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Ch40 - Invitation Letter

At the end of the month, He Yang returned to the main house.

QiQi was still running around in the yard.

After seeing He Yang’s car, he still habitually ran around. 

He Yang bypassed QiQi and went to the recuperation room.

Father He was sitting in a wheelchair, playing Go by himself, and asked, “Where is A Ruan”



Before He Yang could answer, Father He suddenly remembered and murmured, “I remember, she’s gone.”

He Yang walked over.

He sat opposite, picked up a black chess piece in his left hand and landed on the chessboard. 

Father He noticed the ring on He Yang’s hand, and asked curiously, “When did you get married”


He Yang said lightly, “Not yet.”

“Then, that’s the engagement ring” Father He’s memory was still a little confused.

He recalled for a while, and asked, “Is that the piano teacher you brought back last time”

He Yang didn’t answer.

He just dropped another chess piece, which was considered a tacit reply.


“It’s good.” Father He laughed, “You are getting married.

A Ruan must be very happy.”

“Take him back next time, and I’ll take a good look at him.” Father He narrowed his eyes with a smile.

He already completely didn’t remember Xu ChengYan’s death.

And He Yang also responded: “M-hm.”


He Yang played chess with Father He in the recuperation room, and didn’t get up and leave until evening. 

The Steward was still waiting outside, “Young Master He.”

He Yang came to the corridor and suddenly said, “Change the room I live in again.”

The Steward was a little surprised.

He Yang: “That room on the second floor, I won’t live there anymore.” 

The Steward replied hurriedly.

He nodded and replied: “Okay.”

The Steward asked the maids to prepare a new bedroom on the fifth floor and moved He Yang’s things from the second floor to the fifth floor.

In the end, only Xu ChengYan’s things were left in that room on the second floor.

After the things were moved, the Steward followed He Yang’s instructions and locked the room on the second floor. 

In the future, this room was also a taboo in the He family that couldn’t touch.

The Steward sent all He Yang’s things to the fifth floor.

After tidying up the room, when he inadvertently looked up, he saw He Yang standing by the window, and several cigarette butts had fallen on the ground.


Since Mr.

Xu left, Young Master He had also become like Master, always like to watch the scenery by the window, sometimes even for a whole day.

The Steward looked away and didn’t go to disturb him. 

In the yard, the dark green leaves on the trees gradually turned yellow, until the whole yard was dyed golden red ——

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Snfgsatlcu kjr ribkis ufaalcu yfaafg.

It was just that He Yang was still wearing the ring on his hand and never took it off. 

But Yuan Lie noticed it, and while He Yang came to the clinic for consultation, he asked, “Mr.

He, do you still have to wear the ring”


Doctor Yuan asked, “How long will it last”

Leaning back on the back of the chair, rubbing his fingertips gently against the ring, He Yang slowly said, “I don’t know.” 


Yuan changed the subject and asked, “Do you still have hallucinations recently”

“Sometimes.” He Yang’s attitude was already very calm, and he was able to talk about Xu ChengYan with Dr.

Yuan normally.


Yuan suggested: “Mr.

He, if you’re still having hallucinations, do you want to go for an examination”

He Yang: “No need.” 

Hallucinations were already a part of his life and he was used to it.

When all the negative emotions slowly calmed down, in the end there was only longing.


Endless longing.

“Yuan Lie.” He Yang raised his head and suddenly said, “I won’t come over in the future.” 

He Yang: “Today is the last time.”

“Then, congratulations, Mr.

He.” Yuan Lie understood what He Yang meant.

He’d already let it go.

Yuan Lie said with a smile, “I wish you a happy life in the future.”

After He Yang settled the treatment fee, he got up and left. 

Back at the apartment, He Yang came to the balcony to water the potted plants.

The breath of another person in the apartment had disappeared, and all the daily items were put away.

But even so, sometimes He Yang still felt that as long as he turned his head, he could see Xu ChengYan’s figure.

He Yang sat alone on the recliner, quietly looking at the river view outside the window. 

It’s still a long time before the pain and regret may go away ——

But the longing would never go away.


In two and a half years, many things could be healed. 

He Yang returned to the original aloof eldest young master of the He family, and Jiang Lin still looked as simple-minded as before.

Both of them seemed to have completely walked out of the shadows.

Jiang Lin ran to the crew again to visit the crew.

“Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou!” Jiang Lin leaned in front of Qin Zhou and handed over his phone, “You’re on the hot search!”

Qin Zhou put down the script, took over the phone, and saw the comments of the fans at a glance. 

【 #Why not be with the second male lead together# Second male lead is more handsome and richer than the male lead, and he has a normal brain.

I don’t know why the female lead didn’t choose a gentle second male lead, but had to be with the neurotic male lead.】

【 #Why not be with the second male lead together# I’ll tell you straight, the watch on the second male lead’s hand is at least seven digits.

The car is a limited edition.

Only a fool will choose the male lead.

Who doesn’t like a gentle and handsome rich second-generation 】


【#Why not be with the second male lead together# I seriously doubt whether the screenwriter is partial to the second male lead.

The second male is obviously more like a handsome and powerful boss than the male lead! 】

【#Why not be with the second male lead together# Begging the female lead to dump the male lead, and be with the second male lead, OK! 】 

Qin Zhou flipped through the comments and smiled: “It seems to be on fire.”

More than half of the Mary Sue web dramas he and Su Tang had acted before had already aired, but the male supporting role he played was more popular and the audience’s response was very good.

Moreover, at that time, Jiang Lin also lent him all the famous watches and cars, which led to the fact that in a poor crew, he was the only one who dressed the best and wore all luxury items.

It just so happened that this hot search was when some netizens picked up the price of the famous watches and sports cars in his hands, and it suddenly became popular. 

Although the hot search position was not very high, it was at least on the hot search.

“Brother Zhou! I’ll edit your video after I go back!” Jiang Lin was full of excitement.

Now he had mastered the function of editing video, and he was also Qin Zhou’s biggest fan!

Su Tang, who was on the side, came over and joked deliberately: “Little brother, aren’t you the same age as Zhou Zhou Why do you keep calling him Brother Zhou Does our Zhou Zhou look so old” 

“No, no!” Jiang Lin quickly waved his hand, afraid that Qin Zhou would be angry.

He explained to Qin Zhou clumsily: “You don’t look old.

It’s just a habit………”

Jiang Lin didn’t know how to explain it.

He and Qin Zhou were both the same age, but Qin Zhou made him feel very warm.

He was like an elder brother, and he couldn’t help but want to shout “Brother Zhou” as a little selfishness of his own.

Qin Zhou didn’t mind.

He rubbed Jiang Lin’s head and comforted: “It’s okay.”

Jiang Lin saw Qin Zhou take the initiative to get close to him.

He leaned over obediently, and secretly reached out and hugged Qin Zhou. 

However, Jiang Lin didn’t dare to hold him for too long, and quickly let go.

Jiang Lin said angrily to Su Tang: “Sister Su Su, I won’t edit your video today.

I will only edit Brother Zhou’s.”

“Fine, fine, fine.” Su Tang was amused by Jiang Lin.

“Who doesn’t know that you’re Zhou Zhou’s obsessive fan.”

“Yes!” Jiang Lin nodded and admitted generously, “I’m the obsessive fan!” 

He was Qinzhou’s obsessive fan!



After Jiang Lin returned from chasing stars on the set, he hurried to the clinic to find the doctor.

“Doctor Yuan, I’m back!” Jiang Lin said excitedly, “I also bought a lot of souvenirs!” 

Jiang Lin took out a gift box from his bag and handed it over, “I brought it for Dr.



Yuan took the gift.

However, there was still a heavy expression on his face, and he seemed to be in a bad mood.

Jiang Lin noticed it and hurriedly asked, “Dr.

Yuan, what’s wrong”


Jiang, unfortunately I have some news for you.” Dr.

Yuan sighed, “I will retire early and can’t be a doctor anymore. 

“Huh” Jiang Lin was stunned.

“The clinic can’t be opened anymore.

It’s going to close down.” Dr.

Yuan’s expression was very heavy, “The business has been getting worse and worse recently, and Mr.

He doesn’t come to my clinic anymore.”

In the past, He Yang often came to the clinic, sitting for a whole day.

The consultation fee he gave was also very generous, and the consultation fee was doubled in the evening.

But now He Yang had stopped coming to the clinic, and the clinic’s income plummeted. 


Yuan said with some distress: “I can’t even pay the rent, and I can’t even pay the staff’s wages.”

“Then what should I do……..” Jiang Lin frowned and said tentatively, “How about I invest a little bit I still have some pocket money…….”

“No need.” Dr.

Yuan shook his head, “It’s not easy to be a private doctor, and I won’t be a doctor in the future.”

Jiang Lin just wanted to comfort a few words, but before he could speak, he heard the next sentence from Dr.

Yuan —— 

“I’m going back to inherit the family business.”

Jiang Lin was stunned again.

Those words of comfort were stuck in his throat, unable to say a word.

“My dad’s birthday is coming soon.

This is an invitation letter for the birthday banquet.” Dr.

Yuan took out an exquisite invitation letter and handed it over.

“At the time, he will officially announce this at the banquet and hand over the company to me.”

“Oh……” Jiang Lin was still a little dumbfounded.

After taking the invitation, he saw his name written on it. 

Jiang Lin opened the invitation letter and saw that the birthday banquet was in March.

Jiang Lin asked again: “Who else will come”


“A lot of people.” Dr.

Yuan said, “After all, it is an entertainment company.

There will be many stars and big directors coming.”


Yuan said: “If you want to see a star, you can tell me, and I’ll invite them.” 

Jiang Lin heard that the directors would also come, and suddenly thought of Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou’s acting skills were not bad, but the resources were too poor.

The scripts he received were always low-cost Mary Sue idol dramas.

If there was a chance to come into contact with the big directors, it would be better for Qin Zhou’s future development.

So Jiang Lin asked, “Then, can Qin Zhou come over as well” 

“Yes.” Dr.

Yuan nodded, and took out another invitation letter, “I know you like him, so I specially left one for him.”


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