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The zombies were not exactly like the ones Rin had seen in the movies or games, but were a little less horrifying, and a lot more disgusting. Blue veins bulged all over their body with their eyes entirely white. They wore torn clothes, though mostly naked. Signs of blood could be seen in the fews mouths, and those teeth were unlike any human. They were savage, long, and sharp enough to bite someone to death.

And above all, they reeked, a disgusting smell more awful than anything he had come across. It smelt like rotten flesh, and something even more awful.

Squinting his nose, Rin jumped at the conflict. Was he trying to save the four fellow humans here? Perhaps. But his true intention was to get enough evolution points to level up again. As the side quest declared: the class he would get will depend more on his performance, and so will other things. Like his survival.

Since it was the real thing, it will be far harder than the game. Unlike everyone here, he did not have the security of life the system provided them.

He would be teleported back to his old world alright, wiping his memory about the tutorial and summons if he failed. But it was no less than a death sentence for him. Barely a prolonged one.

Thats why he needed to level up and collect the credits. To level up, he would need evolution points, and where would he get more points than killing monsters? These zombies looked intimidating enough, and would probably be harder to deal with than the fox he killed earlier. That means they will give him more evolution points as well.

According to pop culture, the true way to kill a zombie was to sever its head or screw its brain off. As a man of culture, Rin knew those, too. Hell, he killed hundreds of undead abominations in the game. Lets see how well these lots fare against him.

He sneaked behind one of the zombies to pin his short sword on the back of its neck. He pulled the sword upwards with all his strength to pull out the sword. The skull of the zombie cracked as ii rest in peace, screeching horrifyingly.

Filthy blood smeared in the air. Rin did his best to not get dirty with that blood, but he failed in a good portion as he was standing close to the dead zombies. The transparent notification in the corner of his eyes was the only consolation of the event.

[You have killed a Deadman, level 3, a threat to the Avalon and the universe. You gained 4 Avalon coins.]

[You have gained 18 evolution points.]

No level up notification now, but Rin hardly had time to check out the messages.

Rin burst forth with more strength and attacked the nearest zombie. These zombies not only get him evolution points, but the Avalon coins as well. Both are things he would need in abundance and more than anyone else.

The second one of the zombies turned out to be a tough opponent. Most likely because the first one was a surprise attack, and Rin lost his chance of a sneak attack there. The shield came far more useful than he had assumed, though he was not much of a shield-bearer.

Rin stopped the horrifying claw of his opponent with the wooden shield when a loud yelp entered his ears. It was one of the four men, currently on the ground struggling like a fish out of water. A zombie had eaten a good portion of his arm and was going to eat furthermore.

The man was frightened, like a puppy on the top of the roof of a building while the building was on fire. He struggled to free his leg, but it was futile. He had already lost his sword and could only cry in pain in the hope one of his companions would come to his rescue. But the other three were similarly busy keeping up with the monster.

Rin shoved the shield in the zombies mouth. He was fighting and thrust his sword into its neck in a reverse grip. He twisted his sword to pull it out, severing half of its neck, but this one did not die that easily. He had to thrust his shield further as the half severed neck touched its back. The head did not drop to the ground, but his job was done with that one. Sadly, Rin got himself into more of the filthy blood.

Now water took more priority than filling his stomach, but killing the zombies came first. Fortunately, he did not have to rescue the man yelping for help. A youth was successful in killing the zombie he was holding and went to kill the zombie that was eating one of the companions.

Rin moved to another target—the ones the other two failed to kill. Even though these zombies had more strength than his, they lacked intelligence and were awfully slow. He thrust his sword in the back of its head, smearing dark blood and other disgusting things. He even had the urge to puke, just smelling the vile stench.

The game was far better. At least, it was not this horrifying. Rin lost his appetite, smearing in the filth.

Still, with his swift speed and instinct out of the six, he killed three. The other youth killed two, while two people had to join forces to deal with the other one.

[You have killed a Deadman LVL 4, a threat to the Avalon. You gained 12 Avalon coins.]

[You have gained 42 evolution points.]

[You have killed a Deadman LVL 3, a threat to the Avalon. You gained 12 Avalon coins.]

[You have gained 19 evolution points.]

[Congratulations! You have levelled up.]

[You have reached Level 2. 1 attribute point each is allocated in physique and spirit.]

[You have learned Swordsmanship, Level 1.]

The level not only helped him boast his mana and health, but it washed over the exhaustion of the body by a fair margin, though he was still filthy.

Now, out of things he got to do, bathing came first. He could not stay like that for even a second, but he had to. Then he needed to think through a few things about how to use mana and **s. His ponder did not go further as he heard a voice calling him.

"Rin, Heavens orders Rin," said the young man who had killed two zombies. He was a youth of a similar age to Rin, perhaps younger. He had blond hair with a clean, shaved exterior, and the t-shirt he was wearing showed he was a fan of Heavens Order—it was actually a merch of their team—a limited edition, at that. Only ten people have it, but that hardly matters now. "Wow! I went to see your match today."

"Do you need an autograph or anything?" Rin said nonchalantly to the guy.

"No, I have it," the youth said, furrowing his brows. Like Rin, he was stained in filthy blood as well, though far less, but the person before him seemed to interest him more. "I met you a few days ago at the fan meet before the finals."

"What is your name again?" Rin asked, clearly having no idea if he was supposed to know this person or not.

"Ben, Ben Davis," the youth answered. "I would like to talk more, but helping my friend here takes priority here."

Rin looked at the helpless youth currently groaning on the ground. The zombie had eaten a good portion of his legs—from the toe to the knees—it was horrifying and bloody enough to look at, smeared with his blood as well as filthy blood. Even the bones could be seen, sticking out in the red and grey.

Rin squinted his nose and said, "Im not a doctor and could not do a thing there." He looked at the other two and found they only had bruises, nothing serious. They would survive well if they remain together, though he had no idea what he would face later in the test. "If there is nothing else, Im leaving."

"Wait," Ben said again.

Rin raised his brow at him. "I already helped enough. You gotta deal with the rest together," he said and hit the road. "And please don follow me."

This was as far as his duty as a youth icon goes.


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