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Sea City, Bassin Shell Coffee.

It was the rainy season, and it was raining non-stop.

Miss Liu, who was wearing a white collared shirt, placed a piece of paper in front of Jian Xinger.

Miss Liu said, “Jian Xinger, you should understand what President Hou means.”

Jian Xinger looked at the divorce agreement in front of her with an impassive expression.

Jian Xinger said, “What People dont even need to show up for divorces nowadays”

“Also, is this what Junlai wants, or what you want”

Jian Xinger had a self-deprecating smile on her face.

Jian Xinger had thought that Hou Junlai would be the love of her life.

The two of them had been together for so many years and had experienced so much.

In the past three years, they had also been much bliss and laughter.

But now, things had come to this.

Who could be blamed

Jian Xinger loved Junlai so much. In order to wait for Junlai, she rejected all sorts of outstanding men, she came home from work on time every day and rarely went out to shop. She didnt even have many friends. How was she, Jian Xinger, to be blamed

Or was her husband, who had built his career from scratch and was known as an aloof hunkie, to be blamed

Now, it was meaningless.

Miss Liu had a hint of disdain on her face as she said in a mocking tone, “Jian Xinger, theres no need to pester President Hou anymore. You were indeed very good before, but youre no longer worthy of him now.”

“Mr. Hou is an internationally famous CEO. Youre just a lousy doctor.”

At this point, Miss Liu deliberately paused for a moment before slowly continuing, “Its better to sign the divorce papers quickly. To put it bluntly, youre not worthy of being by President Hous side now. President Hou should be with a more outstanding person in the future. He definitely shouldnt be with an ordinary and incompetent person like you.”

Jian Xinger remained calm and silent.

When Miss Liu saw this, she immediately frowned and said, “President Hou has already given you enough respect. You have to know that even if you dont sign it, President Hou has a way to get a divorce. Jian Xinger, dont drag this on. Putting the past behind is better for everyone.”

Upon hearing Miss Lius words, Jian Xinger laughed self-deprecatingly.

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Jian Xinger laughed at how worthless her love was. She laughed at how what she had once thought was her safest harbor was going to be destroyed now.

When he needed help, he looked for her, his so-called ordinary wife, but now that things were going well and his career had taken off, she had been abandoned.

When Miss Liu saw Jian Xingers smile, she frowned.

Miss Liu asked, “Whats so funny”

Hearing Miss Lius question, Jian Xinger slowly calmed down.

Jian Xinger said indifferently, “Im laughing at this pitiful love.”

“Back then, I, Jian Xinger, chose Hou Junlai among so many people. I ignored everyones objections and thought that Hou Junlai was my true love. The Hou family was very delighted.”

“Its only been a few years, but Hou Junlai has already forgotten about me.”

“What love What Hou family”

Jian Xinger had a mocking look in her eyes as she spoke sarcastically.

Jian Xinger didnt care how ugly Miss Lius expression was. She continued, “Let Hou Junlai come and look for me personally. Who do you think you are to tell me this!”

With that, Jian Xinger stood up and left.

Miss Liu sat on the sofa with an ugly expression.

No matter what, as Hou Junlais right-hand man, Miss Liu naturally had a sense of pride.

How could she not be angry when such a lowly person had called her a nobody

Miss Liu was about to stand up when someone came in.

The person who came in was dressed in a high-quality handmade suit. This aloof man exuded the aura of a CEO.

When Miss Liu saw the man, she immediately jogged over and said with her head lowered, “President Hou.”

The person who came in was Hou Junlai.

When Jian Xinger saw Hou Junlai, she said calmly, “Sit.”

Hou Junlai nodded and sat beside Miss Liu.

With a self-deprecating smile on her face, Jian Xinger sat opposite Hou Junlai.

They were both silent.

The atmosphere seemed tense.

In the end, Jian Xinger placed the divorce agreement in front of Hou Junlai again and asked with a smile, “You want me to sign it”

Hou Junlai was stunned for a moment. He didnt expect Jian Xinger to be so straightforward. For some reason, his heart ached.

After thinking for a moment, Hou Junlai nodded and whispered, “Sign it. The gap between us is already insurmountable. Were already people from two different worlds.”

“You can ask for anything. As long as I can do it, Ill definitely satisfy you.”



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