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This voice clearly belonged to Yuchi, and after his voice resounded in the sky above the temple, the scene turned deathly silent.

When Mo Tingyun and Mo Tingshu heard this, they were overjoyed.

They could sense that the sound came from the temple, and that the strength of its owner was at least S grade.

In this case, there should be an extremely powerful expert hidden in the temple!

Their scheme had indeed succeeded!

They did not need to dirty their own hands at all.

They could simply rely on this experts strength to defeat the flying feather race warriors.

In the future, even if the whole flying feather race hated this temple, it would have nothing to do with the siblings.

They could take the money and run far, far away.

Would that not be great

Mo Tingyun looked at Mo Tingshu.

Her eyes were filled with joy and excitement.

Mo Tingshu was also looking at Mo Tingyun.

He felt that he was a genius.

However, they had no idea that Yuchis words were not referring to the members of the flying feather race, but rather the two of them.

Just as the two of them were preparing to welcome the death of the flying feather race warriors, Yuchis voice rang out once more.

“Dont touch the children and the old monk.

You can kill the rest.”

As soon as he said this, everyone was shocked.

“What a domineering way of saying it.” The captain of the flying feather warriors heaved a long sigh of relief.

He had originally thought that this expert was an unreasonable existence who wanted to fight with their flying feather race.

However, it now seemed that he was indeed a wise expert, and someone who could distinguish right from wrong.

However, the other party was really powerful.

The flying feather race was a race that was very sensitive to auras, but he was actually unable to detect where the aura was coming from.

It was clear that the other partys strength had far exceeded his.

The old monk was about to wake up the sleeping young monks.

Hearing Yuchis words, his heart that had jumped into his throat finally sank back down, “Benefactor, Im really grateful to you.”

Although it was rather unbecoming of an old monk to feel this way, he still felt that it was appropriate in this situation.

It was f*cking satisfying!

The siblings, Mo Tingshu and Mo Tingyun, were in a state of confusion.

Why did things suddenly turn out like this

From an outsiders point of view, they were protecting the two members of the flying feather race, which was very beneficial to the human race.

Not to mention, the two members of the flying feather race had betrayed their race and must have suffered a lot of grievances.

It was a great contribution and selfless thing for them to provide help to them.

Why did this senior not protect them

Why could he not act on their behalf

Why could he not just go along with their plan of killing with a borrowed knife

Fear gradually appeared in the eyes of the brother and sister pair.

They could clearly sense the anger in the voice.

It turned out that the anger was directed at them.

Could it be that even though they had been communicating via the secret communication technique, it had been heard by others

That was impossible.

This kind of secret communication technique was quite advanced.

Even an SS-grade existence would not be able to eavesdrop on their conversation.

So why were things like this

Could it be that the hidden expert had seen through their inner thoughts

Could it be that the expert knew everything and was simply watching them make a fool of themselves

“Were finished!”

“What should we do now”

“What else can we do Is there anything else we can do but escape”

“What about the other two members of the flying feather race”

“Why should we care about these two people We should save our own lives first.

As long as were alive, theres hope.”

“Alright, then lets escape now.”

Mo Tingshu and Mo Tingyun could no longer maintain their previous calm demeanor.

Their faces were now filled with fear.

They had never thought that Yuchi would not be on their side, and would not protect them.

They had miscalculated.

They felt like they had made a complete joke of themselves.

What happened next was very clear.

The captain of the flying feather race ordered all the members of the flying feather race to enter the temple to capture the targets.

With so many flying feather race members arriving, the other two hiding flying feather race members had nowhere to hide.

Even Mo Tingshu and Mo Tingyun were caught.

The two siblings were extremely flustered when they saw the powerful captain of the flying feather race.

However, the captain of the winged ones spoke to the empty temple, “Senior, since you respected our flying feather race, we will also display our gratitude to you.”

“We wont kill anyone in front of you.

Well take away these two traitors of the flying feather race and leave.

I hope that our actions have not disturbed your cultivation.

If I have the opportunity to meet Senior in the future, Ill definitely thank you properly.”

The captain was a very tactful person.

After taking the two terrified flying feather race members away, all the other flying feather warriors also left the temple silently.

Mo Tingshu and Mo Tingyun heaved a sigh of relief as they watched the countless black dots fly away.

Then, their eyes were filled with hatred.

They had just escaped the gates of death, yet not only did they not feel any guilt, but they also attributed all the blame to Yuchi.

They did not say a word, but simply stared at the empty temple with a rather malicious gazes.

They were prepared to leave this temple immediately and head to the Black Heaven sect.

After that, they would return to the temple and cause trouble for Yuchi.

They knew many people in the Black Heaven sect!

If they told them that there was a fugitive hiding here, the Black Heaven sect would definitely send people to investigate.

At that time, there was a high possibility that they would come into direct conflict with Yuchi.

That would be their way of taking revenge.

The two of them immediately left the place.

However, before the red-crowned crane could fly beyond ten meters, the two of them exploded into a mist of blood.

Four frightened eyeballs fell from the sky, and the red-crowned crane fell to the ground in fear.

What was going on

What had just happened

The red-crowned crane had only felt its heart clench for a moment.

Then, before it could react, the two people on its back exploded!

One of them was an S-grade expert, while the other was an A-grade expert, yet both had been annihilated in an instant!

Who was thos hidden expert

Just what kind of terrifying realm had this experts strength reached

When the red-crowned crane, whose feathers were originally like white snow, landed on the ground, its body was covered with all kinds of disgusting minced meat.

One of Mo Tingshus eyeballs was even stuck on its back.

This scene was also witnessed by the old monk in the temple…

The old monk immediately chanted amitabha madly!

It was too terrifying.

What kind of tyrannical strength was this

However, the young monks were not afraid at all.

They looked at each other with deep respect in their eyes!

Why should they be afraid They had not done anything wrong.

They just lived in this temple quietly!

Since we did not do anything wrong, why should we be worried about this great senior attacking us


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