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Ch47 - He won’t come back.

He Yang looked at the figure that left, but in the end he didn’t open his mouth to hold him back.

The ring box was still in the palm of his hand, and he still couldn’t give it to him. 

After returning to the hotel in the evening, He Yang came to the window and habitually lit a cigarette.

“Young Master He, do you need to chat”



Yuan Lie was sitting at the desk smiling while wearing a white coat.

He Yang ignored him and continued to look out the window. 

It wasn’t until the cigarette butt was about to burn to his fingertips that He Yang stubbed out the tiny red dot.


He Yang turned around and sat on the chair opposite Yuan Lie, leaning against the back of the chair.

He Yang held the ring box and said slowly, “I gave him the ring.”

Opening the box, He Yang looked at the small diamond ring inside and lowered his eyes, “He refused it.”


He did not accept the ring, and he also did not go back with him.

He didn’t even want to recognize him.

“Young Master He, he is Qin Zhou.” Doctor Yuan explained patiently, “You are just a stranger to him, and of course you will be rejected.”


“You should distinguish between these two people and get to know Qin Zhou again as a stranger.” 

“Young Master He, if you insist on taking Qin Zhou as Mr.

Xu, it’s actually very disrespectful to Mr.


When He Yang heard this, he just said, “He is Xu ChengYan.”

He knew it with just a glance and he had no way to regard him as a stranger.

“Okay, let’s assume Qin Zhou is Mr.

Xu.” Doctor Yuan had no choice but to follow the man’s words and continued: “But he has rejected you now.” 

He Yang rubbed the ring box in his hand and did not speak.

The gentle young man who always followed behind him, the young man he could see as soon as he turned around ——

But this time, he would not come back.

He Yang closed the ring box, got up to end the conversation, and went back to the bedroom alone. 

Doctor Yuan didn’t bother anymore and left the space to He Yang.

He Yang stayed in the room and did not go out.


It wasn’t until the next night that the crew’s director came over.

The director brought the new script and asked cautiously: “President He, this is the draft we came up with.

Can you take a look if it is okay” 

He Yang took the script and read it.

The new script was still the same as the original name and had the original cast, but the plot had completely changed.

The director also said: “If you are satisfied, we will follow this draft…… If there is something inappropriate, you can change it again.”

He Yang finished reading the draft and after making sure that there was no romance in it, he responded: “OK.” 


On the other hand, Qin Zhou had already received the new script.

Originally, the script was set as a romantic drama in the Chinese Republican Era, in which the male lead and female lead fall in love while solving a case together.

It’s just that the script has been completely changed now.

The male lead had become a detective, and the female lead had become a detective’s assistant.

The two were solving the case from beginning to end, and there was no romance, not even ambiguous scenes. 

And the crew also sent a message that they would temporarily suspend work for a week and prepare to shoot again.

After reading the script, Su Tang couldn’t help sighing: “The name is still the same as before, but the plot is completely rewritten, and the previous filming is all wasted…….”

Although the original script also had case-solving plots, those cases only existed to promote the romance between the protagonists, and the process of solving the case was also very simple and not complicated.

But now the screenwriter had to expand the case-solving process, change a simple case into a particularly complicated one, and force the plot in that direction. 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Originally a good romance drama, but now it’s changed to this.” Su Tang sighed, not very optimistic about the new script.

Coafg jii, abvjs’r wjlcragfjw bo bcilcf vgjwjr lr ralii atf qbqeijg atfwf: gbwjcmf.

Ktlr xlcv bo atfwf klat atgliifg qibar lc atf Jtlcfrf Efqeyilmjc Sgj vgjwjr lr nfgs ecqbqeijg.

Pa kjr fjrs obg atf vgjwj ab yf bea bo qijmf, jcv jirb atfgf kjr cb gbwjcmf ja jii.

Hlc Itbe vlvc’a mjgf, jcv rjlv, “Pa’r olcf jr ibcu jr la mjc yf rtba.”

“Yes.” Su Tang nodded. 

There were not many choices for 18th-tier young actors like them.

Even if the script was changed in the middle, they had no right to refuse.


Fortunately, the crew gave them a week off, so they could at least rest.

Su Tang twirled her hair and asked, “You have a week off.

How are you going to spend it” 

Qin Zhou: “I’m going to go back tomorrow to see Grandma.”

There was a call from the hospital the day before yesterday, saying that Grandma’s condition was not very good.

He was originally planning to ask for leave to go back in the next few days, but it just happened that the crew was on vacation and he had time to accompany his grandma.


The next day, Qin Zhou went to the hospital to see Grandma. 

Grandma was quietly leaning against the bed, listening to the opera on the radio.

A nurse aide was taking care of the old woman from the side.

When he saw Qin Zhou coming, he brought a chair over.

Qin Zhou sat on the side of the hospital bed and called out, “Grandma.”

It’s just that the old woman was old and her hearing was not very good.

Qin Zhou shouted several times, and only then the old woman turned her head slowly and looked at the young man beside the bed. 

Qin Zhou, still wearing that black hat, held the old woman’s hand and asked, “How is Grandma lately”

But the old woman just looked at the young man with some doubts.

She couldn’t recognize who the young man was, and she didn’t even remember that black hat.

However, the old woman got up, took out a packet of ginger candy from the drawer next to it, and stuffed it into the young man’s hand.

The old woman opened her mouth and she seemed to want to say something, but she couldn’t remember what to say for a while, so she just said: “Eat……” 

Although she could no longer recognize who the young man was, the old woman still remembered to give him candy.

Qin Zhou looked at the ginger candy in his hand, his eyes turned red for a moment, and his voice choked: “I’m sorry……”

The old woman was still a little at a loss.

She held the young man’s hand and patted it, soothing him.

“I’m sorry…….

I’m sorry…….” Qin Zhou apologized over and over again. 

It’s just that the old woman in front of him couldn’t understand his apology, and the person he really wanted to apologize to was no longer in this world.

Qin Zhou lowered his head and waited until his emotions calmed down.

He covered his grandma with a quilt, then got up and left the ward, and went to see the doctor again.


Qin Zhou asked, “How is Grandma”

The doctor handed over a check-up report and said euphemistically, “The patient’s condition is not very good…..” 

Qin Zhou lowered his eyes and did not speak when he saw the results on the check-up report.

The doctor added: “But there is a new treatment plan that you can try recently.”

Qin Zhou asked: “What plan”

The doctor explained the new plan a little, and added: “The price will be more expensive, and the treatment fee for one day will cost several thousand.

It will be more expensive in the later period, more than ten thousand a day.” 

Qin Zhou said without hesitation, “First follow this method.”


Qin Zhou went to the hospital cash counter to pay the fee and sat alone in the lounge chair.

He took out his phone and checked his bank card balance.

But when Qin Zhou saw the displayed balance, he frowned slightly, and then clicked on the expenditure details, and found that the salary was not right. 

Qin Zhou took out his phone and called his agent.

Qin Zhou: “Brother Zheng, is my salary wrong again It’s less for more than 2,000.”

“It’s not wrong.” The person on the phone explained.

“I helped you get that script and I have to bribe to get connections which cost a few thousand.

So, I just deducted directly first.”

“Brother Zheng——” 

The agent: “You have been with me for two years, and I will not cheat you about the salary.”

Qin Zhou bowed his head and kept silent.

It’d been two years, and he had been cheated a lot.

Every time, there was something wrong with the salary the company paid.

At first it was only a few hundred deductions, but now it was directly deducted 2,000. 

He also contacted the finance department, but the finance department insisted that it was correct, and it was useless to argue.

If it was before, he might forget it and he didn’t want to offend the manager.


It’s just that now he was short of money, and Grandma’s treatment fee was getting more and more expensive.

Qin Zhou: “Brother Zheng, it’s not me who is looking for the connection and it should not be deducted from my salary.” 

“It’s only two thousand Yuan.” The attitude of the person on the other end of the phone was very casual.

“If you don’t want to find a connection, tell me, and I won’t help you find it next time.”

Qin Zhou heard the threat in the other party’s words, but insisted: “Brother Zheng, I’m short of money right now.

“How much do you need Boss Wang has a party this week.

If you want, I will take you there.”

Qin Zhou fell silent, and after a long time he said, “I’ll think about it again.


After hanging up the phone, Qin Zhou sat alone in the chair for a long time, then got up, ready to go out to get some air.

People came and went outside the hospital, and Qin Zhou wandered aimlessly.

When passing a commercial street, Qin Zhou noticed an advertising screen on the commercial building with a movie trailer playing on it.

The screen happened to be broadcasting the chase scene of the police and gangsters.

Qin Zhou stopped and stared at the man in the police uniform on the screen —— 

Film Emperor Pei’s new movie was released.

Qin Zhou stared at the screen until after the trailer was over.

He took out his mobile phone and wanted to book a movie ticket to watch it.

But after Qin Zhou saw the movie ticket price, he suddenly hesitated.

In the end, Qin Zhou put down his phone and turned to leave. 

To save for medical bills, he could not spend money indiscriminately.


Qin Zhou stayed with Grandma in the hospital for a few days, and then returned to the crew.

The crew restarted shooting, and when Qin Zhou came to the set, he saw a bunch of white roses on the table. 

Qin Zhou walked over and saw a card on the white rose.

【May you have peace year after year.】


Qin Zhou looked at the four words on the card, but there was no reaction on his face.

Su Tang was also in the lounge.

She noticed Qin Zhou’s gaze, and explained, “When I came in the morning, there were flowers, and it seemed like they were given by your fan.” 

Qin Zhou looked at the bunch of flowers and placed the bunch of flowers he was holding in the corner, and he didn’t care anymore.

Su Tang checked her makeup in the mirror and said, “By the way, guess who our investor is this time”

Qin Zhou took the new script and read it, and said casually, “President Yuan”

Su Tang said excitedly, “There was another person who came with President Yuan that day! Guess who he is!” 

Su Tang still remembered that on the day of the kiss scene, two big bosses came to visit the crew, but she only knew President Yuan.

She only found out who the other person was recently.

Without waiting for Qin Zhou to answer, Su Tang hurriedly said, “It’s Young Master He! The one from the He family in Nancheng!

“Oh.” Qin Zhou’s response was rather indifferent.

He didn’t care about it that much.

Su Tang continued to gossip with Qin Zhou while arranging her hairstyle. 

“I don’t know what makes Young Master He interested in our crew…….”

“President He is really generous in giving money.

Just for an online drama, President He invested a lot of money in it.”

“But Young Master He doesn’t seem to like romantic dramas.

The screenwriter has no choice but to change the script to this……”

After talking, Su Tang realized that something was wrong.

She turned around and looked at Qin Zhou, and saw Qin Zhou sitting on the sofa reading the script. 

It’s just that Qin Zhou’s face seemed to be in a bad mood.

“What’s wrong” Su Tang walked over, sat next to him and asked, “Unhappy”

Qin Zhou raised his head and asked suddenly, “Is there any way to make money quickly”

Su Tang casually said: “How to make quick money, aren’t there already those few ways Brother Zheng always talks about which big boss is short of people every day.” 

Just after saying that, Su Tang reacted and said quickly: “What’s the matter Are you really short of money”

Qin Zhou responded with a sound, and said: “Grandma’s condition is not very good.

She needs medical treatment.”


In the past, Grandma’s condition was relatively stable, and he could barely support it with his income.

It’s just that now Grandma’s condition was getting worse and worse.

The treatment fee of the new plan was too expensive.

He was not sure how long he could last. 

But no matter how expensive it was, she still needed to be treated.

Su Tang said, “I can lend you.

How much do you need”

“Aren’t you going to repay the debt Let’s keep it.” Qin Zhou closed the script, “I can hold on for a while now, but if I can’t do it, I can still borrow from the loan sharks.”

“Don’t touch it.” Su Tang frowned suddenly, “My family was made into this by loan sharks.

You can’t touch that.” 

“If I can’t touch it, I can only find the big boss.” Qin Zhou started joking, “Brother Zheng also told me that Boss Wang has a party this week.”

Su Tang: “In the past, you always persuaded me not to go with those bosses.

Why do you want to go with those bosses now”

“I can’t help it.

I’m really short of money.” Qin Zhou whispered.

He needed money. 

He needed it very much.

He really needed money.

Su Tang persuaded: “Then make a good movie, and you can think of a way to make money slowly.”

Qin Zhou said lightly: “The salary is just that much.

It’s not enough.”

An unknown 18th-tier actor like him, who received low-cost productions, the salary was also very cheap, and it had to be deducted a lot by the agent. 

Su Tang: “It’s okay.

If you can get a big director’s movie, it will definitely make money.”

“Where is the big director” Qin Zhou smiled.

Su Tang quickly said: “It’s Director He’s movie! He is recruiting actors recently, and the male lead is Pei Yuan!”

After saying that, Su Tang took out her mobile phone and showed Qin Zhou the news. 

Qin Zhou took it over and looked at it.

It was indeed Director He who was recruiting people for the new movie.

Director He was a well-known director in the circle.

He had made several high-profile films, and several movie stars and actresses had made his films and won awards.


Even Pei Yuan won the Best Actor award for the first time because of a movie directed by Director He.

And this time Director He was preparing a new movie “Jianghu”.

The male protagonist had already decided to be Pei Yuan, and he was now recruiting supporting roles. 

Although it was a supporting role, if one could participate in such a big production, one would not lose at all.

And, they could also earn fame by acting together with the Film Emperor.

Su Tang: “Would you like to try it Anyway, there are no requirements for the first round of selection, as long as you submit a video.”

After reading the news, Qin Zhou shook his head and said, “I’m not good at acting.”

Qin Zhou still knew his acting skills.

It’s okay to make a web drama, but if he had to act in a movie directed by He, he still didn’t have that strength. 

“How do you know if you don’t try” Su Tang persuaded.

“Just make an audition video, in case you pass the first round”

Qin Zhou thought about it, and then came down: “Then I’ll give it a try.”


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