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That House Is Enough!

Mrs. Hou still couldnt accept paying so much compensation, so she began to talk about Jian Xingers past.

When Mr. Hou heard his wifes words, he sighed and shook his head. “I dont know anything else. I only know that Jian Xinger helped us during our most difficult times.”

“Back then, you didnt approve of Junlai and Jian Xingers marriage. Now, Junlai has become successful and has changed for the better, but Jian Xinger has always been kind and filial to us.”

“Therefore, I dont think Junlai gave her too much. In fact, its too little.

When Mrs. Hou heard this, she was even more dissatisfied. She immediately stood up and shouted angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“I admit that Jian Xinger helped our family back then, but dont forget that the house Junlai bought for Jian Xingers parents was worth a million yuan. Its enough to make up for Jian Xinger!”

Mr. Hou immediately said, “Youre living a good life now, but have you forgotten how difficult things were in the past!”

With that, Mr. Hou shook his head with a sigh and stood up to leave.

He didnt want to bicker with the rest of the Hou family.

Seeing Mr. Hou leave with a sigh, Mrs. Hou was even angrier.

Hou Xiaoyu immediately said, “Mom, dont be angry. My father is old, so dont lower yourself to his level. I think we should go and get the money or the house back from Jian Xinger now.”

“My husband is doing well now, but he needs to buy a good car in order to discuss more business deals. I want to help him too.”

Mrs. Hou had nowhere to vent her anger, so she said resentfully, “If only you could be as mature and successful as your brother.”

“But no matter what, the money has to be returned. Junlai has already given her a lot of compensation.”

Mrs. Hou decided that she had to get the money back.

Then, Mrs. Hou seemed to have thought of something and continued, “Jian Xinger might look kind, but shes quite cunning behind the surface. If its just the two of us, Jian Xinger definitely wont give it to us.”

“Do you remember that girl who is pursuing your brother Her name is Liu Xiner. Call her over to help us.”

Hou Xiaoyu nodded and said, “Are you talking about Sister Xiner”

“Mom, dont worry. This is Sister Xiners idea in the first place. As long as you agree, well go look for Jian Xinger now and get the money back.”

“With Sister Xiner around, I dont believe Jian Xinger wont return the money.”

When Mrs. Hou heard this, she immediately got dressed and was about to leave.

Mrs. Hou said, “Lets go. How can I let others get my sons hard-earned money!”


Sea City, Central Residence.

This was the best villa area in Sea City. Those who lived here were all famous figures in Sea City.

In the villa.

Jian Xinger sat on the sofa as she stared at the luxuriously decorated house. It felt so unfamiliar yet familiar.

She had an indescribable feeling.

This villa had been through Jian Xinger and Hou Junlais start from scratch. It was also the result of their hard efforts.

Although Jian Xinger had expected this day to come, she didnt expect it to come so quickly.

In order to prevent such a thing from happening, Jian Xinger had tried her best to appease Hou Junlai.

However, in the end, all of Jian Xingers gentleness was meaningless.

Jian Xinger sighed and looked at the “Playboy” magazine on the table. There was an aloof and handsome man on the cover.

Jian Xinger watched as this man started from scratch, but she didnt expect that Hou Junlai, who was once unworthy of her in the eyes of others, would become someone out of her league.

Hou Junlai had become an outstanding young entrepreneur in Sea City. As a handsome upstart, he had become the dream man of countless young women and girls in Sea City.

Jian Xinger muttered to herself, “Thats right. A hunk who came from nothing and is now worth billions is being pursued by countless beautiful and enchanting girls. How can a nameless doctor like me be worthy of him”

Jian Xinger smiled self-deprecatingly. Perhaps she had already become a stain on Junlais reputation.

Jian Xinger put the magazine on the table with a sigh. She didnt want to see it again.

Jian Xinger looked at the house again, then stood up to pack her things and leave.

At this moment, the phone rang.

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As soon as she picked up the call, a voice came from the other end. “Miracle Doctor Jian, are you free now”

Jian Xinger wasnt in the mood, so she hung up.

The phone kept ringing.

Jian Xinger simply turned off her phone. She wasnt in the mood for this now.

However, a look of pity flashed across Jian Xingers eyes.

Miracle Doctor Jian

It had been a long time since anyone had called her that.



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