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Ch2 - The Best Gift

Xu ChengYan went back to his room to catch up on sleep.

He slept until two o’clock in the afternoon.

Then, he got up, changed his clothes and prepared to go to teach his class.

After graduating from university, he found a job as a piano tutor in a training institution. 

The job of a tutor was relatively easy.

Usually, he teaches students in the evening, or gives one-on-one supplementary lessons on weekends.

Today just happened to be Sunday, and he had two one-on-one lessons in the afternoon, but there was no class in the evening.



When Xu ChengYan came to the cram school, there was a young female teacher in the office.

The female teacher heard the movement at the door.

She looked up and joked: “Teacher Xu is a little late today.

Usually, you are the first to come.” 

Xu ChengYan smiled and came to the desk, “I accidentally overslept at noon.”


“Yeah, the weather is really suitable to sleep in ……..” The female teacher sighed.

When she inadvertently looked towards Xu ChengYan, she suddenly noticed something and jokingly said: “It was very intense last night, right”

Xu ChengYan was stunned.

“It’s all exposed here.” The female teacher pointed to a place on Xu ChengYan’s neck.


Xu ChengYan subconsciously covered his neck.

It seemed that he got this hickey last night.

He quickly said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention when I went out……”

“Come, come, come, let me cover it for you.” The female teacher took her make-up out from her bag, ready to help cover it up.

Fortunately, the hickey on the neck was not very obvious, and it was quickly covered.


It just happened that the time was almost up, and Xu ChengYan also went to the piano classroom upstairs to teach. 

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Xu ChengYan replied: “I’ve planned to make dinner at home tonight.”

The female teacher also reacted, she nodded and said, “Oh yes, you have a boyfriend.

You two will definitely eat at home at night.” 

Xu ChengYan nodded with a smile, and did not deny the “boyfriend” in the other party’s mouth.

But to be precise, XianSheng was not his boyfriend, because he and XianSheng were not in a romantic relationship.

Although the two had lived together and would do some things that could only be done between lovers, in fact, XianSheng had never clarified or acknowledged the relationship between the two.

Although they were not a couple, in a way, they were like a couple who were getting along well.

In that case, they could already be considered a couple. 

XianSheng would hug him, kiss him, and even do more intimate things.

Moreover, XianSheng would only do these things with him alone.


Xu ChengYan thought that he and XianSheng should be considered a couple.

After returning to the apartment, Xu ChengYan prepared dinner and waited for XianSheng. 

Xu ChengYan sat on the sofa and sent another message to XianSheng.

It’s just that after the message was sent, he didn’t receive any response.

It should be that XianSheng was too busy to look at his phone.

So Xu ChengYan ate the dinner by himself, and then put the cold meal in the refrigerator.

XianSheng’s work was very busy, and sometimes it may not be possible to wait for XianSheng to come back. 

After Xu ChengYan took a bath, he lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

And just when Xu ChengYan was about to drift off, he heard the bedroom door open.

Xu ChengYan opened his eyes half-asleep, and when he looked towards the door, he saw a tall figure walking towards him.

“XianSheng…….” Xu ChengYan called. 

Holding a gift bag in his hand, He Yang walked over and sat beside the bed.

He placed the gift bag on the bedside table, and asked in a low voice, “Did I wake you up”

Xu ChengYan shook his head, looked at the man in front of him, and asked, “XianSheng is very busy at night”

“Sorry.” He Yang explained, “There is something wrong with the company.”

Xu ChengYan asked, “Have you eaten tonight, XianSheng There’s still some dishes left, I’ll go and warm it up……..” 

He Yang: “I’ve eaten at the company.”

The two of them stopped talking for a while, and the room became quiet.

After a while, He Yang took the gift bag on the bedside table and handed it over, “Gift.”

“For me” Xu ChengYan was a little surprised. 

“Yeah.” He Yang said slowly: “I didn’t come back for dinner at night, take it as compensation.”

“It’s okay, just let me know if you are busy with work.” Xu ChengYan laughed, and his beautiful peach eyes became even more beautiful and brightened up.


Xu ChengYan sat up from the bed, took that gift bag, and took out the gift box out of curiosity.

He opened the gift box, and inside was a bottle of perfume. 

“Why did XianSheng think of buying perfume” Xu ChengYan asked.

“I just saw it.” He Yang looked at the perfume bottle in Xu ChengYan’s hand and spoke in a low voice, “It should suit you very well.”

Xu ChengYan took out the perfume and tried its fragrance, and found that it was a faint cold fragrance, it smelled like cedar wood.

“It smells good.” Xu ChengYan smiled, “What’s the name of this one” 

“Snow Season Forest.”

Xu ChengYan put the perfume bottle aside, he slightly got up and leaned over a little, and put his arms around the man in front of him, “Actually, XianSheng, you don’t need to buy gifts.”

As long as XianSheng could accompany him like this, it was already the best gift.

Xu ChengYan hugged the man tightly and refused to let go. 

He Yang raised his hand and put his arms around the young man’s waist, and said, “Go back to the old house with me this week.”



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