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Ch41 - New Drama

After Jiang Lin got the invitation letter, he went to the set to visit the crew again.

“Birthday banquet” Qin Zhou took a look at the invitation letter and found that it was their company boss’s birthday banquet in March next year. 

“I’ve read the guest list, and many big directors will also go!” Jiang Lin was very excited.

He leaned over and said, “Maybe when you go, there will be some big director who is interested in you!”

“It’s in Nancheng…….” Qin Zhou looked at the banquet venue and said with a smile: “Even if I go, I may not have a chance to talk to the director.”



“Brother Zhou, let’s go together! It’s okay to go for a while.” Jiang Lin urged.

“Then I will tell the manager when the time comes.” Qin Zhou still complied with it. 



Qin Zhou rubbed the invitation letter and said, “Jiang Lin, you don’t need to help me this much.”

“It’s okay!” Jiang Lin laughed foolishly.

Qin Zhou couldn’t help rubbing Jiang Lin’s head again, and then he went to film first.


The crew continued to film until at night, and when Qin Zhou returned to the hotel, it was already past twelve o’clock.

Qin Zhou took out the room card and came to the room.

Then, he saw a figure sitting in his room.

A man in his thirties or forties sat lazily on a chair, smoking and playing with his mobile phone.


Qin Zhou walked over: “Why is Brother Zheng here” 

The agent looked over, put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray, and said casually: “I came to see you and Su Su.”

“Oh.” Qin Zhou responded with a sound, came to the table, and started to remove his makeup.

The room fell silent, and neither of them spoke for a while.

The relationship between Qin Zhou and the manager was very general.

The manager had a lot of artists and couldn’t manage everyone.

Therefore, some low-level actors were in the stocking mode. 

Just like Qin Zhou and Su Tang.

They were both stocked.

The agent rarely cared about them, and only asked a few questions when he remembered them occasionally.

After a long time, the agent said, “How did you think about what I told you last time”

Qin Zhou continued to remove his makeup without saying a word.

The agent said casually: “Boss Jin lacks someone by his side, and he likes your type.” 

Qin Zhou finished taking off his eye makeup, then looked over and replied, “Brother Zheng, I’m doing fine now.”

“Are you not short of money” The agent squinted and tapped with his fingertips on the table.


Qin Zhou said lightly: “It’s okay for now.”

The agent didn’t force it.

He just said: “I don’t know what you two are thinking, neither of you are willing.” 

“Then, you’ll finally figure it out, and finally every one of you will run back and beg me again.” The agent’s tone was somewhat mocking.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

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“Yo mbegrf, atlr lr sbeg bkc yerlcfrr, jcv P kbc’a obgmf sbe.” Ktf jufca uba eq jcv rjlv mjrejiis, “P ygbeuta sbe bea bo atja rtjyys nliijuf, jcv atfgf lr jc fivfg ab reqqbga.

Tbe jirb vfolclafis vbc’a kjca ab ub yjmx ab atbrf vjsr yfobgf, gluta”

After saying that, the agent turned and left. 

After the agent left, the assistant who was in the corner of the room breathed a sigh of relief.

She hurriedly moved to Qin Zhou’s side and whispered, “Brother Zhou…….”

Qin Zhou said, “It’s okay.

You go to rest first.”

The assistant helped clear the table before leaving.

Qin Zhou stayed in the room alone to rest, and when he came to the crew the next morning, he saw Su Tang. 

Su Tang’s morning scenes were in a rather later time, but today she came very early, hiding in the lounge to smoke alone.

When Qin Zhou saw her, he said, “Smoke less.”

Su Tang sighed and asked, “Did Brother Zheng come to find you yesterday”

“M-hm.” Qin Zhou replied. 

“I haven’t agreed yet.” Su Tang tilted her head, “but I’m really moved.”

“I’m not young anymore, and I don’t know how many years I can act.

You too have a grandmother to support.” Su Tang leaned on the window, a little tired, and said: “After all, I still have no money.”

Qin Zhou sat beside her, and he replied: “Indeed.”

He really needed money. 

Grandma’s health was not very good, and he didn’t know how many years she would last.

Recuperating also needed to spend a huge amount.

But he still wanted to make the old woman have a better life in the last few years.


Then again, even if he lacked money, some things were the bottom line he could not touch.

Nor could the name “Qin Zhou” be ruined. 


By the time the crew finished filming, it was already December.

The agent picked up a low-production online drama with the theme of the Republic of China for Qin Zhou and Su Tang again.

In order to facilitate marketing, the two still acted as lovers in the drama.

After Qin Zhou got the script, he flipped through the script, and then smiled at Su Tang: “I think I finally made it.

Finally, I’m the male lead.” 

Su Tang also read the script and joked: “It’s over.

You’re going to lose your first kiss.”

Although it was said that the two had been acting as a couple before and in most in the dramas, they just hugged or kissed the forehead.

In this new script, there were several kiss scenes between the male and female leads, which could be regarded as Qin Zhou’s first kiss on screen.

Jiang Lin, who was not far away, heard it.

He came over and asked, “First kiss What first kiss!”

Su Tang packed her luggage and deliberately said to Jiang Lin: “It’s your idol.

He’s going to have a kiss scene with me!” 

“Kissing scene!” Jiang Lin was shocked and said quickly, “I don’t agree!”

Jiang Lin couldn’t accept it at all.

He looked at Su Tang, and then at Qin Zhou, frowning and said, “Isn’t it enough to just act as a couple, why do you still have to kiss!”

Qin Zhou touched Jiang Lin’s head and comforted: “Shooting kiss scenes is normal.”

“No!” Jiang Lin still shook his head, completely unable to accept the fact that Qin Zhou had to shoot kiss scenes with others. 

Su Tang smiled and said, “Little brother, when I was filming a kiss scene with others, I didn’t see any reaction from you.”

“This is different!” Jiang Lin was a little angry, “Brother Zhou can’t shoot kiss scene!”

Qin Zhou explained patiently: “All actors are like this.

It’s just a kiss scene, and even a bed scene is normal.”

Jiang Lin was full of reluctance, but he had no choice but to accept the reality. 

Jiang Lin followed Qin Zhou to the new crew, and because of the kiss scene, he was unhappy in the crew every day.

Fortunately, the crew arranged the kiss scene to be filmed later in the year, so Jiang Lin still had enough time to prepare himself mentally.


And Qin Zhou didn’t stay in the new crew for long and soon the Spring Festival holiday arrived.

The crew was on holiday in January.

Qin Zhou packed up his things and went back to celebrate the New Year. 

Qin Zhou put on a hat and mask, came to the hospital, and saw his grandma.

Grandma lived in a single ward.

She leaned on the bed, with a radio in the hand.

Grandma was listening to the opera, and when she looked up inadvertently, she saw a young man in a black hat coming in.

Qin Zhou walked in: “Grandma.” 

Grandma quickly put down the radio and shouted: “Xiao Zhou…….”

Qin Zhou sat on the side of the hospital bed and covered the quilt on Grandma’s body tightly.

But Grandma suddenly got up and went to the table.

She opened the drawer and carefully took out a packet of ginger candy from it, and then stuffed it into Qin Zhou’s hand, “It’s all for Xiao Zhou……”

Qin Zhou looked at the ginger candy in his hand, which Grandma should have asked the nurse to help her buy. 

Qin Zhou asked: “Grandma is not eating”

“Grandma is not hungry.” Grandma shook her head, held Qin Zhou’s hand, and said again: “It’s all for Xiao Zhou…….”

Qin Zhou lowered his head.

His eyes were slightly red.

He reached out and hugged the old woman in front of him, and whispered, “I’m sorry…….”

Grandma hugged the young man awkwardly.

Although she didn’t know what happened, she still reached out and patted the young man’s back, like coaxing a child. 

“I’m sorry…….” Qin Zhou lowered his head, feeling a little out of control.

He was a thief……

“I’m sorry……..

I’m sorry……..” Qin Zhou repeated over and over again.

After a while, his emotions slowly calmed down.

Qin Zhou wiped his tears, and after sorting out his emotions, he sat quietly by the side and accompanied the old woman. 

“Don’t cry……” Grandma wiped away Qin Zhou’s tears, and continued to rummage in the drawer next to her to find a package of biscuits and snacks for Qin Zhou, “Xiao Zhou, eat.”

Qin Zhou held the biscuits in his hand, feeling the heaviness of it.


He left a living allowance for Grandma every month, but Grandma spent very little money every time and saved it all.

Even if she wanted to buy things, Grandma would only buy some small snacks and so on, and left it to her little grandson. 

Grandma was old and had Alzheimer’s, so she couldn’t remember many things.

But she solely remembered that she had a little grandson named ‘Qin Zhou’.


At the same time, He Family, Nancheng. 

Yuan Lie, who came with a gift, was brought in by the old Steward.

In the living room, He Yang was drinking wine while leaning on the sofa, with a big black-and-white-haired dog lying beside his feet.

The big dog heard footsteps coming in.

He looked up and found that it was a stranger.

He then withdrew his gaze and continued to lie on the carpet, continuing to be bored in a daze.

Yuan Lie came over and said hello, “Young Master He, long time no see.” 

“Today, I am here on behalf of the Yuan family, and I will pay New Year’s greetings in advance.” Yuan Lie smiled and sat opposite He Yang.

“M-hm.” He Yang responded with a sound casually and continued to drink.

His response was still very cold.

Yuan Lie sat on the sofa and noticed that He Yang was still wearing the ring on his left hand.

He said with some emotion: “Young Master He is still wearing this ring……”

Yuan Lie took the opportunity to say, “If Young Master He needs psychological counseling, I can take up private job now.” 

He Yang said lightly, “No need.”

Yuan Lie felt a little regretful when he saw He Yang’s rejection.

Then, he changed the subject and said, “Young Master He, I’m about to inherit the family business.”

He Yang nodded, not very interested in these things.

“This is an invitation letter to the banquet.” Yuan Lie took out an invitation letter, “I sent you an invitation before, but I’m not sure if you will come or not.

So, I came to send the invitation letter today.” 

Yuan Lie: “If Young Master He has time, you can come and take a look.

Take it as a breath of fresh air.”

He Yang said casually, “I’m not interested.”


Yuan Lie was used to He Yang’s indifference, but he still put the invitation on the table and said, “I’ll put the invitation letter here first.

If Young Master He comes, we will welcome you anytime.”

Yuan Lie: “It doesn’t matter if Young Master He doesn’t come.

But I still recommend Young Master He to go out for a walk and get in touch with the outside world.” 

However, He Yang’s reaction was still very dull and completely uninteresting.

Yuan Lie stayed at the He family for a while, then got up and left.

And the invitation letter for the birthday banquet was left on the living room table.


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