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Soul Chasing Needle

Jian Xinger said indifferently, “Shut your mouths. Ill start treating him now. Dont disturb me.”

Doctor Lus expression darkened as he gritted his teeth.

The others wanted to pounce on Jian Xinger and beat her to death.

A moment later, Doctor Lu revealed a sinister smile. He didnt continue arguing with Jian Xinger. He just stood at the side quietly while waiting for Jian Xinger to fail.

Doctor Lu knew about the Li familys terrifying methods.

If Jian Xinger couldnt cure Old Master Li after boasting so much, the Li family would make Jian Xinger regret coming to this world.

Jian Xinger took a deep breath.

Then, she took out a silver needle and quickly inserted it into Old Master Lis acupuncture points.

When Doctor Lu and the medical team saw this technique, they immediately panicked and said in disbelief.

“Soul Chasing Needle Is this a Soul Chasing Needle”

“Impossible. Shes just a little girl. How can she know how to use the Soul Chasing Needle”

“Why is this girl so proficient in the most terrifying array formation in the medical world”

Everyone was shocked.

Seeing that everyone was shocked, the Li familys patriarch couldnt help but ask, “Whats this Soul Chasing Needle”

Hearing the Li familys patriarchs question, Doctor Lu came back to his senses and said with a bitter smile, “The Soul Chasing Needle is a legend in the entire medical world. Its one of the nine acupuncture techniques. The Soul Chasing Needle is the cream of the crop for three reasons!”

“First, the Soul Chasing Needle technique is very difficult to learn. Unless one is born with medical talent, one wont be able to learn the essence of this acupuncture technique.”

“Second, the Soul Chasing Needle technique has gone out of circulation for hundreds of years already. Only a few books still have records of it.”

“Third, the Soul Chasing Needle can revive the dead, but it can also kill people discreetly. Once people who know the Soul Chasing Needle technique attack, they can kill dozens of people at once!”

The Li familys patriarch was shocked.

Doctor Lu continued, “From your proficiency of this technique, you must have mastered the essence of the Soul Chasing Needle.”

After a pause, Doctor Lu said self-deprecatingly, “Indeed, you cant judge a book by its cover. We humiliated ourselves just now. Were the useless ones in comparison!”

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The medical team felt even more ashamed.

Everyones attitude towards Jian Xinger changed drastically.

They had been mocking Jian Xinger just now, but now, they looked shocked and impressed.


Old Master Li spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Everyone went forward to check. The black blood emitted a stench.

After Jian Xinger retracted the silver needle, Doctor Lu and the others immediately went forward to check Old Master Lis body.

After the examination, everyone was stunned.

Doctor Lu sighed and said, “As expected of the Soul Chasing Needle. Old Master Lis condition has improved.”

Jian Xinger raised her eyebrows. She didnt expect this guy to be so knowledgeable.

After Doctor Lu apologized to Jian Xinger respectfully, he said, “Miracle Doctor Jian, we were too snobbish just now. I hope you wont take it to heart.”

Jian Xinger ignored Doctor Lu.

Before studying medicine and saving people, one had to learn how to be benevolent and kind first.

Jian Xinger couldnt be bothered with people like Doctor Lu.

Doctor Lu wasnt angry. He just thought to himself that geniuses all had eccentric personalities, so there was nothing strange about it.

When the Li familys patriarch heard that Old Master Lis condition improved, he was extremely grateful and immediately said, “Thank you for your help, Doctor Jian. The Li family definitely wont forget your kindness.”

Jian Xinger frowned and said, “Dont thank me yet!”

“Old Master Li has been sick for a long time. For him to be completely cured, I will need some more time to treat him. But dont worry, as long as Im around, Old Master Li will definitely be fine.”

The Li familys patriarch immediately said, “Thank you, Doctor Jian!”

Jian Xinger waved her hand and said the names of some herbs. Then, she said, “Prepare the herbs according to what I said.”

The Li family immediately took out a pen and paper to record it. Then, they sent someone to buy the things.

After the Li familys head and Jian Xinger came out of the ward, Jian Xinger sat on the sofa in the living room, while the Li familys head poured tea for her, then stood at the side respectfully.

Jian Xinger looked at the Li familys head as she asked with a smile, “You two are really alike. Am I so terrifying that you dont even dare to sit down”

Hearing this, the Li familys patriarch sat on the sofa.

A while later, Li Kun ran in and said, “Dad, theres something in the company that needs you to deal with personally.”

The Li familys patriarch kicked Li Kun and shouted angrily, “Bastard! Cant you see that Im accompanying Miracle Doctor Jian If you cant even handle a small matter, whats the use of having a son like you You piece of trash, are you trying to anger me to death!”

Li Kun looked aggrieved, but he still mustered his courage and said, “Dad, this matter has something to do with the Hou family.”



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