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The Black Heaven sect was an extremely large city.

There were countless races living in this city, who engaged in trading and business with each other and, occasionally, some battles and wars.

The Black Heaven sect was an extremely powerful force in this area.

Within the city, a few people from different races were discussing the matter of a treasure.

One was a member of the flying feather race, one was a human, another was someone from the one-eyed race, and the last was an elf.

The one from the elven race was a woman.

The woman was quite beautiful, and as a member of the elven race, she was the object of desire and fantasies of many people.

Unsurprisingly, the elves were skilled archers.

Ershania was the name of this elven woman.

She had a very prominent nose, well-defined facial features, and a figure that made people drool.

Her deep sea-blue eyes, which exuded a noble aura, made people yearn for her.

“Weve already found the location of the treasure,” she said, “Well head there together, but if anything dangerous happens along the way, follow the plan.

Be ready for anything.”

The other three nodded in agreement.

There were many exquisite magical formations in the Black Heaven sect, and one of them was used to search for treasures in the surroundings.

Although it took a long time for the magical formation to locate a treasure, once it was successful, the location would be auctioned off for a good price.

After all, any treasure in the Myriad World could be a peerless divine artifact left behind from ancient times.

These four of them had bought a treasure map from the auction, and were making preparations to find it.

Of course, they were also worried.

Many people were aware that they were the ones who had purchased the treasure map, and there were many people in the city who were secretly observing them.

Once they left the city, it was almost certain that they would be tracked and followed.

As such, they were quite nervous and had already made countless contingency plans to fight or escape, depending on the situation.

Lin Feng said to Ershania confidently, “Im now at the SS-grade, and have mastered four different spells! If we really encounter danger, theres no need to fear.

Im strong enough to handle anything that comes our way!”

After he finished speaking, Lin Feng looked at her greedily, his eyes roving all over her body.

Ershanias beautiful figure was incredibly alluring, and Lin Feng wanted nothing more than to have his way with her.

One would only understand the attractiveness of the elven race after seeing one personally.

Ershania looked at him coldly.

“Prevention is better than cure.

Isnt that a popular human saying Since everyone is prepared, lets head out immediately!”

Yu Luozi of the flying feather race and Zhou Mu of the one-eyed race looked at each other.

They felt that this expedition should be quite straightforward.

Ershania and Lin Feng both possessed SS-grade strength, and they themselves possessed S grade strength!

Although they were not the most powerful team in the Black Heaven Sect, they were at least considered above average.

It was already quite impressive for a team to be ranked among the middle of the pack in the Black Heaven sect.

“We should have no problem getting this treasure!”


Both Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu hoped to obtain this treasure.

After obtaining it, they would be able to sell or exchange it for cultivation materials.

In this extremely dangerous world, increasing ones own strength was of paramount importance!

When the team of four left the city, a few people secretly set their sights on this team.

There were four humans!

These four humans were hiding in a deserted alley.

As they watched the team of four leave the city, their eyes were filled with greed.

“Ershania is pretty as hell.

When we deal with the team later, we should take the opportunity to have some fun.”

“Wont this cause dissatisfaction among the elves”

“if the other elves find out about this, the four of us will be hunted down.”

“Haha, are you worried about the elves coming after us”

“The men of the elven race are a bunch of trash.

Only the women of the elven race are relatively powerful.”

“Even if we force her to bear our child, those men wont be able to do a thing!”


“Its been a long time since Ive tasted an elven woman.”


“Lets go!”

After Ershanias team left the city, they were secretly followed by another four-man team.

Obviously, something was bound to happen sooner or later.

Two days later.

Ershania had located the mountain range where the treasure was.

According to the map, the treasure was hidden somewhere in this mountain range.

Her strong and beautiful figure hovered in mid-air, supported by a pair of wings on her back.

The clothes she was wearing perfectly outlined her figure.

Lin Feng, who was beside her, was transfixed.

“According to the map, weve arrived!”

“Logic dictates that we should search for a hidden cave or secret area in this mountain range.”

“After we find the spot, then we have to keep an eye out for any creature guarding the treasure.

If theres one, we just have to kill it and grab the treasure.”

As she spoke, she ignored Lin Fengs lecherous gaze.

A gust of wind blew past, mussing up her hair.

She gently flipped the soft hair in front of her forehead, revealing her rather exquisite face, red lips, and pearly teeth.

Lin Fengs face was the picture of lust and desire.

He was already mentally doing the deed!

On the other hand, Yu Luozi and Zhou Mu were very calm.

They were here for the treasure, nothing more, nothing less.

“How much more time are we going to waste out here” Yu Luozi asked.

“Hehe, why are you in such a hurry” Lin Feng frowned.

Yu Luozis response was cold, “I just want to remind you that were here for the treasure, and not to flirt and mess around!”

“Youre not strong enough to speak to me like that.

You should keep your mouth shut if you know whats good for you,” Lin Feng said disdainfully.

“I was kind enough to bring you along.

Dont mistake my kindness for weakness!”

Yu Luozis expression turned ugly.

Zhou Mu was about to say something, but before he said anything, he spotted a black shadow flash past and disappear into the mountain range.

He panicked.

“Enough nonsense.

Someone else is already here.

Theyve gone ahead!”

The other three were stunned.

Their gazes were filled with frustration, and they flew toward the mountain range below.

Lin Feng still took the time to speak to ershania, “After this is over, Id like to ask you out tonight for some flower-gazing and star-gazing.”

Ershanias reply was curt.

“Im sorry, but Im not interested in you.

Perhaps it might be different if you had reached the Dao realm, but it doesnt look like youll manage to achieve that in your lifetime, or at least thats what I think.

Lin Feng was speechless, and his gaze turned ruthless.


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