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Within a vast and mighty mountain range, Yuchi had found the location of the treasure in a cave.

Although the cave was relatively dark, it was no different from daytime for him.

He then glanced at the treasure guardian that was standing still, not daring to move.

He then shrugged and ignored the treasure guardian and walked deeper into the cave.

There were many mushrooms growing in the depths of the cave, which were about the height of two adults, and they gave off a strange and otherworldly vibe.

The mushrooms were not much of a deterrent though, other than adding to the ambience of the cave.

Yuchi actually tore off a small piece of a mushroom cap and put it in his mouth to chew.

Then, because it did not taste good, he directly spat it out.

When the half-chewed mushroom cap landed on the ground, it burned the stones on the ground, causing them to emit white smoke.

From this, it could be seen that the mushrooms were extremely poisonous.

The treasure guardian watched as Yuchi walked further in.

It did not even dare to breathe.

It was originally here to protect this treasure, acting as its guardian spirit.

When it noticed Yuchi walk in, it briefly considered attacking, but then sensed the terrifying divine might of the person standing in front of it.

If it attacked, it would be instantly annihilated by the human in front of it.

It had no chance whatsoever!

“Just what level of terrifying strength does this human possess” the treasure guard thought in fear.

Then, just as it was contemplating this, still not daring to move, it suddenly noticed another four people coming in.

In its mind, it immediately connected these four people with Yuchi.

It stared at them intensely, trying to determine if these four people were in the same group as Yuchi.

If they were related to him, then it would definitely not dare to attack them.

However, within just a few seconds, the treasure guardian was already certain that these four had nothing to do with Yuchi.


This was because these four people were simply not worthy.

The strongest person in this group of four was only an SS-grade combatant.

These four people combined might not even be a match for a SS grade treasure guardian like itself.

“I shouldnt allow them to disturb that expert while he searches for the treasure.

I need to stop them!”

The treasure guardian line of thinking was thus.

Even if Yuchi took the treasure away, it would not die.

At most, it would have to find a new place to live.

This was already the mercy of a superior being.

However, if someone disturbed Yuchi, then its fate might just change.

In this chaotic world with countless races, being alive was a blessing in itself!

Thinking this, the treasure guardians ferociously charged toward where Ershania and the others were!

Inside the cave.

Yuchi was calmly strolling about when he suddenly felt the shockwaves of a violent explosion coming from behind.

However, he ignored it and just continued walking forward

He was quite curious about what this so-called treasure might be.

Behind him, after being suddenly attacked by the treasure guardian, Ershania and the others had been thrown into a state of panic!

It was actually an SS grade creature!

The treasure guardian was pitch-black and over five meters tall.

In the darkness of the cave, only its six blood-red, spider-like eyes were visible.

From its aura, it was obvious that it was extremely strong.

Its sudden attack had almost wiped them out!

A huge hole had been blasted open in the side of the cave, revealing the mountain range beyond it.

Traces of its attack were still dissipating in the air outside.

In the meantime, the treasure guardian had already rushed out into the mountain range!

“Weaklings, retreat.

Otherwise, you will die without a doubt!”

The voice of the treasure guardian was transmitted into the minds of all four people.

The four of them turned to look at each other.

Would they leave

How was that possible

When the shock in their hearts slowly dissipated, they immediately launched an attack on the treasure guardian!

An ornate bow appeared in her hand, and then she pulled out an arrow that emitted a holy light.

She nocked the arrow on the bow, pulled the bowstring back, and then released the arrow.

As the arrow flew forward, it emitted the sounds of birds chirping and eventually landed on the head of the treasure guardian.


This arrow that could kill an SS-grade combatant in one shot had only left a shallow mark on the treasure guardians body!

The arrow then exploded, and the resulting shockwaves from the explosion spread out as far as dozens of kilometers, uprooting many trees and creating a deep pit.

However, the explosion had not done a thing to the treasure guardian!

“Its so powerful!”

Her beautiful eyes were filled with fear, but also anticipation.

If the treasure guardian was this powerful, then the treasure would be incredibly valuable!

In addition, the fact that the treasure guardian was here at the moment meant that the black shadow from earlier had not entered the cave.

Otherwise, the treasure guardian would have attacked the black shadow.

Ershania then shouted to Lin Feng and the rest, “What are you waiting for use all your artifacts and treasures, or well all die here!”

Lin Feng was stunned!

He unhappily took out a magic treasure.

This magic treasure looked like a chain.

As the power from inside his body was infused into the chain, it grew longer and longer.

The treasure guardian tried to knock the chain away, but the chain wrapped around its arm.

Before it could react, the chain had completely tied it up in mid-air! As the treasure guardian roared in anger, the ground beneath it began to tremble and wail.

The chains were about to break at any moment!

“What are you waiting for, Ershania” Lin Feng asked in a panic.

“I know what to do!” Ershania replied.

Then, Ershania reluctantly took out a golden arrow.

This arrow was quite expensive, and had cost 10% of her entire fortune!

However, given the circumstances, she had no other choice.

she could only place the arrow on the bowstring and infuse her power into the arrow…

The arrow whistled out!

A blinding flash of light appeared.

When the light dissipated, they could see that the treasure guardian had been penetrated by the arrow!

The golden arrow punched a hole through the treasure guardian and then disappeared into the horizon.

Many kilometers away, the ground exploded when the golden arrow hit the ground!

It had actually destroyed part of a mountain in the distance.

Seeing this, Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu were overjoyed.

Yu Luozi of the flying feather race unfurled his wings and spat out a blazing fire.

Zhou Mu opened his single eye, and a beam of light containing the aura of death shot toward the treasure guardian!

“Damn it!”

The treasure guardian was trapped in place by the chains and had already been injured.

Even though it was very powerful, its body began to melt under the constant barrage of attacks.


“Keep going!”

“Kill this treasure guardian, and the treasure will be ours.

The cave is just behind us!”

Lin Feng was overjoyed.

He cast all kinds of spells in the direction of the treasure guardian, creating dazzling flashes of lights and colorful explosions in the sky.

One minute later.

Just as he was about to annihilate the treasure guardian, Ershania had silently nocked an arrow, which was aimed in his direction.

As the arrow pierced through his heart, Lin Feng looked at her in confusion.

“You damned elven woman, you dared to attack me”

“Its your own fault for treating me like that,” Ershania sneered pridefully, “This is the price for insulting us elves.”

Before Lin Feng could struggle further, another arrow pierced through his head!

Lin Fengs eyes were filled with hatred before he died!

“Damn woman!”

“I wont let you off even if I turn into a ghost!”

He let out a shrill curse as his body completely shattered.

Lin Feng was…



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