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Ch9 - Don’t think about anything

It was already more than eight o’clock in the evening.

The sea was dark, and only the light on the cruise ship was shining.

Near the cake table, a group of people gathered lively, and finally, it was Jiang Lin who noticed that Xu ChengYan was not there. 

Jiang Lin searched around, and finally found him in the corner.

He came over, and shouted, “Sister-in-law…….”

Xu ChengYan raised his head, a smile appeared on his face, and he made an excuse: “I’m a little uncomfortable, so I come out to get some air.”



Jiang Lin didn’t know what to say, so he just stayed by Xu ChengYan’s side, and glanced to the side from time to time, but Xu ChengYan’s face showed no reaction, his face was expressionless.

Jiang Lin was still a little worried, so he took a glass of orange juice and handed it to Xu ChengYan. 

“Sister-in-law, would you like some juice”


Xu ChengYan didn’t want to let down the child’s kindness, so he took it.

However, Xu ChengYan was not in the mood to drink, so he leaned back on the railing and listened to the lively sounds not far away.

The group of young masters had already started to drink, Xu ChengYan rubbed the cup in his hand, and when he looked over there, he saw He Yang and Shen XiuZhu standing together.


They looked like a couple, very well matched.

Xu ChengYan looked away, took a sip of the juice, and no longer cared about the two people over there.

At the cake table, Shen XiuZhu had already finished eating the cake and he then looked at the time.


Shen XiuZhu: “It’s half past eight, it’s time for me to go back.” 

Chi Yi, who was beside him, came over and quickly asked, “Why are you going back so early You still have something else to do”

Shen XiuZhu explained, “I made an appointment with the doctor for treatment at night.”

He Yang nodded and put down the wine glass, “I’ll take you home.”

“Hasn’t Young Master He drunk How can you drive” Chi Yi said with a faint smile. 

Another young master next to him quickly said: “What are you afraid of! You can call the driver to drive instead! Anyway, Young Master He wants to take XiuZhu home!”

“Yes, yes, yes! He has to take XiuZhu home!

Everyone around them started to make noises.

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He Yang took the coat on the side and put it on, ready to take Shen XiuZhu home. 

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Xu ChengYan nodded and said lightly, “Be careful on the road.”

Xu ChengYan took a sip of orange juice and watched the two people in sight leave the cruise ship.

The driver was already waiting at the pier.

Xu ChengYan leaned casually on the side, and saw the two people get into the car and sit together in the back seats.

Xu ChengYan looked at the silver-gray car and he couldn’t understand anything. 

There was already a driver, why did XianSheng have to take that person home in person

Xu ChengYan took another sip, but unfortunately he was drinking a juice and would not get drunk.

He was almost finished with the orange juice in the glass, Xu ChengYan turned around and was about to go to the dinner table to get another drink.

However, when Xu ChengYan passed by, he heard a voice from the other side of the dinner table—— 

“It’s been five years and they haven’t broken up yet, and Young Master He is still not tired of it.”

“It seems that this is the case, and he doesn’t even look as good as Shen XiuZhu.”

“Just a little lover.

Sooner or later, he will be dumped.

Anyway, Shen XiuZhu is back now.”

Xu ChengYan listened to those unscrupulous conversations, but in the end, he didn’t go over there and returned to the railings and continued to stay in the blowing cold wind. 

It’s already past eleven o’clock in the evening when the banquet was finally over.

He Yang never returned to the cruise ship, Xu ChengYan thought that He Yang went straight back to the apartment after sending Shen XiuZhu off.

But when Xu ChengYan returned to the apartment, he saw that the room was completely dark.

He Yang was not at home. 

Xu ChengYan picked up the phone and called He Yang, but no one answered until the call was automatically hung up.

Xu ChengYan didn’t continue to call again, just went back to the bedroom and took a bath first.


After taking a bath, Xu ChengYan lay on the bed and called He Yang a second time.

And this time, the phone still didn’t get through. 

Xu ChengYan didn’t care anymore.

He put the phone on the bedside table, turned off the light, and went to sleep alone.

Xu ChengYan curled up under the quilt and when he just fell asleep, Xu ChengYan heard the movement beside him.

He opened his eyes and looked, and saw the man sitting beside the bed, lowering his head and untying his tie.

No lights were turned on in the bedroom, only the lamp on the bedside table glowed a soft warm yellow light.

Xu ChengYan got up, leaned over and called, “XianSheng.” 

He Yang untied his tie and put it aside.

He turned his head, and asked, “Haven’t slept yet”

Xu ChengYan glanced at the clock on the bedside table, and it showed it was one o’clock in the morning.

But he remembered that XianSheng left with Shen XiuZhu at 8:30 in the evening, but he only came back now.

Xu ChengYan hugged the man from behind and asked: “Why did XianSheng come back so late” 

“Something happened.” He Yang’s voice was a little cold.

Xu ChengYan rested his head on the man’s shoulder.

He lowered his head, and smelled the faint scent of cedar on He Yang’s coat ——

It was the smell of Snow Season Forest.

But XianSheng never used perfume, and he didn’t have this smell when he went out in the afternoon. 

Xu ChengYan opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything, and just hugged the man quietly.

The room was quite quiet, and the sound of their breathing could be heard.

Unconsciously, the sound of breathing gradually blended together, and then, the watery sound of kissing also rang out.

Xu ChengYan put his arms around the man’s neck, opened his teeth in obedience, and let the man enter. 

He Yang kissed deeply and forcefully.

He pressed the person in his arms on the bed, and took the tie next to him, then covered the peach blossom eyes.

Xu ChengYan stretched out his hand and touched the tie on his eyes.


The field of vision was pitch black, and after losing the sense of sight, hearing became extra sensitive.

Xu ChengYan could hear the sound of the clothes falling to the ground, and the sound of the condom package being torn open. 

When the man’s body was on him, Xu ChengYan hugged the man’s shoulders and suddenly said, “XianSheng, can you take off the tie”

The man didn’t respond.

He just lowered his head and buried his head in Xu ChengYan’s neck.

He kissed along the neck and left a love bite behind.

Xu ChengYan was lying on his back, although his body was already being held and made love, but his heart gradually sank to the bottom.

“My eyes…….

they are not beautiful” 

Xu ChengYan’s voice was very soft, as if he was talking to himself.

Were his eyes very ugly

Obviously from childhood to adulthood, many people praised his eyes as very beautiful.

But only XianSheng, only he liked to cover his eyes. 


He didn’t know the reason before.

He just thought it was a little fun of XianSheng on the bed.

Until he met Shen XiuZhu today, he finally found the answer——

Covered his eyes, and he looked more like that person. 

Xu ChengYan thought about it a lot.

But soon, Xu ChengYan didn’t have the extra energy to think about other things, and his body was completely controlled by the man.

The sound of breathing in his ears became more and more depressing.

Xu ChengYan hugged the man in front of him tightly, his mind went blank.

He gave up and stopped bothering, indulging himself and immersed in joy. 

Don’t think about anything.

Don’t care about anything.


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