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The Victim Complains First

Li Kun was stunned when he heard this.

He was mindblown.

Li Kun had always thought that the legendary Miracle Doctor Jian would be an old man with white hair.

However, he didnt expect Miracle Doctor Jian to be a young woman about his age. No matter how he looked at it, she didnt look like the legendary Miracle Doctor Jian.

On the other side, in the ward of Sea Citys First Peoples Hospital.

Hou Xiaoyu fed Liu Xiner porridge carefully.

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Liu Xiner looked pained and wailed from time to time.

Actually, this was all an act. Liu Xiner had only suffered superficial injuries.

The reason she came to the hospital and asked Hou Xiaoyu to serve her was to let Hou Junlai pay more attention to her.

Liu Xiner wailed in pain, “Ah, it hurts!”

After wailing a few times, Liu Xiner looked at Hou Xiaoyu and asked, “Is your brother coming over or not What time is it”

Hou Xiaoyu immediately said, “I called my brother. He said that he would come over to see you in a while.”

As soon as Hou Xiaoyu finished speaking, Hou Junlai walked in.

Hou Junlai was wearing a fitting suit over his muscular body. His aloof and handsome appearance mesmerized Liu Xiner.

After a long time, Liu Xiner came back to her senses.

Liu Xiner immediately said exaggeratedly, “Junlai, you should have divorced Jian Xinger earlier. Shes a lunatic! She started beating me as soon as she saw me…

Hou Junlai said indifferently, “I know Jian Xinger very well. She wouldnt hit anyone.”

Liu Xiner choked and said, “Junlai, Im telling the truth.”

As Liu Xiner spoke, tears fell from her eyes and she said in a choked voice, “If you dont believe me, your sister can testify. She watched the entire process.”

Hearing this, Hou Junlai looked at Hou Xiaoyu as he said with a serious expression, “Xiaoyu, is it true Tell me the truth.”

Hou Xiaoyu immediately said angrily, “Thats right. Jian Xinger is a lunatic. Brother, you dont understand her at all. In the past, she was pretending to be docile just to trick you.”

Hou Junlai frowned.

Hou Xiaoyu complained, “Brother, why would I lie to you Youre my brother. Jian Xinger thinks that since the two of you have already divorced, she doesnt need to continue acting. This is her true nature!”

Hou Junlai was silent, but he still believed in Jian Xinger and said calmly, “Ill call Jian Xinger and ask her.”

With that, Hou Junlai took out his phone and called. Soon, the call was picked up.

Hou Junlai asked, “Jian Xinger, I have something to ask you. Did you injure Liu Xiner Tell me the truth.”

On the other end of the phone, Jian Xinger said calmly, “Thats right. I beat her up!”

When Hou Xiaoyu heard Jian Xinger admit it, she immediately said, “Brother, you heard it. Jian Xinger admitted that she injured Xiner. Its obvious what kind of person she is!”

Hou Junlai was immediately a little angry and continued to ask, “What right do you have to hit people”

Jian Xinger said impatiently, “You have to ask your good sister and that idiot surnamed Liu. I still have something on, so Im hanging up.”

With that, Jian Xinger hung up. This was the first time Jian Xinger had hung up the phone first ever since the two of them met.

As Hou Junlai looked at the phone call that had been hung up, he suddenly felt a little disappointed.

Hou Junlai looked at his sister and Liu Xiner as he asked, “Why did Jian Xinger hit you”

Hou Xiaoyu and Liu Xiner immediately panicked. After all, they were the ones who had spoken rudely first and angered Jian Xinger.

They were the ones at fault, not Jian Xinger!

Hou Junlai gave the villa to Jian Xinger, but Hou Xiaoyu wanted to force Jian Xinger to give the villa to her.

If Hou Junlai found out the whole story, he would definitely be very angry.

For a moment, Liu Xiner couldnt find an excuse, so she could only make things up. “I went over there to settle something, but Jian Xinger suddenly attacked me…”

Hou Xiaoyu quickly said, “Thats right!”

The two of them thought that this excuse would definitely fool Hou Junlai.

Liu Xiner said with an aggrieved expression, “Jian Xinger is a lunatic. Dont worry. When I recover, Ill definitely make Jian Xinger disappear from Sea City!”

Hou Xiaoyu said from the side, “Brother, look how much Sister Xiner dotes on you! I think the two of you will definitely be very happy together in the future!”

Liu Xiner also looked at Hou Junlai expectantly, in hopes that he would nod.

Liu Xiner even felt that Hou Junlai would definitely agree.

However, things didnt go according to plan. Liu Xiner had miscalculated.



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