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Chapter 30: Let Your Wife Have a Child

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Chen Weier felt that she could only contact Bi Xinduo. After thinking about it, she still called Bi Xinduo.

Hearing Bi Xinduos voice, Chen Weier felt at ease for no reason. She cleared her throat and said, “Is it convenient for my second sister-in-law today I want to treat you to a meal.”

Bi Xinduo had just finished her class and was preparing to pack her things to eat when she heard this. “Sure, where do you want to go”

“Its fine. Second Sister-in-law, you can decide.” Chen Weier didnt know where to go, she just wanted to go out for a walk.

Bi Xinduo heard her voice was a little depressed. “Sister-in-law is in a bad mood Did you quarrel with Third Brother”

Chen Weier thought about it. Last night was considered a quarrel, right He had already slammed the door and left, so she hummed in agreement in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, Bi Xinduo raised her eyebrows. He Xun loved Chen Weier to the bone. Yet, he was willing to quarrel with her As she thought about it, she blurted out, “Third Brother loves you so much. How could he bear to quarrel with you”

His words made Chen Weier freeze. “He…loves me”

Bi Xinduo realized that she had said the wrong thing. No matter what, it was between a husband and wife. She should talk about it herself. She quickly changed the topic, “Then, lets come to our school. We have a new restaurant here, and the food is very good.”

Chen Weier naturally nodded.


In recent days, the atmosphere in the He Group had been very depressing. Everyone was so nervous that they didnt dare to breathe. It was because President Hes face was livid. Although he used to look cold, he was not angry. The delicious afternoon tea was gone. The meat in the restaurant was less, and the planning managers were scolded without any filter!

“Manager Wangs scolding had nothing to do with President Hes mood. It was indeed a mistake in his work,” Yang Zui said helplessly.

Everyone could only be more cautious.

In the Office of the President...

He Xun looked at the ringing phone with a cold face and said in an unfriendly tone, “What are you doing”

“I say, Third Brother, can you control your wife” He Song pinched the space between his eyebrows helplessly. “Your wife takes my wife out to eat and shop every day. Theres only Youyou and I left at home. I dont have food to eat, and Youyou doesnt have a mother!”

“Ill order takeaway for you!” He Xun said with a cold face.

In front of outsiders, He Song was surely a calm professor, but in front of He Xun, he was a rascal. “The source of the problem is your wife. Arent you going to do something about it”

“How am I supposed to care” He Xuns expression was unfriendly.

“Ill give you an idea. If you let your wife have a child, then you can keep her.” He Song laughed heartily.

“After you have a child, youll be the one keeping yourself, right” He Xun sneered.

He Song didnt want to talk.

He Xun didnt want to bother with him either. He hung up the phone heartlessly, but his heart was still very unsettled. He Songs words kept ringing in He Xuns mind. “Let your wife have a child! He Xun felt that he was going to go crazy if he continued like this. He called Yang Zui.

“President He” Yang Zui was surprised. Although He Xun was a workaholic, he would not call his employees during lunch.

“Have you finished filming Guan Libos movie recently”

“Yes, hes been in contact with a few film companies recently. I heard that director Guan has gone to M Nation.” Yang Zui was stunned.

“Book the tickets to Country M immediately. Were going to see Guan Libo.”

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“Alright, President He,” Yang Zui replied with a serious expression.

Guan Libo was an internationally renowned director. The films he shot were well-produced and most importantly, had a huge influence. If the He Group could get the first broadcasting rights of Guan Libos film, their cinemas would naturally rise to a higher level.

He Xun heaved a sigh of relief after confirming the date of his departure. Now, whenever he thought about how Chen Weier was less than 10 kilometers away from him, he couldnt help but want to find her. Chen Weiers goodwill over the past few days had disturbed his heart. Although he had turned around and left, how could he pretend that nothing had happened He thought that he would be fine after leaving for a while.

Chen Weier, on the other hand, had been dispirited for a few days before she finally reinvigorated. She was only 22 years old this year and was in the prime of her youth. If she wanted to be with someone, then, she should go after him. Even if He Xun had someone he liked, she was He Xuns legal wife. How could she give up so easily

So, Chen Weier went to the He Group with full enthusiasm, only to be stopped by the front desk with a smile! “Madam, do you have an appointment”

Only then did Chen Weier react. “I dont have an appointment, but Im looking for President He. Tell him that my surname is Chen, and hell see me!”

The receptionist was still smiling. “Im sorry. You cant enter without an appointment.”


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