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Ch52 - Throw away

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When Qin Zhou came out of the office, the agent was still waiting outside.

The agent saw Qin Zhou, came over and asked, “What did President Yuan tell you”



Qin Zhou: “He just said something about work.”

The agent frowned, and his eyes swept around the neck of Qin Zhou somewhat ambiguously.

No suspicious traces were found, and the clothes on his body were still intact. 

The agent withdrew his gaze and asked, “How did you and President Yuan know each other”


Before Qin Zhou could speak, the agent continued: “Last time at the Yuan family’s birthday banquet, you got a private invitation letter.”

“This time you offended President He, and President Yuan’s held responsible for settling it.” The agent frowned and asked, “What is the relationship between you and President Yuan”

“He has nothing to do with me.” Qin Zhou’s response was very indifferent.


Although he had met with President Yuan several times before, he only knew President Yuan unilaterally, and he had never spoken to him until today.

Qin Zhou said, “I’ve only talked with President Yuan for the first time today.”

It’s just that the agent was not satisfied with the answer.

So, he changed the subject and said, “You know about the change of actors in the promotional video, right”



“Prepare yourself these days.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhou nodded and said again: “Brother Zheng, Director He’s new movie is recruiting actors.

I recorded an audition video and want to submit it for a try.”

Qin Zhou took out a USB flash drive from the pocket and gave it to the agent.

Director He’s new movie only revealed that the name was “Jianghu”, and the title of the audition video was “Dance”. 

It happened that he had learned a little classical dance before, so he recorded a video.

It’s just that Director He’s email contact information had not been made public.

He, a young actor of the 18th tier, couldn’t get Director He’s email address, so he could only ask the agent for help.

“Director He’s new movie” The agent was a little surprised and took over the USB flash drive.

Qin Zhou: “I can’t find Director He’s email, but the company should have it.

Brother Zheng, please help send it for me.” 

“Okay.” The agent replied.

Qin Zhou returned to the hotel and began to prepare for the shooting of the promotional video.


Due to the temporary adjustment of staff, the shooting time of the promotional video was delayed by half a month.

The script also had to be changed a little.

Originally, Qin Zhou played a supporting role in the promotional video.

But now, it was changed into the leading role, so he had to prepare well. 

Qin Zhou searched for the game on the internet.

However, the game was still on the developing stage and there wasn’t much information about it on the internet.

It was only known that the game was the competitive mobile game type and it was estimated to be released at the end of the year this year.


On the day of the shooting of the promotional video, Qin Zhou and his assistant went to the studio together.

This time he had to play a dual role in the promotional video, playing both a demon and an elf at the same time. 

And today, he had to shoot the poster of the elf first, whose character design was rather complicated.

In the dressing room, after the make-up artist finished putting makeup on, Qin Zhou stood up and was ready to go over to shoot.

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It’s just that there was a small situation on the set and the set needed to be redone.

So, Qin Zhou had to go back to the dressing room and continue to wait.

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“Brother Zhou.” Jiang Lin poked out his head at the door, and his face was full of excitement.

Qin Zhou’s eyes narrowed with a smile and he asked: “How did you come” 

“I asked for the staff ID card.” Jiang Lin smiled and pointed to the staff identification card wearing around his neck.

He had to ask Yuan Lie to get this ID card so that he could come to the set to visit Qin Zhou openly.

Jiang Lin came closer and sat beside Qin Zhou.

Jiang Lin looked at Qin Zhou’s elf makeup and couldn’t help but praise: “Brother Zhou, you’re so handsome.”

Qin Zhou wore a silver hair wig on his head, with the long hair flowing down, and he even wore a pair of pointed elvish ears. 

Jiang Lin was very curious about Qin Zhou’s elfish features, touching the hair and then touching the pointed ears again.

However, Jiang Lin controlled his force when touching those, afraid of ruining the character design.


Qin Zhou asked: “Have you eaten”

“Not yet.” Jiang Lin shook his head. 

He accidentally overslept this morning and drove hurriedly to catch up.

So, he had no time to eat.

Qin Zhou: “Go eat something first.”

“Outside foods are not delicious.” Jiang Lin shook his head and leaned over cautiously.

He moved closer to lean on Qin Zhou’s shoulder and complained: “I don’t like…….”

When Qin Zhou heard this, he fell into silence. 

Jiang Lin was still the same as before.

He was such a picky eater and not used to eating food from outside.

After a while, Qin Zhou still raised his hand and touched the top of Jiang Lin’s head and said warmly: “I’ll cook for you next time.”

Jiang Lin was stunned for a while but he reacted very quickly and asked in a hurry: “Really”

“Yes.” Qin Zhou nodded and said, “You go eat something first for now. 

“Brother Zhou, you’ve promised me! You can’t go back on your words!” Jiang Lin was very excited.

“I’ll go downstairs to eat something!”

Jiang Lin stood up hurriedly and turned around to leave.

It’s just that as Jiang Lin left the dressing room, his eyes instantly turned red and he couldn’t help but rub his eyes.

‘It’s really great……’ 

Jiang Lin went downstairs.

He first went to buy breakfast.

But when Jiang Lin came out of the building, he saw a familiar car parked across the road.

Jiang Lin stared at the serial numbers of the license plate but he still retracted his gaze.

He then went to the breakfast shop opposite and bought something to eat first.

After having breakfast, Jiang Lin went to the flower shop next door and bought a large bouquet of white roses. 

The little assistant girl from the shop wrapped the white roses for the customer and chatted: “Is this for your girlfriend I’m sure your girlfriend will definitely like it ~”

Jiang Lin smiled and said: “This is for my family member.”


Sister-in-law would always be his family.

Jiang Lin held the roses and went back. 

The shop assistant also took the watering can and continued to water the flowers.

But not long after, the shop assistance heard the incoming footsteps.

Another customer had come.

The shop assistant put down the watering can and came out.

She saw a young man enter the shop.

The man was wearing a suit and his expression was very indifferent.

It seemed that he would be very difficult to get along with. 

The shop assistant hurriedly came over and asked: “What kind of flower do you want, Sir”

The man didn’t say a word.

He just stood in front of the white roses and stared at them for a long time.

Each of the roses was wrapped separately.

The man picked a rose from there.

The assistant said: “These roses were sent just this afternoon.

They are very fresh.

There was also a young man who bought a large bouquet as a gift just now!” 

The shop assistant then noticed the ring on the customer’s left hand, and said enthusiastically: “It is very suitable to give your girlfriend!”

He Yang held the white rose and stared at it for a long time, but he still bought it.

After he left the flower shop, He Yang went to the building across the street.

This time, He family also invested in the shooting of the promotional video, and the shooting location was in the studio on the seventh floor. 

He Yang took the flowers and came to the seventh floor.

The shooting had already started on the seventh floor, and when He Yang came over, he didn’t attract attention.

He Yang stood at the periphery of the studio from a distance, without disturbing the shooting.

He just quietly looked at the young man in his field of vision.


In the middle of the set, the young man was wearing a white robe, covering his entire body tightly, his silver hair hanging down on his chest.

The young man turned his back to the camera and walked into the distance step by step.

The white robe on his body was lifted high by the wind.


Suddenly, the young man turned his head.

The hood on his head was draped by the wind, and his long silver hair fell, revealing two pointed elf ears.

Director: “Cut!” 

Qin Zhou instantly relaxed, and because he was blown by the blower for a long time, he hurriedly walked to the side.

Jiang Lin originally wanted to wait and stay together with Qin Zhou.

However, because of the staff card he was wearing, he was called out by the logistics team for help.

Qin Zhou sat down on the chair to rest.

The agent was next to him, and said, “You look very good in this character.

When the promotional video is released, I will buy you a hot search for Elf Prince.”

Qin Zhou didn’t know much about marketing.

He just nodded and listened to the agent’s arrangement. 

Qin Zhou sat next to him for a while, and because the room was a little stuffy, he said, “Brother Zheng, I’m going out to get some air.”

After that, Qin Zhou got up and walked towards the stairs.

But when Qin Zhou pushed open the door of the stairwell, he saw a figure sitting in the corridor.

The man sat on the steps with his back to the door, a tiny red dot glowing on his fingertips. 

The man also heard the movement behind him.

He looked back, and was a little stunned after seeing the figure at the door.

He Yang quickly reacted and stubbed out the cigarette butt.

“Sorry.” He Yang got up and said in a low voice, “I didn’t mean to bother you.

I just came to have a look.”

“It’s okay.” Qin Zhou’s tone was very respectful, “You are an investor, and you can come here at any time.” 

He Yang looked at the indifferent young man in front of him.

He walked up the steps, and still called, “YanYan.”

As soon as Qin Zhou heard that name, he took a step back, “President He, you’ve got the wrong person.”

He Yang lowered his eyes and did not speak.

He did not mistake him for the wrong person. 

Some things, they all were well aware of, but the other party still refused to recognize each other.

After a while, He Yang still changed it and called: “Qin Zhou.”


He Yang’s voice was still a bit obscure, as if he was not used to calling out this unfamiliar name.

The hallway was quiet, and the two of them had nothing to say. 

The director on the set was already calling for the staff to get ready.

So, Qin Zhou politely said, “President He, I’ll go to work first.”

Qin Zhou turned and left.

And, the door to the stairwell was closed again.

He Yang lowered his head and looked at the rose in his hand.

The white rose was still fresh, but the flower hadn’t been given yet. 

He Yang slowly walked up the stairs.

He pushed open the door and walked out.

He came to the periphery of the studio, and looked at that elf.

There were also many staff members nearby watching, while whispering in small voices.

“Is his name Qin Zhou…… He’s a bit good looking…….”

“This elf is too good looking…….” 

On the set, the elf stood in the middle of the snow, the long silver hair was blown up by the wind, and the expression on his face was still a little indifferent.

It was such an indifferent and somewhat aloof attitude, but it could attract everyone’s attention.

He Yang listened to the voices from all around, and unknowingly clenched the rose in his hand tighter and tighter.

He wanted to stop the shooting. 

Wanted to take the elf home and hide it.

But in the end, He Yang didn’t do anything.

He just turned around and left the studio.

He Yang stopped when he passed the trash can.

Then, the rose was thrown away. 


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