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What Does It Have to Do With You

Shangguan Ding scolded them without using a single curse word.

Originally, Shangguan Ding didnt want to interfere, but Hou Xiaoyu insisted on dragging Shangguan Ding into it.

Shangguan Ding wasnt easy to deal with.

Provoking Shangguan Ding was their worst mistake.

Hou Xiaoyu immediately smiled and said, “How ridiculous. You actually think so highly of a b*tch. Youll regret it sooner or later.”

Shangguan Ding said coldly, “What does it have to do with you”

Shangguan Ding sized up Hou Xiaoyu and continued, “From what youre wearing, youre probably the daughter of an insignificant family. If Im not mistaken, youre here to befriend powerful people, right Do you think the people here will care about an idiot like you”

With that, Shangguan Ding looked at Liu Xiner and said slowly, “Youre much better than her. Youre at least the daughter of a third-rate family, but if youre insulting Jian Xinger here, regardless of whether youre qualified or not, you have to take a look in the mirror first. If you dont even know how to act civilized, no matter how rich you are, youre still trash and a parasite!”

Shangguan Dings words humiliated the two of them.

Shangguan Ding and Hou Xiaoyu gritted their teeth and their faces were flushed with shame, but they couldnt refute him.

Jian Xinger was dumbfounded.

She didnt expect Shangguan Ding to have such a sharp tongue.

He humiliated Hou Xiaoyu and Liu Xiner so much that they didnt even dare to speak.

Anyone who dared to cause trouble for such a man would be tempting fate!

Seeing how angry and helpless Hou Xiaoyu and Liu Xiner were, Jian Xinger couldnt help but laugh.

The onlookers also wanted to laugh, but they didnt dare to. After all, they might cooperate in the future. They couldnt offend Liu Xiner, so they could only endure it.

Jian Xinger didnt try to see Hou Junlais expression. She walked to the front row with Shangguan Ding and sat down in the first row.

As soon as Jian Xinger sat down, everyone looked over.

Some people were puzzled!

Some people sneered!

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Hou Junlai and Liu Xiner looked over.

This was normal.

After all, not just anyone could sit in the first row.

There had always been a rule when the Zhang family held charity banquets.

The higher the status and power of the participant, the closer to the front of their seat would be.

Liu Xiner could only sit in the middle.

Hou Junlai sat at the back.

As soon as Jian Xinger arrived, she outshone everyone else.

The seat was a symbol of status.

Many of them began to whisper.

“The sears in front can only be sat on by VIPs. Shes just a piece of trash abandoned by the Hou family. How dare she sit there”

“Thats right. This girl must be trying grandstanding.”

“No, shes just pretending to be a big shot!”


Everyone discussed Jian Xinger non-stop.

Liu Xiner also smiled coldly.

She had wanted to humiliate Jian Xinger just now, but she didnt succeed. Instead, she embarrassed herself.

Now that an opportunity had presented itself, she could get the security guards to deal with Jian Xinger.

After some thought, Liu Xiner stood up and walked out.

Not long after, Liu Xiner walked in with a group of security guards.

The leader of the security team had a fierce expression.

Liu Xiner pointed at Jian Xinger and said to the security captain, “That bitch disturbed the venue!”

“That place is for VIPs. Shes just a piece of trash thrown out by the Hou family, so how dare she sit there Shes simply ignoring the rules of the banquet and causing trouble!”

Although this wasnt a big deal…

Liu Xiner wanted to cause a fuss in order to blow things up.

It would be best if the Zhang family found out about it and punished Jian Xinger.

The security chief didnt know about the invitation, so he looked at Jian Xinger angrily and said, “How dare you disturb the banquet and break the rules Get out now. Otherwise, dont blame me for being ruthless!”

Jian Xinger acted as if she didnt hear him.

She knew very well that Liu Xiner wanted to blow things up.

However, it didnt matter. If the matter blew up, the unlucky ones wouldnt be Jian Xinger, but Liu Xiner and these security guards!

Not to mention this, even if Jian Xinger destroyed the entire banquet venue, who would dare to say anything!

Without looking up, Jian Xinger said calmly, “Youre not worthy of asking me to get lost!”

“I insist on sitting here today. Not to mention you, even if someone from the Zhang and Li families comes, I wont take them seriously.”

After she said this, everyone immediately laughed.


In everyones eyes, Jian Xinger was just a nobody who was boasting.

Liu Xiner sneered and said, “B*tch, arent you afraid of biting off more than you can chew Who do you think you are The Li family and the Zhang family Youre not even worthy of carrying their shoes!”



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