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Mu Wan Qing innocently blinked her eyes, “I want to go to my room to get something, of course, I will never take anything of value.

The house already belongs to the treasury and the emperor.”

“The emperor is wise and talented, not only he is the ruler of the world, but also the father of the common people like me…”

“The father’s words are always right, so we have to be obedient.

Obey the emperor’s edict, and never let down the grace of the emperor…”

Mu Wan Qing blew a wave of rainbow farts, showing her fanatical loyalty and immeasurable love for the emperor.

There was pin drop silence at the scene, and even the imperial guards, who had raided the house, stopped and stared at this magical girl.

Now all the ladies in the capital…so shameless

No, it was only her!

The four members of the second room of the Mu family hurriedly rubbed their eyes in unison.

This was indeed their little daughter and sister.

Uncle Mu was the person who wanted the respect of others the most.

Seeing this two-faced niece acting like a demon, he couldn’t help feeling ashamed and annoyed, “Third girl, don’t make any more trouble.”

Mu Wan Qing didn’t listen but stared at Wu Dong Ming with big black eyes.

A deep light flashed in Wu Dong Ming’s eyes, he said, “According to the rules, only a piece of clothing is allowed.”

Then he picked up a palm-sized brocade box from the ground, and added, “Give you a stick of incense, and you can only fill this box.”

Mu Wan Qing took the brocade box and happily answered, “Thank you, sir, you are a great person.

I wish you a long life, a thousand years of prosperous wealth, and endless descendants.”

Hearing the rainbow farts, the corner of Wu Dong Ming’s mouth twitched.

Mu Wan Qing’s goal was achieved, no matter what other people think, she quickly waved at the aggressive young man, “Second brother, come and carry me.

My head is still hurting, and I can’t run fast.”

The second brother was stunned by this behavior, he had always been simple-minded.

Without asking anything, he subconsciously bent down in front of Mu Wan Qing.

Wu Dong Ming named his two subordinates in black clothes to stare at them all the way.

After they left, a subordinate curiously asked, “Sir, why do you do this”

Wu Dong Ming looked inexplicable.

He simply said, “I want to see what kind of medicine she sold in the gourd.” 

All he could say was that she successfully provoked his curiosity.

The question was, was it unintentional to speak like that Or intentional

The hearts of Mu’s family members were raised at the same time.

They were feeling nervous, uneasy, and a little angry.

The Smooth-Life Courtyard was the courtyard where the second son of the family lived. 

With one main room and two wing rooms, on the east and west side.

The courtyard was very small, and the location was also very remote.

Mu Wan Qing stood in the yard and glanced around, seeing the situation in the courtyard, she knew that the life of the second son of the Mu family was harder than her memory.

After the old man Mu passed away five years ago, the old lady Mu had the highest status in the family.

There were three sons in the main branch of the Mu Mansion.

The second son, Mu Zhong Ping, had no official position.

The third son, Mu Zhong Wen, was deeply loved by his parents.

He was a well-known dude in the city.

After sorting out her thoughts, Mu Wan Qing asked, “Second brother, do you remember what I asked you on the way”

Mu Ziang nodded, “Remember.”

Mu Wan Qing lightly patted him, “There is only one stick of incense time, so move separately and quickly start.”

Following her words, Mu Ziang rushed towards the east wing like an arrow from the bow. 

The two black-clothed guards looked at each other, and one of them immediately followed him.

And Mu Wan Qing rushed into the main room, where her parents lived.

She opened the cabinet according to her memory and found a box, which contained many bottles and jars, and each bottle had a label.

Qingxin Pills, Qushu Pills, Huoxiang Pills, Qingwen Pills, Xiaozhi Pills, etc.

She hastily glanced at the bottles, and without taking a closer look, she quickly shoved all of them into the brocade box, emptying one-third of the box.

Mu Wan Qing was too hasty, and accidentally knocked over the box next to her, and a few things fell out.

She quickly picked up the things and saw that it was the marriage certificate of the three of them.

Marriage certificate

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With a thought, she rolled up the marriage certificate and threw it into the brocade box.


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