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Ershania killed Lin Feng

Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu were dumbfounded.

Were they not teammates

Why did this happen all of a sudden

This had happened too suddenly.

As expected, Ershanias beautiful facade hid a ruthless and decisive personality within.

Now that the treasure guardian was about to die, Lin Feng was no longer needed.

Looking at those two dazed fellows, she shouted rather unhappily, “What are you guys doing This still works out in your favor.

Now only three people will have to share the treasure.

Why are you still hesitating Do you really want me to kill you as well”

It was kind of disconcerting seeing someone so beautiful say such cruel words.

It could be said that her figure matched the aesthetic tastes of most human men.

This was also the reason why elven slaves could be sold for high prices in the Black Heaven sects auctions.

To some human-like races, elf women were like delicacies.

However, Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu did not find elves attractive.

They were simply stunned by the sudden turn of events.

However, Ershania was very powerful, and not someone they could take on.

Anyhow, Lin Fengs death had nothing to do with them.

There was no such thing as forever friends in this world.

All the races were constantly fighting, and bloodshed and betrayal were commonplace.

Survival was the most important thing.

It was likely that no one would remember Lin Feng anyway.

Thinking this, the two of them made the wisest choice currently available…

They paused, and put on flattering expressions.

Yu Luozi immediately said to Ershania, “Lady Ershania, weve never liked Lin Feng.

Now that hes dead, theres one extra share of the treasure for everyone.

This is a good thing!”

Zhou Mu followed up shortly after, “Yu Luozi is right.

Lin Feng is a bad guy.

Youve done the world a service by killing him.”

“Alright, lets attack now!”

Ershania was slightly satisfied.

She could have just killed Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu, but decided not to.

If she was the only one who returned out of the team of four, she would have to undergo a very strict investigation.

However, if Lin Feng was the only one who died, the three of them could just give the authorities a random reason for his death.

There were no lack of three-person teams in the Black Heaven sect that specifically preyed on newcomers in this manner.

Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu looked at each other.

Anyhow, Lin Feng had been killed by Ershania, so this had nothing to do with them.

Even if the Black Heaven sect were to investigate, they would have nothing to fear.

Immediately after, a barrage of skills flew toward the treasure guardian, which was still shackled by Lin Fengs chain.

Inside the cave, Yuchi had already found the treasure.

The so-called treasure was a sword.

There were very complicated inscriptions on the sword, and it was emitting dark golden light.

The sword had been stabbed into a stone altar, and there were many shimmering chains around it.


Yuchi walked over to the altar.

His right hand grabbed the hilt of the sword, and with a light tug, the earth shook and the mountains trembled!

Then, he held the sword and weighed it in his hands.

Yuchis expression did not change much, and he just casually swung the sword a few times.

When he was sure that his evaluation of the sword was correct, he put the sword between his thumb and middle finger, and then snapped his fingers.

The sword broke in half!

The broken sword fell to the ground, and the complex inscriptions on it immediately faded away.

Throwing away the sword hilt, Yuchi turned and left.

This sword had not been worth the trip.

Although he was unsure what its exact grade or quality was, the one thing he did know was that it was of no use to him at all.

Since it could not even withstand a simple snap of his fingers, it was obviously nothing special.

The trident could wipe the floor with it.

“The next time something like this happens, I should just focus on fishing instead.”

“This treasure hunt skill is not as useful as I first thought.”

“What a waste of time,” Yuchi thought to himself as he walked out of the cave.

In the very same dark cave.

A horned monster with an extremely terrifying visage was standing in the corner.

It had witnessed everything from the beginning to the end.

Unlike normal treasure locations, this site had two guardians.

One was the treasure guardian that was about to be killed out there, and the other was in this cave.

When this treasure guardian inside saw Yuchi walk in, instead of attacking, it immediately retreated like a frightened cat and hid in the depths of the cave.

It was breathing heavily, and cold sweat appeared on its forehead.

They were called treasure guardians on the surface, but in reality, they were only here to absorb the essence of these ancient treasures to increase their own strength.

As a result, a treasure guardian was not bound to the treasure.

More often than not, they were just creatures who were the first to discover the treasure.

Sometimes, they might be the second or third.

In this case, it all came down to who had the bigger fist.

When this treasure guardian saw Yuchi pull out the sword with one hand, his eyes popped open wide.

The two treasure guardians had tried to do this as well, but they could not get past the stone altars array seal.

However, Yuchi, who had suddenly arrived, had actually pulled the sword out with one hand.

In addition, after casually swinging it about for awhile, he had snapped it in half with his fingers!

This terrifying act had frightened the treasure guardian terribly.

A sword that it could only dream of having had been destroyed just like that.

Yet this human did not display the slightest change in expression throughout the whole thing.

It was as if he had broken a toy, and not a priceless treasure.

How powerful was this human

Dao realm…

These two words appeared in the mind of the treasure guardian.


This human had to be a Dao realm expert.

Only Dao realm experts would turn a blind eye to these so-called divine weapons!

The treasure guard was terrified.

It did not even dare to move, and simply stood frozen in the corner of the cave, behind a stone pillar, as it watched Yuchi leave.


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