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Its Actually a Girl!

The Li family was also curious about a legendary figure like Jian Xinger and they all wanted to see her true appearance.

The Li familys patriarch said, “Everyone, listen carefully. You have to be respectful to Doctor Jian. You cant show the slightest rudeness!”

As he spoke, the Li familys patriarch gave everyone a sharp look and continued, “Miracle Doctor Jian is not someone we can offend!”

Everyone from the Li family immediately nodded.

However, the Li familys patriarch was still a little worried. He was afraid that someone would offend her and cause trouble for the Li family.

Jian Xingers fury wasnt something the Li family could withstand.

At this moment, someone shouted, “Theyre here…”

As soon as he finished speaking, the convoy drove to the entrance of the manor and stopped.

After the Li familys patriarch walked to the car quickly, he opened the door and stood at the side respectfully.

The Li family immediately went forward and automatically divided into two rows while waiting for Jian Xinger to get out of the car.

After Jian Xinger got out of the car, she glanced around and said calmly, “This lineup is quite grand!”

Everyone was stunned when they saw Jian Xingers face.

They were all so shocked that they froze, like stone statues at the door.

Everyones eyes were filled with confusion.

Like Li Kun, everyone thought that the legendary Miracle Doctor Jian was an old man with white hair.

Unexpectedly, the legendary Miracle Doctor Jian was actually a little girl!

Although Jian Xinger was famous, very few people had seen her true appearance before.

The doubt in these peoples eyes was understandable.

The Li familys members frowned. If not for the family heads instructions, they would have chased Jian Xinger away already.

The Li familys patriarch immediately went forward and said respectfully, “Miracle Doctor Jian, youre here!”

The Li familys patriarch spoke in a very respectful tone.

The Li familys patriarch said enthusiastically, “Miracle Doctor Jian, in order to welcome you, I invited the best chef in the Demon Province to prepare a banquet. Please come in!”

Jian Xinger said directly, “Im not here to eat. Im here to treat Mr. Li. Take me to see him now!”

The Li familys patriarch didnt dare to delay things. He said directly, “Yes!”

Then, he brought Jian Xinger to the villa.

When they arrived at the ward, Jian Xinger looked at the old man on the bed.

An old man in his seventies was lying on the bed. He had all kinds of tubes on him and looked like he was on his last breath.

There was another group of people in the ward.

The leader was a middle-aged man wearing glasses.

The Li familys head hurriedly went forward and said, “Let me introduce them to you. These are members of the top medical team in the country. Thanks to them, my fathers condition has stabilized.”

The Li familys patriarch pointed at the middle-aged man and continued, “This is the person-in-charge of this team. Doctor Lu is an outstanding doctor!”

Jian Xinger said politely, “Hello.”

Doctor Lus expression was cold as he snorted.

Doctor Lu looked at the Li familys head as he said indifferently, “Mr. Li, were currently undergoing chemotherapy for the old man. We cant be disturbed by irrelevant people. Take her out! Dont disturb us.”

The Li familys patriarch immediately said, “She is not an irrelevant person. This is Doctor Jian. Only she can treat the old man!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Doctor Lu and the doctors present laughed. Their laughter was filled with disdain.

After a moment, Doctor Lu said with a smile, “Mr. Li, youre a smart person, so how can you fall for it!”

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The Li familys patriarch asked in confusion, “What do you mean”

Doctor Lu sneered as he said, “I mean, youve been deceived by this little girl!”

“This girl is at most 25 or 26 years old. She might not even understand general medical knowledge. To put it simply, this girl is a fraud!”

“Were the top medical team in the country at the moment. Even we cant do anything about it and can only try our best to suppress her condition, so how can a little girl be so capable”

The Li familys patriarch laughed on the spot.

He laughed at how stupid these people were.

The head of the Li family naturally knew what Jian Xinger was capable of. Otherwise, he wouldnt have gone through so much trouble to get his son to personally invite Jian Xinger back to treat the old man.

Doctor Lu asked directly, “Little girl, which medical school did you graduate from Why are you so arrogant”

Jian Xinger said calmly, “Ive never attended any medical school.”

Jian Xinger was very unhappy. These people were really snobbish.

When they heard that Jian Xinger hadnt gone to medical school, everyone laughed even more arrogantly and looked at Jian Xinger with contempt, as if she was an idiot!



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