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Ch44 - I’ve not mistaken - Chrysanthemum Garden

Qin Zhou no longer hesitated and turned to leave.

Su Tang followed Qin Zhou and couldn’t help but look back at the man. WTKRJL

The man looked a little pathetic.

His suit was stained with red wine, his eyes were slightly red, and he was being held tightly by two people beside him.

Su Tang retracted her gaze and stopped paying attention to that person.

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Jiang Lin also quickly took He Yang to the lounge upstairs, and asked Yuan Lie to borrow a spare suit and bring it to He Yang.

Yuan Lie was entertaining guests in the banquet hall before, and he didn’t know about the farce in the garden until he came to the lounge and saw that He Yang’s state was a bit wrong. RxbYvy

He Yang lowered his head and remained silent.

His body exuded low air pressure, the front of his white shirt was stained with wine, and his suit jacket was left wrinkled aside.

Yuan Lie walked over and asked, “What’s wrong”

“He’s drunk.” Jiang Lin was a little angry, “He still got the wrong person after being drunk.

He rushed up and insisted on hugging other person and not letting go——”

“Jiang Lin.” He Yang interrupted, and said coldly, “I’ve not mistaken.”


“Brother, he just looks alike!” Jiang Lin was so anxious that he quickly explained: “He’s a celebrity.

He has put on makeup!”

He Yang: “He’s Xu ChengYan.”

“It’s not him!” Jiang Lin was somewhat tired of saying that.

He put the clothes aside, and didn’t bother to care, “I’ve brought the clothes, you can change them yourself.”

After speaking, Jiang Lin turned around and left. nERXsA

Yuan Lie came to the corridor, and then he asked to Jiang Lin, “What had provoked Young Master He”

Jiang Lin sighed and explained: “He has encountered Brother Zhou.

He wanted to hug Brother Zhou and not let him go.

He even wanted Brother Zhou to go back with him.”

“My brother was drunk and his eyes were not good.

So, he recognized Brother Zhou as someone else.”

“I tried to reason with him, but he still didn’t listen…….” O9GbPQ

Jiang Lin complained, and suddenly noticed that the person beside him was silent.

“Jiang Lin.” Yuan Lie looked over and asked, “Who does Young Master He mistake Qin Zhou for”

“It’s that friend of ours…….” Jiang Lin frowned slightly, “Qin Zhou looks a lot like that friend and my brother just mistook the wrong person.”

Yuan Lie: “How similar” qHvIbY

Jiang Lin thought about it, and he still replied, “It’s quite similar.

When I first saw him, I even thought they were twins, but it’s all right after I got used to it.”

After hearing this, Yuan Lie showed a typical gentle smile on his face, and said calmly, “Mr.

Jiang, I need an explanation.”

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Although Yuan Lie was smiling, his tone was a little cold.

“What explanation” Jiang Lin was stunned. HfoTzM

“About Qin Zhou.” Yuan Lie narrowed his eyes, “When you went to chase stars, you didn’t tell me that he looks a lot like that friend of yours.”

Jiang Lin was still a little guilty.

He whispered, “I just don’t think it’s necessary to say……”

Although at first he did approach Qin Zhou because he and Sister-in-law looked the same, but now it’s different.


Jiang, it’s not a good thing to hide from the doctor.” Yuan Lie smiled, “I think we need to have a good chat.” WdI0YJ

“When is Mr.

Jiang free I can give you psychological counseling.”

“It’s really not necessary.” Jiang Lin waved his hand quickly, “I’m really fine.

No consultation is needed.”

Jiang Lin and Yuan Lie went downstairs together and went to find Qin Zhou again.

Qin Zhou was still in another lounge downstairs because his clothes were also soiled. RpWC1d

Jiang Lin looked for it, took a spare suit, and said with some guilt: “Brother Zhou, I’m sorry…….”

“My cousin is drunk today and is a little impulsive.

He is usually not like this……..” Jiang Lin’s voice became smaller and smaller.

Yuan Lie was just outside the room.

He looked at Qin Zhou in the room, and took out his mobile phone to search for Qin Zhou’s information.

Jiang Lin was still chatting with Qin Zhou, and Yuan Lie didn’t go in to disturb him.

After closing the door, he went upstairs to find He Yang. eqZitR

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He Yang had already changed his clothes.

He stood alone by the window, and lit a cigarette.

Tejc Olf rjlv, “Tbecu Zjrafg Lf, vb sbe cffv qrsmtbibulmji mbecrfilcu”

Lf Tjcu vlvc’a ibbx yjmx.

Lf pera rjlv, “P kjca j uefra ilra obg atf yjcdefa.”

“Tbecu Zjrafg Lf, fnfgsbcf ja atf yjcdefa lr ws uefra.” Tejc Olf mjwf bnfg jcv rabbv yfrlvf Lf Tjcu, “Tbeg oglfcv tjr yffc ubcf obg atgff sfjgr, jcv la lr lwqbrrlyif obg tlw ab jqqfjg ja atf yjcdefa.” ZN2fxG

He Yang frowned and said, “He is not dead.”

Yuan Lie sighed softly.

He had to take out his mobile phone and said to He Yang, “Is that the person you saw at the banquet”

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He Yang glanced at random, and after seeing the young man on the screen, his pupils shrank, “Where did this photo come from”

When Yuan Lie saw He Yang’s reaction, he already had an answer in his heart. QNWk79

“Young Master He.” Yuan Lie smiled, “I haven’t seen your friend, and I don’t know what your friend looks like, but what I can be sure of is ——”

“The person in the photo is not that friend you know.”

“He is an artist under our company, Qin Zhou.”

He Yang looked at the photo on the phone, and after a long time, he said, “He is Xu ChengYan.

He is not dead.” FuhtWC

The topic went back to the original point.

“Young Master He, you are really drunk.” Yuan Lie sighed softly.

“I also remember a little about Qin Zhou’s information.

His hometown is a small village in the north.”

Yuan Lie recalled the information.

“His family conditions are not very good, and he has no chance to know you.”

He Yang lowered his eyes and stopped talking. FKJDYN

Seeing that He Yang’s attitude seemed to soften a bit, Yuan Lie said, “There are indeed two strangers who look alike in this world.

It’s just a coincidence.”

Yuan Lie still smiled, “Young Master He, You should calm down first.”

After a long time, He Yang replied softly, “Yeah.”

He Yang stayed by the floor-to-ceiling window for a while.

He gradually calmed down, and then left the room. GIYvd0

The banquet hall was still very lively.

He Yang came to the railing on the second floor and looked at the guests below.

In the crowd, He Yang saw the black-haired young man at a glance.

The young man was still talking with Jiang Lin, and the two seemed to be very familiar with each other, as if they had known each other for a long time.

He Yang looked at the young man’s figure.

He still went downstairs and walked towards the young man. gZ0CUE

The young man just turned his back to the entrance of the stairs, so he didn’t notice someone approaching behind him.

However, Jiang Lin noticed that He Yang was coming and his expression changed.

He hurriedly stepped forward, and protected Qin Zhou behind him.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Brother.” Jiang Lin called out cautiously.

Qin Zhou also turned around and saw He Yang. p3GNm5

He Yang had also changed into a new suit, and his face had returned to the original indifferent look.

One could no longer see the embarrassment in the garden before.

There were other guests around, and some people recognized He Yang’s identity and greeted him one after another.

“President He.”

After Qin Zhou heard it, he also followed and called like everyone else: “President He.” G1jmsz

He Yang looked at the young man’s figure and said slowly, “Sorry, I was drunk just now.”

This time, He Yang’s reaction was calm, and he didn’t lose his temper at all.

“It doesn’t matter.” Qin Zhou still had a polite smile and a distant tone.

He Yang’s eyes fell on the tear mole in the corner of the youth’s eye, and suddenly asked, “Have you been to Nancheng before” VXxMoO

“No.” The youth smiled, “This is my first time here.”

“Have you been to the mountain village in Xicheng”

The young man nodded and replied, “I went to film there last year.”

He Yang stopped talking.

He just looked at the young man’s peach blossom eyes. iMIcm6

There was still a smile in the young man’s eyes, and there was no flaw in the expression on his face.

Neither of the two spoke, and the atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.

Jiang Lin probably felt that the atmosphere was not right.

He said quickly: “Brother, my friend is a little tired.

I will send him back first.”

After that, Jiang Lin took Qin Zhou away first. OiGlHk

He Yang watched the backs of the two leaving, and did not withdraw his gaze back until the two left the banquet hall.

Yuan Lie was not far away and saw the scene where He Yang and Qin Zhou were chatting just now.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yuan Lie came over and asked, “How was your chat with Qin Zhou just now”

“It’s okay.” He Yang said casually. b96CRc

“Then, it’s just the wrong person”

He Yang: “I’ve not mistaken.”

The person who he had been with for five years, he would never mistake him no matter what.

“Young Master He, he is Qin Zhou.” Yuan Lie explained patiently, then changed his angle and asked, “Even if it is really him, why hasn’t he come to find you for the past three years” h0lMCe

Yuan Lie: “He didn’t even recognize Jiang Lin.”

He Yang looked down at the ring in his hand and did not speak.

It’s been three years.

Obviously still alive, but that person never came back once. QjeR8V


On the other side, Jiang Lin sent Qin Zhou back to the hotel.

Qin Zhou sat on the sofa while reading the script and making a phone call.

But to be precise, only the person on the other end of the phone made a long, unilateral speech, and Qin Zhou only responded occasionally. DWbyp

“Okay, I see.” Qin Zhou replied.

The other end of the phone continued: “I don’t know how you got the invitation letter from the Yuan family.

It’s fine as long as you seize the opportunity well.”


“If you are with the right person, you won’t have to work hard for the next few decades.” The agent began to hint again, “The Boss Jin I told you before, he raised a newcomer recently.” f3eKIM

“Boss Jin directly poured tens of millions into the crew just to support the newcomer.”

“Well.” Qin Zhou’s attitude was very casual.

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Agent: “Look at you.

You hesitated to agree before, and those big bosses won’t wait for you all the time.

They will find someone else directly.”

“M-hm.” VLSBuT

Qin Zhou responded perfunctorily all along.

When the call ended, he threw the phone on the sofa and didn’t care anymore.

Qin Zhou got up and went back to his room to pack his luggage.

The next morning, Qin Zhou carried his suitcase and returned with Su Tang, ready to return to the crew.

Jiang Lin also wanted to follow him to visit the crew, but was stopped by Qin Zhou. TzuWiP

“You’d better work hard now.” Qin Zhou rubbed Jiang Lin’s head.

“Brother Zhou! My family has money! It’s fine if I don’t work!” Jiang Lin wailed, “I just want to go to the set with you!”

But Qin Zhou still didn’t agree, he just let Jiang Lin stay in Nancheng.

Qin Zhou: “It has been raining on the crew’s side recently, and the road is not easy to walk on.

So, let’s wait for the weather to get better.” 4p0CxI

Jiang Lin had no choice but to agree first.

He prepared to wait for the weather to clear before leaving.

Qin Zhou and Su Tang got on the plane and returned to the crew.

Qin Zhou put the luggage back in the hotel room, and rushed to the set with Su Tang to do makeup first.

In the past few days, they had taken leave to attend the birthday banquet in Nancheng.

The crew also filmed other supporting roles first and coordinated the time. rmdd7R

There was only one dressing room in the crew, and when Qin Zhou passed by, he heard a voice inside ——

“Gossip! Film Queen Tang confessed to Film emperor Pei, but she was rejected!”

“Alas, Film emperor Pei has been single for so many years.

I’m so anxious.

Why doesn’t he find a partner…….”

“And then, have you heard of the He family in Nancheng I heard that the eldest young master He is very handsome! He looks like a star!” 6sDEpy

As soon as Qin Zhou entered, he saw it was the makeup artist who was chatting with Su Tang.

But to be precise, it was the makeup artist’s unilateral gossip, and Su Tang could only close her eyes and couldn’t move.

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It wasn’t until the makeup artist finished that Su Tang opened her eyes and asked, “Wait a minute, is it true that Film emperor Pei rejected the confession”

“That’s how I heard……” The makeup artist said, and started to put makeup on Qin Zhou again. XalsJ7

“But the film queen is so beautiful.

Why did he have to refuse her” Su Tang didn’t understand.

“This is not clear.

Film emperor Pei has been single for a long time.” The makeup artist shook his head, “I heard that the one from the He family is also single.”

Su Tang thought for a while, but still said: “But the gossip I heard about Young Master He is that he’s already engaged……”

The makeup artist asked again, “Didn’t Sister Su Su go to Nancheng this time Did you see Young Master He” MLD1ay

“I didn’t see him! I don’t even know what he looks like!” Su Tang felt a little emotional, “Those big shots have fixed circles, and none of us in the 18th tier have a chance to strike up a conversation!”

Qin Zhou still didn’t speak when he heard Su Tang’s voice.

In fact, Su Tang and Young Master He met at the banquet that day.

The makeup artist smiled: “It’s normal for little people like us to not be able to meet them.” 0r1iNB

“That’s right.” Su Tang nodded.


Qin Zhou’s afternoon scenes ended early.

So, he finished work before Su Tang.

The assistant went out to buy dinner, and Qin Zhou went back to the hotel by himself. odeuID

But just when Qin Zhou arrived downstairs of the hotel, he saw a familiar luxury car parked outside the hotel.

This car was a unique custom-made model in the world, and the license plate number was also a special serial number.

He had ridden in this car countless times, and he also remembered every decoration in the car.

He could recognize this car just by looking at it.

However, Qin Zhou still pretended not to see it and prepared to go around. 6sHSpG

Just then, the car’s rear door opened.

The man in a suit slowly got out of the car and came to Qin Zhou with a gift bag in his hand.

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Qin Zhou respectfully said: “President He.”

He Yang handed over the gift bag and said slowly: “Sorry, your dress was soiled at the last banquet.” NqfVdS

The gift bag was packed up very exquisitely and gorgeously.

Qin Zhou recognized that the package was from V brand, and what was inside should be a set of clothes.

Qin Zhou didn’t take the bag.

He just said, “President He, it’s all in the past and never mind about the suit.”

He Yang didn’t answer, and still stared at the person in front of him.

The two were deadlocked for a while.

Qin Zhou had no choice but to accept it first, “Thank you, President He.” z ypco


Jiang helped to prepare the suit, and I will also hand this suit over to Mr.

Jiang.” Qin Zhou’s tone was still very distant and the attitude was lukewarm.

He Yang looked at those peach blossom eyes, and suddenly called out, “Qin Zhou.”


He Yang suddenly turned around and took out a large bouquet of white roses from the car, “Apology for the last time.” C3s0Fw

He Yang handed the rose to the youth.


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