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Ch51 - You Are Not Qin Zhou

When Qin Zhou returned to the hotel, it was very late.

The phone was full of unread messages, all of which were friends asking him about the vase. 

Qin Zhou flipped through the list, and it happened that Su Tang also sent a message asking about it.

So, he called Su Tang directly.

As soon as the call was connected, Su Tang quickly asked, “Are you okay I heard that you offended President He”



“Even you know about it The news spread so quickly” Qin Zhou was a little surprised.

“It’s such a big thing, the group is talking about it today……..” Su Tang muttered and asked, “You really broke President He’s antiques” 

Qin Zhou explained: “It wasn’t me who did it, and I also don’t know why it fell.

It happened to fall just right next to me.”


He clearly didn’t break the vase, but he couldn’t really explain it clearly.

After all, the vase had fallen right next to him.

“They all said it was you who dropped the vase.” Su Tang sighed, “Is that vase finally settled”

“I’ve already compensated with another one.”


“Is the vase expensive”

“It’s okay.”

Su Tang only thought that the vase was not expensive and relieved a little, and said: “But you’ve offended President He this time, and the promotional video couldn’t be made.

They all said that you were going to be hidden in the snow …….”


Qin Zhou: “I’ll think of a way.” 

If he were to be really hidden by the company, then there was nothing he could do about it.

Today it was indeed because of him that the promotional film was not shot.

“Then see if you can have a good talk with Brother Zheng, beg for mercy or something.” Su Tang urged on the other end of the phone for a while.

“OK.” Qin Zhou replied. 


The next morning, Qin Zhou received a call from his agent, asking him to come to the company headquarters now.

Qin Zhou tidied himself up and went to the company.

The agent was already waiting on the first floor, and when he saw Qin Zhou coming, he took Qin Zhou upstairs. 

Qin Zhou entered the elevator and looked at the agent beside him.

The agent’s response had been very dull, and he didn’t even ask him what happened at the He family’s manor yesterday.


After the elevator reached the floor, Brother Zheng took Qin Zhou to the office and said, “President Yuan is looking for you.”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, but he stepped forward and knocked on the door. 

After hearing the answer from inside, Qin Zhou walked in and saw the young man sitting in the office.

Yuan Lie sat at the desk with a lazy expression, looking at the figure at the door with a faint smile.

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Tejc Olf: “P jigfjvs xcbk ktja tjqqfcfv sfrafgvjs.”

“I’m sorry.” Qin Zhou lowered his head, “I will be responsible for what happened yesterday.”

“Don’t be nervous.” Yuan Lie laughed, “I’m looking for you today, but it’s not to talk about it.” 

Yuan Lie’s attitude was very relaxed, as if it was just a chat between friends, and casually said: “You should already know He Yang, right”

Qin Zhou nodded.

“He is my friend.” Yuan Lie smiled, “I also know that he always mistaken you for another person.”

“He is very stubborn, so I wanted to find some evidence to convince him.

So, I went to visit Anshi some time ago, and then ——” 

Yuan Lie deliberately paused.

He looked at the young man’s eyes, and said with great interest, “Guess what I found in Anshi”

Qin Zhou frowned slightly but did not speak.

Yuan Lie didn’t mind Qin Zhou’s indifferent attitude, and continued to say: “The small town.

Anshi has only developed in recent years.

Some places are still very backward, and there is no surveillance.”

“For example, three years ago, the van that was involved in the accident passed through the village, and it just so happened that there was no surveillance camera in the village.” 

“If someone got in the vehicle in the village at that time, the surveillance camera would not capture it.”

“And at the scene of the accident, the deceased suffered severe burns all over his body that even his face couldn’t be seen clearly.”


Yuan Lie took out a document from the side and handed it to Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou looked at the document for a long time, and he finally took it.

When he opened the first page, he saw a photo inside. 

In the photo, a group photo was taken by a tourist group standing by the dock in Anshi.

In the lower left corner of the photo was a tall, thin young man with slightly dark skin, wearing a familiar black hat.

Qin Zhou looked at the young man in the lower left corner and lowered his eyes.

“I found this photo in Anshi.” Yuan Lie looked at the person in front of him with a faint smile, “There is also a boy named Qin Zhou, isn’t it interesting”

“You are not Qin Zhou.” Yuan Lie narrowed his eyes and smiled, “A lot of things, as long as you check carefully, you can find a lot of questionable points.” 

“However, Young Master He and Jiang Lin have never checked, and at the moment, I am the only one who knows this information.”


Xu, would you be interested to chat with me about what happened back then”

Qin Zhou, who was looking at the photo, raised his head slowly, and said calmly, “President Yuan, everyone has a secret.”

“It doesn’t matter.

I’m the best at keeping secrets.

“Yuan Lie laughed.

“Actually, I’m a psychologist.” 

After speaking, Yuan Lie took out a few certificates from the drawer and handed them over.

“These are my certificates, which guarantee professionalism.”

“After your accident, Jiang Lin and Young Master He have both sought me for therapy.”

“As a doctor, I will keep secrets for my patients.”

Qin Zhou frowned while looking at the various certificates on the table. 

Yuan Lie was very patient.

He tapped his fingertips lightly on the table and said slowly, “If you are my patient, then this information is your personal information, and I have the right to keep the patient’s secret, including your identity.”

“If you are not my patient, then as a friend of Young Master He, I am obliged to hand over this information to Young Master He.


Xu, do you want to have a chat”

Qin Zhou was silent, and after a while, only then did he say, “What to talk about” 

“You can talk about anything.”

Yuan Lie got up and went to the rest room next to him.


Soon, Yuan Lie came out with a white coat on.


Yuan sat opposite Qin Zhou and said gently: “Now we are not a relationship between a boss and a subordinate, but just a doctor and a patient.” 

“Hiding under another identity for three years, you should have a lot of pressure, right”

“You can tell me anything you want to talk about.”

“You don’t have to worry.

I will keep your secret for you.”

Qin Zhou didn’t say anything, just took the group photo of the tour group and looked at the young man in black in the lower left corner, lost in thought for a while. 


Yuan noticed Qin Zhou’s gaze and reassured him, “Don’t worry, there are so many people with the same name and surname in this world.

As long as you stay away from Anshi, no one will find out.”

Qin Zhou touched the black-clothed youth in the photo, and then he started to open his mouth, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to say it.” Doctor Yuan didn’t force it either, and asked again, “But are you sure you want to keep this identity and not recognize them”

But Qin Zhou just said: “President Yuan, I am Qin Zhou.” 


Yuan understood what Qin Zhou meant, but he couldn’t help but ask: “But Mr.

Jiang Lin is your friend.

You are not going to tell him the truth either”

Qin Zhou thought of Jiang Lin, and the expression on his face softened a little.

He said lightly: “He is doing well now.

I don’t want to disturb him anymore.”


Yuan asked: “What about Young Master He”

“No need.” 


Yuan didn’t know what happened between the two.

He just knew that it was an emotional dispute, he asked, “Is it because you still hate him”

“No.” Qin Zhou’s tone was calm.

At the beginning, it was him who was willing to jump in with both feet, and he also agreed at the beginning that he could be without any status or name.

It was he who forgot his identity and became more and more greedy. 

There was nothing to hate either.

The relationship between him and He Yang was just for fun, and it was by mutual consent.


“It’s all over.” Qin Zhou’s attitude was very open.


Yuan nodded and continued to sit quietly opposite Qin Zhou, waiting for Qin Zhou to continue talking. 

It’s just that Qin Zhou didn’t speak again.

Neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere in the office became weird.

Seeing that Qin Zhou was unwilling to talk, Dr.

Yuan had to say, “Since you don’t want to talk, let’s end the chat here today.”


Yuan took out another business card and handed it to Qin Zhou.

“If you need psychological consultation one day, you are welcome to come to me at any time.” Dr.

Yuan smiled. 

Qin Zhou looked at the business card and accepted it.

And Yuan Lie also took off his white coat, put it aside, and said to Qin Zhou: “After talking about personal matters, let’s talk about work.”

“Yesterday, President He was very angry and directly canceled our company’s shooting plan.” Yuan Lie frowned slightly, “But the company has been preparing for this promotional video for a long time.”

“Every day of delay, the company will lose a lot of money, and it will also affect the follow-up promotion plan.

This loss is very serious.” 

“And last night, President He also found me and said that he was very dissatisfied with this cooperation and asked me to change people.”

After hearing this, Qin Zhou said, “I’m sorry, it was my mistake yesterday, and I will accept all the arrangements and punishments from the company.”

“President He is already very dissatisfied with what happened yesterday.” Yuan Lie’s tone was very serious, with a very dignified expression, “President He said that our company’s artists are very rude, and he doesn’t want to see them again.”

Qin Zhou was taken aback. 

He Yang said he was rude Didn’t want to see him a second time

Was he…… very rude yesterday

Qin Zhou thought about it.

Maybe it was because he broke the antique vase worth “50 million”.

But he had already compensated another one to He Yang, and it was only after He Yang’s consent that he repainted it. 

“Fortunately, the company temporarily adjusted the cast list of the promotional video, so President He was satisfied.” Yuan Lie’s tone became lighter.

Yuan Lie brought over another document, “This is the new cast list.

Do you want to see it”


Qin Zhou took it over and flipped through it, and saw “Qin Zhou” written in the cast list, and there was only one name.

Qin Zhou stared at the cast list several times, raised his head and asked, “President Yuan, is the list correct” 

“Yes.” Yuan Lie smiled, and then explained: “President He was very angry yesterday.

He is very dissatisfied with the director and the other actors and doesn’t want to see them a second time.”

“So he asked us to change the director, and as for the actor, only you are left.”


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