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At night, the temple returned to its usual calm state.

The blood stains on the ground had been cleaned.

The old monk, on the other hand, chanted sutras with those few young monks.

After the young monks fell asleep, the old monk went to the shore of the Vast Sea alone and looked toward the center of the sea.

Right now, he really wanted to have a chat with Yuchi and ask if he was that mysterious person.

However, the red-crowned crane had been constantly advising him not to go to the small island and disturb Yuchi, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Do you think he was the mysterious person who protected us” the old monk asked the red-crowned crane.

The red-crowned cranes expression was somewhat helpless.

“Does the answer even matter in this situation”

“The other party doesnt even care, so why are you bothered about it”

“What good does knowing do you Are you looking to get something from this supreme expert Hes just doing whatever he wants to do.”

The red-crowned crane was very clear about this kind of thing.

Since the other party did not bother showing himself after helping them, it meant that the other party was not bothered about this matter at all.

From their perspective, this matter might be something worthy of respect and gratitude.

However, to that expert, solving this matter might have been as easy as lifting a finger, and was thus not worth mentioning.

The old monk did not refute it.

He gazed at the island in the middle of the Vast Sea and nodded slowly.

“Senior is truly an expert.

Youre truly amazing.”

He felt extremely emotional.

After the incident concluded, the Vast Sea returned to its usual peaceful state.

In the blink of an eye, Yuchi had already been on the island for three months.

In the past three months, he had basically not left the island.

He only occasionally dived into the sea to catch fish and enjoyed the scenery of the Vast Sea.

The days passed leisurely.

While he was fishing today, a notification that surprised him appeared in his mind.

[Fishing difficulty level: A]

The success rate fishing up an A-grade was 20%, which seemed very low, but this was the first time he had encountered an A-grade creature in the three months he had been here.

Usually, all he received were C-grade catch notifications.

In addition, Yuchi was currently very powerful.

A creature that he had a 20% chance of successfully fishing would be quite strong.

He did not hesitate and directly jumped into the Vast Sea.

When he saw an ancient ferocious beast in front of him, he began to smile…

The surface of the sea trembled visibly, and the birds in the sky scattered in different directions.

Then, he destroyed the creature…


It seemed that the creature was very powerful, but in fact, if he really used his full strength, the creature would not have any chance of winning!

[Catch: Vast Sea – Dragon Palace General]

[Grade: Ninth-grade Dao aura]

[Attribute: Dragon]

[Skill 1: Water Shield]

[Skill 2: Treasure Hunt]

[Skill 3: Trident]

[Skill 4: Tsunami]

[Introduction: The general of the Ancient Dragon Palace.

He had 100,000 divine soldiers under his command and protected the Dragon Palace for 10,000 years.

He is especially powerful.]

After reading the description, Yuchi was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had seen a ninth-grade Dao aura catch.

Prior to this, his catches had all been A-grade, B-grade, C-grade, SS-grade, and so on.

It turned out that there were creatures that had achieved ninth-grade Dao aura in ancient times.

It was possible!

Therefore, from this perspective, there were still some powerful existences in the Vast Sea.

Medusa was the only one who had reached the Dao realm in the Netherworld Sea.

Even the most powerful three kings were only at the SSS-grade.

Then, he examined his opponents skills.

Yuchi was surprised once more.

[Water Shield: The Dragon Palace General can use water current to protect himself, making him immune to most fire damage.]

[Treasure Hunt: The Dragon Palace General was very greedy, and possessed a keen intuition when it came to searching for all kinds of treasures.]

[Trident: The trident was the Dragon Palace Generals magic weapon.

It is said that this magic weapon contains the power of the ocean.]

[Tsunami: The Dragon Palace General can control the surrounding sea to form an overwhelming tsunami to destroy any enemies of the Dragon Palace.

Of the four skills, the water shield was not of much use to Yuchi, and this skill was now a faint purple ball of light floating within his sea of consciousness.

Judging from the color of the skill, the water shield skill should be around level five.

Different skills would have different colors in his sea of consciousness.

The difference in color was because different skills contained different expressions of the Heavenly Dao.

The lowest level skill was basically gray, and Yuchi defined these skills as level one.

The second color was white, which was defined as level two.

Then it was green, which was defined as level three.

Blue was level four.

Purple was level five.

Red was level six.

Gold was level seven.

He did not know if there were any higher level skills beyond level seven, as the most powerful skill Yuchi had seen so far was gold.

He did not hesitate to shatter the ball of light belonging to the water shield skill, dissipating the Heavenly Dao expression within it into his sea of consciousness.

Yuchi was very curious about the treasure hunt skill.

He swapped a skill from his skill bar with thetreasure hunt skill, and as the Dao aura in his body integrated with the skill, an imperceptible aura spread out from Yuchis body.

Soon after, Yuchis gaze turned toward a certain direction.

He could sense a very large amount of wealth in that direction.

He did not know what it was, but it felt very attractive to him.

It felt like he was looking at a bag; a bag that just might be full of money.

“Ill check it out later.”

He had been keeping the Thunder Dragons Fury around for quite some time, but after he gained the treasure hunt skill, he abandoned it.

Thunder Dragons Fury used to be very powerful, but according to Yuchis current definition of skill strength, Thunder Dragons Fury was only blue-grade, or level four.

He then shattered the skill and allowed the Heavenly Dao expression inside to flow into his sea of consciousness.

He also replaced Blood Spike with Trident.


Blood Spike was a level two skill, while Trident was level five.

It was obvious which was stronger.

He examined the three-meter-long trident in his hand and sensed the terrifying power contained within it.

Yuchi was quite satisfied.

Swinging it lightly, terrifying power instantly erupted from his body.

It even briefly seemed like the entire sky would be torn apart by this power.

The ice-blue trident was adorned with golden patterns.

It looked like a peerless divine weapon.

As for the Tsunami skill, although the skill itself was level five, Yuchi had never been interested in skills that required some sort of special condition or terrain to activate.

If there was no water around or even insufficient water, would this not be a useless skill He needed skills with strong universality and versatility.

When he was done tweaking everything, he looked at his current attributes and skills.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 280,000]

[Strength: 240,000]

[Speed: 200,000]

[Dao aura: Fifth-grade (97%)]

[Skill 1: Trident: The trident was the Dragon Palace Generals magic weapon.

It is said that this magic weapon contains the power of the ocean.]

[Skill 2: Netherworld Bloodsucking: Like a Nether Swordfish, when you kill an enemy, you can extract the blood essence from your enemys body to increase your own strength!]

[Skill 3: Hellfire Dance: Like a Nether Swordfish, you can summon a hellfire tornado to attack the enemy.]

[Skill 4: Treasure Hunt: The Dragon Palace General was very greedy, and possessed a keen intuition when it came to searching for all kinds of treasures.]

His current attributes were pretty good.

In terms of skills, although some lower-level skills afforded him better abilities, because the Heavenly Dao expression contained in them was too weak, the skills effects were not particularly outstanding.

Otherwise, there would have been many good skills that he had gained in the past that could still be used, but it seemed their levels now affected their effectiveness, which capped the upper limit of their usefulness.

For example, the Hellfire skill that Yuchi liked very much.

At most, its range could only reach about 200 kilometers.

It could not increase any further.

This was already the limit of the Heavenly Dao expression of the Hellfire skill.

No matter how much energy was poured into it, it had a firm upper limit that could not be surpassed.

As a result, Yuchi had to retire these skills when they reached that point.

“Alright,” he said.

“Lets go and check out the treasure that this skill is pointing to.

I wonder if its anything useful.”

He then ran off to find it.

Incidentally, the terrifying power fluctuations from Yuchis casual swing earlier had scared the old monk so much that he knelt on the ground.

Such terrifying power!


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