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Everything In Your World Is Priced

Hou Junlai had already shown his greatest sincerity, so he believed that no one in this world would refuse such a proposal.

However, Jian Xinger had a smile on her face as she looked at the unfamiliar yet familiar man in front of her.

Jian Xinger asked indifferently, “Is everything in your world priced so clearly”

Hou Junlai frowned slightly but didnt say anything.

Miss Liu couldnt take it anymore and scolded, “Jian Xinger, youre too shameless. President Hou is already very sincere. If it werent for President Hou being too kind, you…”

Before Miss Liu could finish speaking, Hou Junlai interrupted her and said, “Mingyue, Ill tell her myself.”

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Miss Liu glanced at Jian Xinger angrily.

Jian Xinger was a lazy piece of trash who had delusions of a luxurious life.

How disgusting.

Hou Junlai took a deep breath and said calmly, “Jian Xinger, you…”

Without waiting for Junlai to speak, Jian Xinger interrupted Hou Junlai.

After Jian Xinger signed the divorce agreement, she smiled and said, “I know what you mean. After signing it, well part on good terms. I wont pester you again in the future. Well pretend that we never met.”

“I dont want anything of yours. I got my answer. Thats more than enough.”

With that, Jian Xinger stood up and turned around to prevent Hou Junlai from seeing the tears in her eyes.

Just now, Jian Xinger had tried to find a trace of coercion in Hou Junlais eyes. Unfortunately, Jian Xinger was overthinking things.

From Hou Junlais eyes, Jian Xinger only saw seriousness and determination.

It turned out that Hou Junlai really wanted a divorce.

Hou Junlai actually thought that Jian Xinger was no longer worthy of him.

What a joke. Jian Xinger started laughing.

After laughing enough, Jian Xinger turned around and looked at Hou Junlai with a smile.

Jian Xinger said, “Three years can change a lot of things, right, Junlai”

With that, Jian Xinger turned around and left with determination.

Seeing that Jian Xinger was gone, Hou Junlai immediately heaved a sigh of relief, but a trace of loneliness appeared on his face.

Miss Liu was very familiar with Hou Junlai, so of course she knew that Hou Junlai was genuinely a little sad at this moment.

No matter what, this was the romance of his youth, an indelible memory.

The moment Jian Xinger signed it, it meant that the romance of their youth had come to an end. How could he not be sad

Miss Liu comforted him, “President Hou, its not your fault. You didnt do anything wrong. Jian Xinger is the one in the wrong. If Jian Xinger had worked hard to follow in your footsteps and stayed on the same level as you, things wouldnt have ended like this.”

A bitter smile appeared on Hou Junlais face as he stared at the drizzle outside the window and said indifferently, “I understand, but I lost the person who loves me the most.”

Miss Liu immediately said, “President Hou, someone will love you more in the future.”


In the Ye familys villa.

Hou Xiaoyu shouted, “Mom, its done! My brother and Jian Xinger are divorced!”

“Just now, Jian Xinger signed the divorce papers!”

When the Hou family found out that Hou Junlai and Jian Xinger had successfully divorced, they smiled.

Mr. Hou looked calm and silent.

The smile on Mrs. Hous face was the widest, as if she had accomplished something monumental.

The person who spoke was Hou Junlais sister. Hou Xiaoyu sat beside her mother and continued, “Mom, although my brother her, hes too kind. I heard that not only did he give Jian Xinger a car and a house, but he also gave her two million yuan in cash!”

As soon as Hou Xiaoyu finished speaking, Mrs. Hous eyes widened.

Mrs. Hou shouted angrily, “What did you say! He gave her so much money”

“That wont do. He cant compensate her with so much money!”

Hou Xiaoyu immediately nodded and said, “Thats right, but you know what kind of person my brother is. No one can change his mind.”

“Although he should compensate Jian Xinger, since Jian Xinger paid my tuition back then, the compensation shouldnt be so much.”

Thats right. When Hou Junlai and Jian Xinger first got married, the Hou family was just an ordinary family and they were even a little poor.

Fortunately, Jian Xinger had a high-paying job. She saved some money and even used it to support the Hou family.

It included tuition fees and living expenses for Hou Xiaoyu.

Although Mrs. Hou knew this, she still couldnt accept giving Jian Xinger so much compensation.

Mrs. Hou said to Mr. Hou, “Say something. Junlai gave too much compensation, right”

“Its true that Jian Xinger helped our family back then, but dont forget that the first thing Junlai did after he earned money was to buy Jian Xingers parents a house and buy a villa for our family.”

“Although according to the law, Junlai and Jian Xinger have joint assets, Jian Xinger shouldnt be given two million yuan!”

“I know that all of Jian Xingers expenses for the past few years were paid by Junlai, so Jian Xinger should have a lot of money now.”

“Theyre divorced now, and everyone knows that its because Jian Xinger isnt worthy of Junlai anymore, so of course she shouldnt be given so much money.”



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