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TL: Hua

Although “holding a wedding” was an impromptu proposal when the two were in love, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng had already made preparations in their hearts.

After all the dust settled, the two finally started working on the wedding.

For Shi Yunnan, the wedding was an important matter of great significance.

Even if they can hire people to do the job for them, they still participate in the whole process of the layout and venue design.

As a designer, Shi Yunnan paid special attention to aesthetics and almost exhausted his energy.

However, under his and Luo Lingshengs personal planning, the wedding, which was a year late, finally appeared before everyones eyes.

As soon as Fu Ziyu entered the main banquet hall, he couldnt help but sigh, “Ive seen roses and other flowers used for wedding decoration, but Ive never really seen sunflowers being used as the main theme.”

His friend was indeed a designer, and his idea was very unique.

In addition to the fresh sunflowers delivered by air transport, the design of every other place in the banquet hall was low-key and luxurious, and in the words of the banquet hall waiter—If any corner was singled out, the cost must be six or seven figures.

Yuan Rui, who was following behind, heard this and immediately boasted, “Thats for sure.

Yunnan is the chief designer of our studio for a reason.”

“Say, can you stop putting gold on your face”

Fu Ziyu hooked Yuan Ruis shoulder angrily and amusedly, “Hes the one getting married, not you.

Why are you so proud”

“So what Im happy.”

While the two were arguing, another voice sounded from behind, “Sunflowers are unique and have a good flower language, which is very suitable for Yunnan and Mr.


Fu Ziyu and Yuan Rui, who were “intimately” tugging at each other, turned around at the same time and met Lu Zhaoans gaze.

Lu Zhaoans seemingly calm eyes had a rare sharpness.

Only two or three steps away, he made Fu Ziyu inexplicably feel a murderous aura.

In the next second, Lu Zhaoans gaze was subtly fixed on Fu Ziyus hand, which was still on Yuan Ruis shoulder.


Fu Ziyu suddenly understood something and hastily withdrew his hand as if he had been scalded.

He couldnt help shouting in his heart—for goodness sake, he has always raised Yuan Rui as his son!

Last time, in order to hide from Lu Zhaoan, Yuan Rui recklessly used him, a single person, as a shield.

Now when he met Lu Zhaoan, the other party treated him like an enemy.

Yuan Rui was completely unaware of the turbulent undercurrent between his senior brother and his friend, and he could still approach him without a care in the world and ask, “What flower language”

The moment his words fell, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, who were the protagonists of todays wedding, walked over.

“Theres no one in sight, but youre everywhere.” Shi Yunnan took the initiative to answer, with a hint of smugness in his eyes, “Isnt this flower language very romantic”

Yuan Rui and Fu Ziyu looked at each other and said in unison, “Its disgusting.”

Although thats what Fu Ziyu said, he was still sincerely happy to see his best friend, who had been fighting alone for many years, finally settle down.

He was just about to embrace Shi Yunnan as his “best friend” when he was caught off guard again by an “assassination”-like gaze.

Obviously, this line of sight came from Luo Lingsheng.


Fu Ziyus hugging posture was stuck in mid-air.

He awkwardly patted his friends shoulder instead, saying, “Son, Dad is really relieved to see you reaping happiness.”

Shi Yunnan made a gesture to hit someone, laughed, and said, “Go away.”

Fu Ziyu, who was caught in the middle, glanced left and right but still couldnt hold back his bewilderment, “Say, whats the matter with you guys”

“I, Fu Ziyu, treat the two of you as my sons, but your husbands treat me as a love rival”

“What husband Dont talk nonsense!” Yuan Rui blushed immediately and denied it.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows with great interest and asked, “Yuan Rui, how did you earn this title even faster than me”

Yuan Ruis entire face turned red like a steamed crab, and he hesitated to say why.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Zhaoan on the side finally had a smile in his eyes.

Shi Yunnan didnt want to “tease” the arrogant Yuan Rui too much, so he turned back to the topic, “Youve been single for so many years; who can you blame How about you hurry up and find someone at my wedding banquet”

Of course, the second half of this sentence was purely satire.

How could Fu Ziyu not know that his friend was joking with him So he cooperated, saying, “Okay, the next person to enter the banquet hall, I will…”

The rest of the words stuck when two figures appeared at the entrance.

Wen Yibei pushed Old Man Wen, who was in the wheelchair, and looked at him hesitantly after entering the door.

Shi Yunnan immediately greeted them, “Grandpa, brother!”

Luo Lingsheng beckoned at the waiter, who was holding a wine tray, and signaled Fu Ziyu and others on behalf of his lover.

“These wines are from my collection from auctions in various countries.


Fu, if you like to taste wine, you can find a place to sit down and drink.

The wedding ceremony will start in half an hour.”

“Of course, you guys can just socialize with other people.

Were all old acquaintances, so no need to think too much.”

Compared with the formal wedding banquet process, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingshengs arrangement was obviously more carefree.

After Luo Lingsheng left with Shi Yunnan, Yuan Rui asked, “You havent finished talking just now, what about the next person who comes in”

Fu Ziyu coughed and picked up a glass of wine, “Its nothing.”

If he dared to finish that sentence, his friend Shi Yunnan would probably break his teeth in minutes.

Shi Yunnan prepared a separate lounge for Old Man Wen, who was physically handicapped.

After his family entered the lounge, Shi Yunnan closed the door and asked, “Grandpa, why didnt uncle come with you Is he still on the way”

Wen Yibei and Old Man Wen looked at each other, and then Wen Yibei gently pulled his younger brother aside to explain.

“Yunnan, uncle wont be here today; Wanyous affairs still need to be dealt with.

He, he feels sorry for you.”

After getting the recording of Wen Wanyous confession that day, Shi Yunnan eventually saved some face for the Wen family and did not hand it over to the police immediately.

However, Wen Wanyou finally came to her senses.

Instead of fleeing, she surrendered herself to the police.

Because Wen Wanyou was forced to assist Luo Yanchuan in “committing the crime” and because Wen Yanfeng invited a lawyer to defend her, the police finally made a lenient sentence based on the actual special circumstances.

After the final trial in Luo Yanchuans case came out, Wen Wanyou, who had been detained for a month, was released.

Shi Yunnan shook his head slightly after hearing this, “Theres nothing to be sorry for.”

Everyone chooses their own path, and Wen Wanyou has paid the price for what she did after going through this experience.

Wen Wanyou was still young; if she can lead a decent life from now on, maybe she can still hold her head up in the future.

As for Shi Yunnan, he just wanted to live well with his family, “Brother, you tell uncle to relax.

Well make up for it at the next family dinner.”

Wen Yibei smiled and said, “Okay.”

The two brothers communicated briefly before returning to Old Man Wens side.

Old Man Wen has lived to this extent, and there were things that he understood without anyone telling him.

He looked at Shi Yunnan, who was dressed in formal attire; his eyes couldnt help but be filled with joy, “It seems that Lingsheng has taken good care of you.

Your cheeks have finally grown some flesh.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and squatted on the side of the wheelchair, “I knew it; it must be Grandpa who urged him to fatten me up.”

After he finished speaking, he didnt forget to cast a glance at Luo Lingsheng beside him and say, “I dont know how much weight Ive gained because of him and Little Goldfish during this time.”

Shi Yunnan was busy with designing in the past; once he started working, he wouldnt have regular meals and sleep time, and it would definitely be bad for his health in the long run.

Luo Lingsheng tried every means to help him adjust.

In addition to the three daily meals, he was even willing to cook and study medicinal diets.

The fact that their dignified family head personally prepared the meals surprised Uncle Qin and the household servants.

Shi Yunnan couldnt bear to let down his lovers devotion; besides, Little Goldfish was also sweetly feeding him, so he had to eat everything up every time.

“Im not well myself; Id rather you kids eat on time.” Old Man Wen made an excuse for Luo Lingsheng, “He did nothing wrong.

You need to eat more.”

“This physique of yours is not easy to gain weight, and its much easier to drop than to increase.” Luo Lingsheng was firm in his stance, “Eat more.”

Old Man Wens eyes moved back and forth between the two, and the more he looked at them, the more he felt that they were well-matched, “Lingsheng, Yunnan, you two must live well in the future.”

Luo Lingsheng replied seriously, “Grandpa, dont worry; I remember what you told me back then.”

—Luo Lingsheng, please treat my little grandson kindly.

He always remembered.

Shi Yunnan understood the good intentions of the old man all along, his eyes became slightly sore, “Grandpa, I know that over the years, you have secretly put a lot of thought into me; thank you.”

“Silly boy, what do you say you are thanking me for”

Old Man Wen patted the back of his hand and said, “As long as you live happily and smoothly in the future, both me and your mother will be happy, do you understand”

“En, I got it.”

Shi Yunnans heart was visibly moving when someone knocked on the door of the lounge.

Luo Lingsheng, who was nearby, opened the door, and a small head poked in, exclaiming, “Wow, theyre really here!”

Little Goldfish, who was wearing a formal suit today, greeted the adults inside sweetly one by one.

Wen Yibei also liked Little Goldfish very much, so he squatted down and called him over, “Our little goldfish is so handsome today.”

“Uncle Wen.” Little Goldfish ran into his arms with nervousness and expectation and said, “Were going to perform on stage together later.”

In order to encourage Little Goldfishs enthusiasm for learning the violin, Shi Yunnan specially arranged for Wen Yibei, a master cellist, to cooperate.

The little guy had been practicing the violin desperately during this time and had made rapid progress.

It could be seen that he did have some talent.

Wen Yibei picked him up and responded cooperatively, “Okay, lets show them how great of a violist our little goldfish is.”

Little Goldfish laughed and looked at Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, who were on the opposite side, very proudly, saying, “Mmm! I must perform well!”

Shi Yunnan approached them with a smile and rubbed his little nephews face, saying, “Okay, Im looking forward to our little goldfishs performance the most.”

Luo Lingsheng noted the time, “Grandpa, please sit here for a while; Yunnan and I have to go out to entertain the guests.”

“Okay, you guys go ahead.”

As soon as the two left the lounge, they were immediately surrounded by guests who were waiting for them.

Shi Yunnan invited a lot of business partners, and because of Luo Lingshengs special status, almost all the wealthy families in the imperial capital were dispatched to participate in this extraordinary wedding.

In the past, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were unwilling to maintain such a superficial and polite relationship, but todays occasion was special, and both of them smiled and accepted everyones blessings with sincerity.


Shi, Mr.

Luo, congratulations.”

Fang Ya walked up to them holding her husbands hand, and their precious daughter Mo Xuanqi followed behind.

The sharp-eyed Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of the necklace Mo Xuanqi was wearing and smiled slightly, “Miss Mo, do you like this necklace”

Back then, after Shi Yunnan received Mo Baians design order, he had no good design inspiration for a long time.

It wasnt until the “farce” at the engagement party that he saw Mo Xuanqis extraordinarily daring side and had a whole new design idea.

In the center of the diamond base representing the “infinity” symbol, a jasmine flower was inlaid with a combination of rare yellow and white diamonds.

The tone of the main color was the same as Shi Yunnan had imagined, enough to set off the brilliance of Mo Xuanqis face.

Mo Xuanqi lowered her head to look at it and then answered truthfully, “I like it.”

The jasmine flower represents newborn love, and the infinity symbol represents indelibility.

Shi Yunnan, Mo Baian, and Fang Ya intended for this design to convey to Mo Xuanqi that there is no need to give up the yearning and desire for love just because of a scumbag.

Mo Xuanqi understood what it represented when she received the necklace.

She touched the surface of the necklace and said sincerely, “Mr.

Shi, I wish you happiness.”

“Thank you, and I wish you happiness too.”

Mo Xuanqi smiled charmingly and said, “Of course, I will sooner or later.”

The wedding ceremony started on time.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wedding ceremony of Mr.

Luo Lingsheng and Mr.

Shi Yunnan.

Let us heartily welcome the couple to walk hand in hand to the main stage.”

Uncle Qin, the butler who had witnessed Luo Lingsheng growing up, became their officiant.

The moment the two appeared hand in hand, applause and cheers erupted in succession.

Both of them werent troublesome people, so they deliberately arranged the wedding banquet process to be very simple.

But no matter what process they followed, their hearts were sincere toward each other.

—Im grateful to have met you in the vast sea of people.

Our hearts belong to each other.

—Thank you for recognizing my existence and guarding my once gloomy life.

—From this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, Im willing to spend the rest of my life with you until death do us apart.

“I do.”

After the two agreed to the marriage vows, Little Goldfish brought up the rings that the two used to wear and didnt forget to add something quietly.

“Uncle, little uncle, I love you too.

Im willing to spend my life with you guys!”

These days, the three members of their family are voicing their love almost every day.

Luo Lingsheng smiled and looked at his young nephew without his usual seriousness.

He then whispered his promise in Shi Yunnans ear.

“Shi Yunnan, I love you.”

Holding the ring in his hand, Shi Yunnan held back the tears that were about to overflow, saying, “Luo Lingsheng, Ive always known.”

I will give you all my sincerity.

Following the ceremony, there was a relaxing meal time.

After watching Little Goldfishs performance, Shi Yunnan then hid in the background under the guise of going to the bathroom and let out a long sigh, “Its finally done; no wonder every couple says theyre tired of having a wedding.”

From the early preparation to the later stage, any amount of sincerity would be consumed by the end.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “Are you hungry Do you want to join Grandpa and others at the main table”

Shi Yunnan shook his head and suddenly asked, “Did you drink today”

“Not yet.”

Shi Yunnan got the answer he wanted and suddenly moved closer to incite him, “Darling, lets run away now, shall we”

Luo Lingsheng let him make trouble, “Okay, where to”

Shi Yunnan pretended to think in distress for a while and then suggested with a smile, “Go to the restaurant where we had our first date”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and thought about it for a moment.

When he returned from overseas to the international airport in the Imperial Capital, Shi Yunnan unexpectedly appeared and invited him to dinner together.

The first candlelight dinner between the two of them was at that restaurant.

There, for the first time, Shi Yunnan told him about his past and played the incomplete but moving violin piece for him.

“Okay, Ill listen to you.” Luo Lingsheng readily agreed and took advantage of the time to kiss Shi Yunnans lips, saying, “Ill drive you there.”

After confirming that his legs were fine, he went to take a make-up driving test to get his license back.

Yuan Meng and Qin Jian, whose part-time job was “chauffeur,” were now halfway “retired.”

A gleam of light flickered in Shi Yunnans eyes, “En, I remember the way.

Ill direct you.”


The two sneaked away from the wedding reception and took some time to go back to the same French restaurant again.

Although they didnt make an appointment in advance, they were lucky enough to get a seat in a quiet corner and order the exact same meal.

Shi Yunnan looked around and couldnt help reminiscing, “Last time, I racked my brains thinking about how to pursue you.

I was afraid of touching your inverse scales and making you unhappy when I said anything or did anything.”

Luo Lingsheng picked up the cutlery and slowly cut up the charcoal grilled meat into pieces, asking, “Really Your words were so bold and provocative, but you were secretly anxious inside”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of the delicious fish soup and hummed contentedly, “If I knew youd kept me in your heart so sullenly for eight years, Id have strutted arrogantly and not beat around the bush.”

Luo Lingsheng was amused by these words and said, “Its not too late for you to strut arrogantly.”

As he spoke, he handed the plate of cut meat to his lovers side and said, “Eat more.”

“Im eating.”

Shi Yunnan didnt refute; his gaze kept looking at Luo Lingsheng with a different meaning, “If I dont eat my fill, how can I have the strength to accompany you tonight”

Luo Lingsheng didnt react at first, but then a laugh overflowed from his throat, “Okay, eat quickly.”


The two talked while eating and finished their dinner slowly.

The small stage not far from their location had not been removed; however, there was no violin performance today.

It wasnt until the end of the dinner that Shi Yunnan got up calmly, saying, “Im going to wash my hands; can you wait for me”


Taking advantage of Shi Yunnans departure, Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to pay for the meal.


An electronic sound of equipment being connected suddenly exploded, and there were sudden exclamations one after another in the hall behind him.

Luo Lingsheng subconsciously turned around to check the situation, and then he was caught off guard by the narrow restaurant stage.

Shi Yunnan, who had prepared everything at some point, was holding a familiar violin in his hand.

Standing under the same simple and dim light, his eyes looking at Luo Lingsheng were filled with thousands of stars.

Their gazes collided.

Shi Yunnan spoke into the microphone in front of him, “Mr.

Luo, listen carefully—”

His fingers held the strings, and the bow created the melody.

Without the intermittent performance of a year ago, Shi Yunnan gave Luo Lingsheng a complete performance with his most practiced and skillful technique.

No matter how much the diners around him cast their eyes on him, the love in Shi Yunnans eyes was only for Luo Lingsheng.

—I was thinking, its a pity that I gave up on the violin halfway.

Im too embarrassed to make a fool of myself; otherwise, I could go up and play a song for you alone tonight and let you be my audience.

—If you still like it, you can pick it up and learn it at any time.

No matter how good or bad the performance is, I can be your audience in the future.

Shi Yunnan used to think that it was the courtesy and respect that Luo Lingsheng gave him, but later he realized that Luo Lingsheng secretly promised him forever through a few words.

The song came to an end.

This time, Shi Yunnans performance did not just reap the applause of Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan spoke into the microphone amidst everyones applause, “This song is only dedicated to my husband, Luo Lingsheng.

Happy wedding.”


Luo Lingsheng in the audience was silent, but rushed forward without hesitation in the next second.

“You have arranged it long ago” he said, hugging Shi Yunnan in his arms, his voice attached to his ear hiding a clear tremble.

Luo Lingsheng originally thought that the wedding just now was already moving enough for him, but he didnt expect his heart to be stirred again in just two hours.

Shi Yunnan didnt care at all about the booing and cheering of the diners below; he just tilted his head and asked, “Do you understand my response to you”

“Understood.” Luo Lingsheng solemnly responded.

After the two men had thoroughly talked about the relationship, Shi Yunnan had secretly thought about it for countless late nights.

In this world, there is someone who has loved him for eight years and will continue to do so.

After their reunion, every sentence of Luo Lingshengs seemingly casual conversation was in fact an invitation to spend the rest of his life with him after eight years of hidden love.

Shi Yunnan knew that he couldnt close the gap of those years and go back to love the past Luo Lingsheng or accompany his lover when he encountered an accident and was at his lowest point.

All he could do was seize every minute and second of the future to love with him.

This is a solo that Shi Yunnan has carefully practiced for two months and prepared especially for Luo Lingsheng.

Although it was a simple stage in the noisy restaurant with other diners gathered and wasnt really the best place to express his love, Shi Yunnan couldnt help but prepare such a response.

Just like the names of the two of them destined to be written together—all words are promises, and all promises are for the rest of their lives1Mfn: 聲聲皆應允,應允皆餘生。[Shēng shēng jiē yìngyǔn, yìngyǔn jiē yúshēng] This phrase contains the characters shēng(聲) and yǔn(允) from their names..

—The End—

Hua: Heyyy were finally coming to an end ^W^ Therere still extras so stay tune!!

1Mfn: 聲聲皆應允,應允皆餘生。[Shēng shēng jiē yìngyǔn, yìngyǔn jiē yúshēng] This phrase contains the characters shēng(聲) and yǔn(允) from their names.-

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