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Best Son in law Chapter 2966: dare to deceive me

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The two of them sang together, playing hard and soft, forcing Wendy to submit.

Wendy bit her lips, her face was pale, and tears fell down her cheeks drop by drop, as if she was engaged in a fierce ideological struggle in her heart.

"What else do you have to hesitate!"

Logan was very impatient and threatened with a grim look, "Do you just want to watch your son and daughter die in front of you!"

"I only need one sentence to command, not only can they disappear from this world immediately, but also make them disappear miserably!"

"No! No!"

Wendy burst into tears, and her psychological defense completely collapsed.

"Then you can listen to President Woods and cooperate with us well!"

Logan snorted coldly, "As long as the two of us get through this difficulty, your family will be safe!"

"I promise...as long as you don't hurt my family, I promise you everything..."

Wendy Heart

Like a dead ash, he said with a face full of despair.

After working together for so many years, at this moment, she can really see the true colors of Woods and Logan!

Where are these people, they are clearly two wolves that eat people and don't spit out bones!

"Don't worry, my promise will definitely count, and I will take good care of your family!"

Woods hurriedly said, "In this way, Hogham's death, we said to the outside world that it was because you thought you were right, you injected him a hormone drug without authorization, and the drug reacted with the antibiotics we developed, which led to his tragic death. !"

"When Mr. Ben Lison and other patients who have been injected with genetic drugs have the same symptoms, it is said that your subordinates have injected them with the same hormone drugs!"

In this way, he pushed everything clean!

Put all the blame on Wendy!

"it is good…"

Wendy gritted her teeth, tears slowly falling.

"Remember, everything is your responsibility, and President Woods and I have no idea!"

Logan instructed Wendy sharply, and then excitedly called Kane back.

"Damn! Are you **** dead Why are you picking up the phone now!"

As soon as the phone was connected, Kane's roar came from the other end, like a furious lion about to eat people.

"Excuse me, Mr. Kane, Woods and I both switched to silent mode at the press conference!"

Logan hurriedly explained, "We were only busy researching the cause of Hogham's death just now, and we didn't even bother to look at the phone!"

"You two **** bastards! We've all smashed the faces of our mother**ers!"

Kane on the other end of the phone was even more angry, yelling, "When Hoggham died tragically in front of the world just now, you and Woods should also cut their throats!"

"Where do you still have the face to live in this world

! "

"Mr. Kane, calm down, listen to my explanation! Don't blame me and President Woods for this!"

Logan panicked.

"Don't blame you and Woods, do you blame me!"

Kane was furious, "I tell you, Mr. Jeremy is very angry!"

"He asked you two to get out of here immediately!"

Logan trembled with fright. He knew that every time Jeremy summoned him, it was not a good thing!

It is hard to say that he and Woods will not be killed directly in a rage!

"Mr. Kane, listen to me, we have found out the matter!"

Logan said anxiously, "We have found the culprit!"

"I can take her there immediately and hand it over to you and Mr. Jeremy, and you can deal with it!"

Just now, he and Woods kept saying that they would do their best to protect Wendy, but now facing the pressure of the Du family, he has completely abandoned Wendy!


Wendy's expression was dull, as if she hadn't heard.

This kind of consequence had long been anticipated by her.

The moment she nodded, she had put her life and death aside!

Hearing Logan's words, Kane on the other end of the phone suddenly paused and said solemnly, "What do you mean Who is the culprit you found!"


Logan said hurriedly, "Head of the bacteriology medical team - Wendy!"

"She gave Hogham the wrong hormone injection, which caused a drug reaction with our antibiotics!"

"Otherwise Hoggham will recover well..."

"Fuck your mother's **!"

Before he could finish speaking, Kane roared angrily, "It's all now, how dare you lie to me!"

"I already asked Mr. Manson just now that you took a gene drug from him and injected it into Hogham, which caused Hogham's tragic death!"

(End of this chapter)-

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