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Chapter 11 Southeastern Northwest Garden

Mo Wanggui was very interested in this in-depth briefing and never showed up in front of Mr. Xiao Jiang, so he called himself.

"Mr. Xiao Jiang, I remember Tiger Fish TV is the Jiang familys industry?"

Jiang Wang: "Yeah."

Don forget to go straight and straight, with an irrefutable certainty in the tone:

"I want a hosts contact information."

Jiang Wang did not expect such a simple thing: "Who?"


Jiang Wang: "..."

"has a problem?"

Mo Wanggui noticed his pause.

Jiang Wang: "Im afraid this won work. Even if Im the boss, theres no reason to disclose employees privacy. I hope Mo can always understand."

On the other side of the phone, Mo Wanggui was sitting in the luxurious box. Because of his call, the noisy box quieted down.

The women on the stage are the hottest girl group members at the moment. At this time, they don sing or dance anymore, for fear that they will accidentally disturb the Buddha.

Mo Wanggui never thought that he would be rejected, and the narrow and deep peach blossom eyes narrowed:

"Xiao Jiang always knows whisper?"

He thinks he is notorious and cruel, and the other party would rather offend him than give contact information...

Jiangs pretentious tone remained unchanged, but the wind was light and clear:

"Not familiar."

"Since Xiao Jiang always refuses to give it, then forget it."

Don forget to return with a smile in his tone, and he didn seem to want to embarrass him at all.

Jiang Wang frowned suddenly.

There are many rumors about Mo Wanggui in the upper-class families, rumors that he murdered and set fire, smuggled arms, colluded with officials and businessmen, and committed no evil.

The fiercest thing to say is his almost perverted smile.

The more harmless the laughter, the more people die, hence the name "Hammer Smile".

In ancient times, there were beauties who looked back and smiled at Bai Meisheng, but now they forget to go back and smile indifferently.

Without waiting for Jiang Wang to speak, Mo Wanggui hung up the phone.

Listening to the beeping on the phone, what Jiang Wang thought was the voice full of youthfulness.

"No. 2, can you skydive?"

"Number 2, take it."

"Wait for me to come back to find you."

Most of the people who are targeted by Mo Wanggui will not end well, if something happens to whisper, this little fool Lu Qianli should cry?


Li Qinian stayed at Lis house for another three days before stepping out of the door of the villa.

Walking out of the gate, she found out that the decoration buildings around her were unique.

A full 5 hectares, comparable to the area of ​​a large park, but only scattered with four villas, in the center of the city, which is extremely luxurious.

There is a space of at least 1 hectare between each villa.

Li Qinian: "Good guy, the neighbors have to drive a car when they stop by?"

438s voice rang in his mind: "Host, don you think these villas are weird..."

Li Qinian chuckled: "Its not just strange, but its a coincidence. Lis family is Beiyuan, and the remaining three villas are Dongxi Nanyuan. Do you mean its a coincidence?"

438: "...No, it won be what I think, right?"

"Try it and youll know."

Li Qinian decisively raised his steps and walked towards the nearest Dongyuan.

The decoration style of Dongyuan is black as a whole. Except for black, there are no other extra colors. It looks more like a legendary haunted house, and it is dark and lifeless.

A group of crows stopped on the branches at the door, yelling non-stop.

The yin wind blows through, rolling up the fallen leaves on the ground, making people feel goose bumps.

"Host, shall we go back?"

438 is obviously a system with no entity, but at this moment, I feel a terrifying sense of gruesomeness.

(End of this chapter)

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