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Outside the cave, when the sword was pulled out by Yuchi, the mountain range within a hundred-mile radius of the cave began to tremble violently, as if heralding the emergence of some kind of divine weapon!

After killing the treasure guardian with an arrow, Ershania had been about to enter the cave to find the treasure, but then she suddenly felt the changes in the world around her.

She immediately turned pale.

She could not understand how someone else had gotten to the treasure before her!

‘We were the first to arrive here!

‘Although there was a black shadow before us, it was impossible for that black shadow to bypass the treasure guardian and sneak into the cave to steal the treasure.

Ershania white feathered wings flapped gently, as she descended to the ground.

Her eyes were filled with confusion.

Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu were clueless too.

They had also felt the mountains tremble when the treasure announced its arrival in this world.

Based on their many years of experience in treasure hunting, a treasure of this level could definitely fetch a very high price.

If they got their hands on it, they would be set for life!

However, in the end, it was actually snatched by someone else

Damn it!

What kind of ridiculous concealment skill did that black shadow use

Had the black shadow been able to deceive the treasure guardian and sneak into the cave without the latters knowledge and steal the treasure

Was that black shadow a ghost

What race did the black shadow belong to

Was that concealment skill an innate ability of the black shadows race

Many questions were flashing through their minds at this moment.

However, their thoughts were rudely interrupted when four people suddenly appeared behind them.

The four humans surrounded the three of them from all four directions.

The leader of this group, a large human, was very satisfied.

“I didnt expect you guys to finish so quickly.

Have you already found the treasure If so, please give us the treasure now, and we might even give you a chance to live, haha.”

The four of them were the ones who had been following them from the city.

They had not witnessed the battle just now, but had arrived in the vicinity in time to feel the mountains tremble.

To them, it was obvious that the treasure had been found.

This believed that the treasure had been definitely taken by Ershania and the others.

After all, they had already killed the treasure guardian!

The treasure guardians corpse fell to the ground, creating a large pit.

Lin Fengs body was not far from the treasure guardians body.

The other male human said to Ershania teasingly, “Wasnt Lin Feng your teammate Looks like his head is missing, haha! Oh, that looks like an arrow wound.

Ershania, it couldnt have been you, right Youre his teammate!!”

The third person laughed.

“Thats not necessarily true.

Female elves are rumored to be very brutal.

Female praying mantises eat the heads of their mates, you know.

I wouldnt be surprised if Ershania really killed Lin Feng.”

The fourth person went one step further.

“But this Lin Feng is also a piece of trash.

He didnt even get the chance to have his way with Ershania before being killed.

This piece of trash even said that he wanted to enslave an elven woman for fun.

In the end, is this all he amounted to”

The four of them were not in a hurry at all.

The treasure was definitely with one of these three.

The result was a foregone conclusion anyway.

Ershanias expression at this moment was very ugly.

‘As expected, we really were followed!

‘Damn it!

‘After all the precautions we took on the way here too!

Ershania then glanced at them.

She knew all four of them.

The 2.5-meter-tall man in the lead was Li Tianba, who was ranked third on the Black Heaven sects mortal-tier rankings.

In comparison, Ershania was only ranked 672nd.

Li Tianba was also an SS grade combatant, which was the peak of the SS-grade.

In addition to his teammates, there was no way she, or any of the others, could defeat them!

‘What should I do now Its bad enough with Li Tianba, but the other three are ranked 6th, 12th and 20th.

Its hopeless!”

Her mind raced as she tried to search for a sliver of hope.

She had spent a lot of money to buy this treasure map!

In the end, they had done all that work, but Li Tianbas team would be the ones to benefit!


This situation was simply unacceptable! Ershanias chest heaved up and down.

Li Tianbas eyes almost popped out when he saw this.

“Ill give you a chance.

Submit to us, Ershania.”

“Take out the treasure and serve us for a while.”

“If you do that, well let you live.”

“What do you think”

After Li Tianba finished speaking, the three human men beside him burst into laughter.

It felt so good to be in control.

He loved to see elven women disgraced and fearful.

In addition, it was said that the tears of elven women could be used to create precious medicines.

It was worth a shot!

“We dont have the treasure.

It was stolen by someone else!” Ershania said through gritted teeth.

This whole situation had taken a turn for the worst.

She knew that she could not stay here.

There was no doubt in her mind as to what would happen if she did.

She would be imprisoned…

Ten years!

Or even a hundred years!

She would lose her freedom and be forced to serve these disgusting men!


Before Li Tianba and the others could react, she spread her wings.

With a flap of her wings, she tried to fly in another direction as fast as she could.

However, it was too late!

One of the four humans immediately activated his magic treasure.

Four chains immediately appeared around her, trapping her.

Both her hands and feet were restrained by chains, and she looked like a prisoner hanging splayed on the wall of a torture chamber.

Her face and ears turned red from shame.

Her current posture was utterly embarrassing!

The four humans burst into laughter.

Their eyes were filled with greed and lust.

“My lords, we really didnt take the treasure.

It was stolen by someone else,” Yu Luozi of the flying feather race said anxiously and timidly.

“Who gave you the permission to speak”

Li Tianba frowned.

A hidden blade shot out from his sleeve

Yu Luozi saw the weapon flying towards him, and tried to reflexively dodge, but it was too fast!


The hidden blade pierced Yu Luozis head and turned it into mush.

As the corpse fell from the sky, the hidden blade returned to Li Tianbas sleeve.

Li Tianba snickered.


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