks, she was immediately overjoyed, “William, you are so kind! You actually kept them for me! I thought about them all afternoon!”

“If you need anything else, just call me as you please.”

William looked at Isabella wolfing down her food and said with satisfaction, “Its my honor to have your appreciation.”

“You made them” Isabella was pleasantly surprised, “Youre too amazing!”

The main hall door was not closed, and Joseph could see Isabella standing at the door from afar.

She was wearing jeans and sneakers, checked tops and a ponytail, dressing as a standard college student.

Although her fresh face could not be compared to those exquisite faces with makeup, but she was filled with youthful vigor which made people feel comfortable.

And when she was talking to William, her smile was bright and pleasant, and her face was so beautiful...

He had to admit that Isabella was indeed a very beautiful girl.

Under the setting sun, she was coated with a golden rim. When this girl didnt put on an affected air, she was quite pleasing. A few small snacks seemed to be enough to satisfy her.

Joseph remembered the one hundred in her cheap wallet. Suddenly, he felt that he had gone too far at noon. He decided to treat her better during this period of time.

Thus, he stopped his men and prepared to greet her a warm greeting.

“Will William be scolded for secretly giving me these Joseph doesnt want me to have these.”

Isabella muttered in a low voice, “He has a bad temper and he is very stingy. Im afraid he likes to make things difficult for others. Should I hide these in my room so that he wont find and blame you”

As Joseph approached, he heard this sentence.

So, he was instantly enraged and didnt greet her.

Well, Isabella, you really are a cunning and scheming girl!

“How can you just eat like this at the door even without even changing your clothes”

Suddenly, Josephs roar came from behind her, “Isabella, are you really this hungry If my grandfather sees you act like this, youll be completely exposed! Get lost!”

As he said that, he went in the door and squeezed through the door. Therefore, Isabella lost her balance.

Isabella was unprepared, and was shocked by the sudden roar behind her.

After Joseph bumped into her, two pieces of dessert flew out from the plate and fell to the ground, crushing into more pieces.

Isabella looked at the dessert that was delicately made and fell to the ground. She felt heartache and said, “I just ate some dessert. What did I do wrong William made it so delicious. Joseph, you are so rude. You ruined it.”

“Im rude”

This girl was wearing a bright smile a minute ago and the moment she saw him, the smile was gone, as if she had seen a ghost. Was he that unwelcome

Thinking of this, Joseph was instantly furious. He knocked over the snack plate in Isabellas hand and said, “Stop eating! Go upstairs and help change my clothes!”


When the plate landed on the ground, all the snacks immediately turned to pieces.

Isabella stamped her feet angrily as she looked at Joseph who went upstairs. “Its just some snacks. Why are you so rude, yelling at people for no reason”

“Miss Isabella, dont be angry.”

William was calm. “Ill tidy this place up. You should go upstairs and help Mr. Joseph change his clothes.”

“Did he have no hands or feet Why should I help him get changed Im not her maid!” Isabella argued.

“Isabella, I dare you to say that again!”

Josephs angry voice came from upstairs, “You only have five seconds to scram up here! Otherwise, Ill let you know what it feels like to have no hands or feet!”

Damn, this guys ears were pretty keen.

“Miss Isabella, you should go up.”

William kindly advised, “Mr. Joseph is actually not as bad as you think. As long as you butter him up, he will do anything for you.”

“Butter him up He is an adult and he still needs someone to treat him as a child”

Isabella muttered, but she didnt dare to stop. She hurriedly ran upstairs.

William cleaned up the pieces of the plate and snacks as well. He stood up and saw the poker face Gerry, and said, “How did Mr. Joseph know Miss Isabella”

“I cant tell you,” Gerry said expressionlessly.


William was not annoyed and smiled. “Mr. Joseph is usually cold. Why is he always so different when facing her It seems that he was deliberately trying to pick on her.”

“Pick on her” Gerry frowned.

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“I knew Mr. Joseph since he was a little boy.”

William smiled and said, “The last time Mr. Joseph was so irritable, he had his bodyguards disturb his sisters life almost every day after she left him. It wasnt until his sister threatened him to break off their relationship that he stopped....”

Then he said meaningfully, “Actually, he was not like this even when he was with the beauty he liked.”

“What do you mean”

“Nothing, just chatting.”

William smiled meaningfully. “Anyway, I will treat this young lady well. People who appreciate my cooking skills are all good people.”


Isabella ran upstairs and just as she knocked on Josephs room door, she was dragged into the room by Joseph. “Dont knock! Its so noisy!”

“This is called politeness.”

Isabella retorted. She didnt understand why Joseph would even pick on her for such a small thing.

“I told you to get here and you still knocked on the door”

“Of course.”

Isabella wanted to continue retorting, but when she saw Josephs slightly angry eyes, she was afraid. She muttered, “I should respect your privacy. Otherwise, I would probably be killed.”


Joseph frowned. Suddenly, a streak of light flashed through his eyes. He pressed his hands against the door behind Isabellas head. Then, he cornered Isabella and pressed her against the door.

“Didnt you already see everything about me Is there any privacy between us”

“You! What are you doing”

Isabella immediately screamed and tried to push Joseph away, her hands on his sturdy chest. She turned her face away from him and said, “Can you stop I saw nothing!”



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