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The Little Girl Cant Be Cured at All

Jian Xinger easily cured a disease that even the top medical team in the country couldnt treat.

For the next few days, Jian Xinger treated Old Master Li every day.

During her free time, Jian Xinger drank coffee as she admired the flowers in the back garden alone. Sometimes, she would go to the downtown area of Shanghai.

Jian Xinger enjoyed this lifestyle very much.

Today was the last step of treatment, and it was especially critical.

After Jian Xinger woke up early in the morning, she sat in the living room as she ate breakfast and watched the television drama that had been receiving rave reviews recently.

Doctor Lu ran down the stairs in a panic and shouted, “Oh no, Old Master Li suddenly vomited blood!”

The Li familys patriarch and a group of clansmen were also in the hall. When they heard Doctor Lus words, they immediately panicked.

The Li familys patriarchs expression was extremely ugly.

Everyone looked at Jian Xinger.

However, Jian Xinger looked calm, as if this matter had nothing to do with her. She continued to watch the television drama.

Her calmness made the Li family even more dissatisfied.

“Isnt Doctor Jian a miracle doctor Why did she make the old man vomit blood”

“I think this little girl cant cure the old man at all!”

“If anything happens to the old man, our family definitely wont let her off!”


Everyone from the Li family targeted Jian Xinger.

Jian Xinger was still calm.

At this moment, a clansman ran down and shouted with an ugly expression, “Patriarch, something big has happened. The old mans condition is very bad. Hes vomiting blood all over the ground. Hes about to die.”

Upon hearing this, the Li familys patriarch also panicked.

A Li family member said angrily, “Patriarch, this girl tricked us. Capture her immediately. We cant let her escape!”

All the Li family members echoed this sentiment.

A few Li family members even surrounded Jian Xinger and prepared to attack.

The Li familys patriarch berated angrily, “How dare you guys act so rude!”

“All of you, move aside. If anyone dares to disrespect Doctor Jian again, dont blame me for being ruthless!”

Everyone from the Li family immediately stood to the side in fear.

The Li familys patriarch had a hint of anticipation.

He believed in Jian Xingers ability. Doctor Jians reputation wasnt unfounded.

The Li familys patriarch looked at Jian Xinger with an ugly expression as he begged, “Miracle Doctor Jian, I hope you can help treat the old mans condition!”

After Jian Xinger looked at the time, she said calmly, “Dont be anxious! Ill go in and take a look when the old man stops breathing.”

After she said this, the Li family could no longer hold it in.

The Li familys patriarch sat down on the sofa in despair.

Jian Xinger didnt explain. The more serious an illness was, the more unconventional the treatment had to be.

Since she had said that she would save the old man, she would definitely cure him.

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These people didnt understand. Even if she explained it, these people still wouldnt understand.

The Li familys head said, “Doctor Lu, were relying on you now.”

Doctor Lu was their last hope.

Doctor Lu said helplessly, “Mr. Li, theres nothing we can do about the old mans condition.”

Upon hearing this, the Li familys patriarch collapsed on the sofa.

A middle-aged woman stood up and said angrily, “Master, this girl has to die. She has to pay with her life.”

“Our family has never suffered such injustice. We definitely cant let this matter go!”

This woman was the wife of the Li familys head, Mrs. Li.

Mrs. Li wasnt a kind person.

At this moment, the Li familys patriarch was disheartened and completely immersed in sorrow. He wasnt in the mood to care about anything else.

Mrs. Li looked at Jian Xinger and said, “Miracle Doctor Jian, how are you going to explain this to the Li family”

Jian Xinger couldnt be bothered to respond.

Mrs. Li said angrily, “You have nothing to say, right! Im a reasonable person, so Ill give you ten minutes to explain before I take action!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hall fell silent.

Everyone looked at Jian Xinger.

Everyone thought that Jian Xinger would defend herself, but Jian Xinger still drank her tea calmly and watched the television.

Jian Xingers actions completely angered the Li family.

Everyone wanted to go forward and kill Jian Xinger.

Doctor Lu frowned at Jian Xinger.

He was quite impressed. If it were anyone else, they would probably have caved in to the pressure already.


In this regard, he couldnt help but admire Jian Xinger for being such a strong-willed person.

She was so strong-willed that it was a little terrifying.

Doctor Lu believed that Jian Xinger would definitely be able to cure the old man because Jian Xingers Soul Chasing Needle was enough to prove everything! At that time, the Li family wouldnt be so brazen anymore!



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