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Chapter 30: Jiang Feng Shocks Zhang Qidong

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Zhang Qidong laid out the contract in front of Jiang Feng, who looked at it seriously. After all, the transfer contract involved Jiang Fengs 100 million worth of assets. He couldnt be careless about it. Besides, Zhang Qidong was an old fox who had been in the financial industry for many years. If he messed with the contract, Jiang Feng would be in trouble if he wasnt careful. That would be a double loss, and Jiang Feng would never do such a thing, so he had to be careful.

Jiang Feng flipped through every page and every line of the contract very carefully. He had read a lot of contracts back in school, so he had a lot of knowledge in this field. Although he couldnt compare to professional lawyers, he definitely wouldnt be deceived.

After checking it, Jiang Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. There was nothing fishy about the contract, and Zhang Qidong had written down a lot of key information clearly. While he was checking it, he also explained to Jiang Feng the terms one by one, which increased Jiang Fengs favorable impression of Zhang Qidong. Although he had never had many dealings with this boss, he could tell that he was an honest man. At least, he was very sincere about this deal and he wasnt playing any tricks!

“Brother Jiang, what do you think” Zhang Qidong asked quickly as Jiang Feng read the entire contract.

Jiang Feng glanced at Zhang Qidong but didnt answer him immediately. He was wondering whether or not he should follow up with the company. After all, signing the contract and stamping it was very simple. In just a few seconds, the company would be his. However, the operation and development of the subsequent company would not be so simple, which was precisely Jiang Fengs weakness at the moment.

The operation of a company was quite complicated, not to mention that this was a company that had been developing for more than ten years. It would be a big problem if Jiang Feng started to manage it in the blink of an eye. Plus, this was not Jiang Fengs only goal. He did not want to be stuck here, so he had to find someone to manage the company for him.

At that moment, his gaze naturally fell on Zhang Qidong. After all, he was the one who had founded the company, so it would naturally be best to have him stay in charge of it. This way, not only would the company be able to operate normally, but he could also be a hands-off boss. That would be simply wonderful.

Upon thinking of this, Jiang Feng couldnt help but think of Zhang Qidong again. On his first day at the company, hed had to learn all about the companys development and regulations. Jiang Feng could still remember a lot of information.

Cinda Financial had been founded 15 years ago by Zhang Qidong, who had invested all his savings in it when he was 30 years old. After working for 10 years, he had taken the 100,000 yuan he had saved and started the business. It could be said that he had started from scratch by relying on his own hard work.

During these 10 years, Zhang Qidong had led the company and encountered many investment opportunities. However, he had also experienced many crises and setbacks, including two close calls when he had almost caused the company to go bankrupt! However, Zhang Qidongs ability and foresight, as well as his determination, were indeed solid. He had managed to turn the tide many times in a row, and it was precisely because of his exceptional courage and foresight that he had been able to fight his way out of many bad situations. Today, Cinda was located in Shanghai and had developed so much that it had over 100 million worth of production value.

Even now, Jiang Feng really thought that he was amazing. He was the only shareholder of the company who had power and he never let other people interfere. He made all the major decisions regarding the company on his own and was definitely the most capable among the countless other shareholders. Most importantly, he was a good, honest man. Otherwise, how could he know so many people who were willing to lend him money It was precisely because of these connections that he had been able to hold on until now, and these were all things that the company needed very much.

Once Zhang Qidong left, the companys connections would disappear with him. If Jiang Feng were to slowly accumulate them again, it would be really troublesome. Jiang Feng held his forehead and thought carefully. After taking into account all the circumstances and factors at play, he still felt that Zhang Qidong should stay. With someone like him, who knew how to run the company, as a leader, it would definitely all go well! Once he was certain, Jiang Feng raised his head.

Zhang Qidong looked at Jiang Feng with some fear in his eyes. At this moment, Jiang Feng lowered his head, lost deep in thought. It made him a little nervous, as he was afraid that Jiang Feng would not accept the offer. Thus, when Jiang Feng raised his head, his heart tightened.

“Brother Jiang, have you thought about it This offer is really sincere!

“Its been more than ten years. Its impossible to say that there are no feelings involved, but I really cant do anything else today. Brother Jiang, help me!”

Zhang Qidong looked at Jiang Feng, whose expression was so calm that no emotions could be seen, and addressed him sincerely.

Jiang Feng looked at his bloodshot eyes, which were as black as a pandas. He then nodded and said slowly, “Everything else is fine, but the transfer of the shares is definitely not feasible.”

As soon as he said that, Zhang Qidongs heart suddenly tightened. His expression was even more stunned. He thought that Jiang Feng wanted to use his predicament to cause him trouble.

Zhang Qidong frowned and looked at Jiang Feng. “Brother Jiang, what other conditions do you have Just tell me.”

There was a hint of determination in his tone. If they did not come to an agreement today, he was afraid that he would have to kill himself!

Looking at Zhang Qidongs expression, Jiang Feng smiled calmly. “President Zhang, its been more than ten years. Humans are not like grass and trees. I can see that you have deep feelings for the company you created!

“I do have a suggestion that will allow us both to benefit and will be good for the development of the company!” As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Qidongs tense expression relaxed. At the same time, Jiang Fengs words made him extremely curious.

This was the best solution. What other way could there be for them to benefit from each other He pondered it for a moment but still could not guess what Jiang Feng wanted to say. He could only look at Jiang Feng with a puzzled expression. “Brother Jiang, if you have any suggestions, just tell me. As long as it makes sense, I will have no problem with it!”

When he said this, Jiang Feng felt relieved.

“My suggestion is very simple. I will only buy 90% of the companys shares. The other 10% will still belong to you!

“Of course, I wont give it to you for free. After the company is transferred to me, I want you to continue to be president and remain responsible for the companys operation and development. All the daily affairs will still be handed over to you.

“However, all the investment projects that exceed a certain amount will have to be approved by me before they can be implemented!

“So, what do you think of my proposal” Jiang Feng said in an extremely indifferent tone, clearly stating his thoughts.

Zhang Qidong, who was standing by the desk and listening carefully, was completely stunned when he heard what Jiang Feng had said. His mouth was wide open, but he was so excited that he couldnt even say a word. He was shocked! He was completely shocked by Jiang Fengs offer!


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