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Ch18 - An Absolutely Beautiful Love

Someone suddenly looked over and frowned, “I think I just saw Xiu Zhu and Xu ChengYan here…….”

“Xu ChengYan, you have no shame!” 

“You’re going crazy just to compete for favor! Allergies can kill people!”

Xu ChengYan lowered his head in a daze, listening to the accusations and insults around him; there was only a buzz in his mind.



He didn’t know…….

He really didn’t know that Shen XiuZhu had allergies…… 

Xu ChengYan looked at the figure lying in He Yang’s arms, opened his mouth, and wanted to explain something, but he couldn’t make a sound.


Obviously when he arranged, he never prepared seafood.

But now, there was suddenly more seafood on the plate.

Xu ChengYan propped up his body, his palm was still hot, the sharp pieces of the dinner plate cut through the skin, and blood flowed out.


Xu ChengYan looked at the scarlet color in his palm, but he didn’t seem to feel the pain.

The voice in his ears was amplified infinitely, Xu ChengYan stood stiffly at the dining table, from a distance, watching a group of people around the young master doing first aid in a panic.

The little young master leaned against the man’s arms, clutching the front of the man’s shirt tightly, his face was pale, and was breathing hard.


The man leaned down slightly and comforted the little young master in a low voice. 

From the beginning to the end, the man’s eyes were always on the little young master, and he didn’t even take a single glance at Xu ChengYan.

Before the ambulance came, the man simply got up and hugged the young master by the waist.

Xu ChengYan couldn’t help but stepped forward and wanted to help, “XianSheng ——”

“Get out of the way.” He Yang’s voice was a little repressive, as if holding back his anger; he walked past Xu ChengYan with the person in his arms and strode away. 

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Jiang Lin was walking at the back and was about to go to the hospital together.

When he inadvertently turned his head, he saw Xu ChengYan standing alone in place. 

On Xu ChengYan’s hanging left hand, dazzling blood dripped down his fingertips.

Jiang Lin was stunned for a moment, but he stayed behind and walked over, saying, “Sister-in-law, why are you bleeding”


Jiang Lin tentatively looked at Xu ChengYan’s left hand, and saw that the palm of his hand was bloody.

“It’s so serious!” Jiang Lin exclaimed. 

Only then did Xu ChengYan react with hindsight, and looked down at the palm of his hand.

There was so much blood on his hand, but he still couldn’t feel the pain.

Xu ChengYan said lightly, “It’s fine.”

‘It doesn’t hurt.’ 

Anyway, he couldn’t feel it anymore, even if it hurt again, it didn’t matter.

“Sister-in-law, wait for me! I’m going to get something!” Jiang Lin said, and hurriedly returned to the villa to retrieve the spare medicine box, and came to the yard to give Xu ChengYan some medicine.

Jiang Lin pulled Xu ChengYan to sit aside, and asked Xu ChengYan to put his left hand on the table to help clean up the debris little by little.

While cleaning up the wound, Jiang Lin secretly looked up at Xu ChengYan from time to time. 

It was obvious that when he cleaned up the debris, he felt pain just looking at it, but now Xu ChengYan had no expression on his face, and Jiang Lin didn’t know what his Sister-in-law was thinking now.

Jiang Lin slowed down, took out all the debris, and helped wrap the bandages.

“Sister-in-law, you have to play the piano with your hands, so you have to protect them.” Jiang Lin exhorted.

After Jiang Lin finished dressing the wound, Xu ChengYan looked at his left hand, a little lost. 

Jiang Lin couldn’t help but ask: “Sister-in-law, Shen XiuZhu…….

why did he suddenly have an allergic reaction”

“I don’t know…….” Xu ChengYan got up slowly, “I’ll go ask first.”

Xu ChengYan entered the villa and found the auntie who was in charge of the ingredients, and asked a few questions.

Jiang Lin waited outside.

After Xu ChengYan came out, he asked, “Sister-in-law, have you found the reason” 

“Auntie changed the menu temporarily.” Xu ChengYan came to the table and took a platter from it.

In the past, when Shen XiuZhu didn’t come, XianSheng and the others would eat seafood when they got together; it was just that they ate less.


He told the auntie to prepare according to the ingredients of the last party, but this time, there was a shortage of ingredients, so the auntie just prepared seafood and also sent him a list of ingredients.

It’s just that he didn’t look carefully, and he also didn’t ask XianSheng in advance if there was anything the guests could not touch. 

After all, he was too careless and made the young master suffer an allergic reaction.

A series of mistakes and ignorance made this situation happen.

Xu ChengYan took chopsticks and picked out the seafood on the plate.

Jiang Lin leaned over to take a look, and said casually, “XiuZhu couldn’t touch seafood, he is allergic to it and it’s quite serious.” 

Jiang Lin looked at the platter again and frowned, “But this seafood platter, it’s quite obvious……”

There were many kinds of platters on the dining table, and now this platter in Xu ChengYan’s hand, at least one could see at a glance that there was seafood.

But Jiang Lin didn’t think much about it.

Maybe Shen XiuZhu didn’t pay attention at the time, or maybe it happened that the light was dark or something, and he accidentally ate seafood.

Xu ChengYan put down the plate and asked Jiang, “Which hospital did XianSheng take him to I’ll go take a look.” 

Jiang Lin took out his phone and sent a message in the chatting group.

After asking about the hospital, he drove over there with Xu ChengYan.

When Xu ChengYan arrived at the hospital, Shen XiuZhu’s situation had stabilized.

Because the amount of seafood eaten was not a lot, the first aid was done in a timely manner, and there was no major problem.

Now he was resting in the hospital bed.

Xu ChengYan came to the outside of the ward, and through the small window on the door, he saw the scene in the ward at a glance —— 

The weak young master was leaning against the bed, holding a thermos cup in his hand, drinking water slowly, and with a pair of sparkling eyes, he was staring at the man beside him.

The man just turned his back to the door.

Xu ChengYan couldn’t see the expression on the man’s face, but he could imagine how tender the expression on the man’s face would be.

After all, he had known XianSheng for so long.

XianSheng had always been indifferent and never lost his self-control.

Only in front of the young master, XianSheng would become gentle, and he would also become anxious because the young master was sick. 

Xu ChengYan looked at the two figures in the ward, and unconsciously, he remembered the past of XianSheng and the young master.

The Shen family and the He family were well-matched in both social and economic status, and the two grew up together as childhood sweethearts.


What’s more, in the kidnapping case ten years ago, the young master also saved XianSheng and almost lost half his life.

Xu ChengYan couldn’t help thinking, if the young master hadn’t gone abroad at that time, maybe the young master and XianSheng would have been together by now. 

Xu ChengYan looked at the man’s back, his eyes were slightly red.

The gap between him and the young master was so great that he didn’t even have the courage to compete with the young master.

If the young master and XianSheng were really together, they were a perfect match.

Really an absolutely beautiful love. 

A match made in heaven.


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