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Why would there be someone on the small island in the middle of the Vast Sea

Mo Tingshu and Mo Tingyun immediately looked at the old monk.

They hadheard from the old monk that the old monk and these few young monks werethe only ones in this temple.

How could there be a human youth nearby this situation Could it be that the old monk had covered up for him

The old monk immediately shook his head.

“I dont know of such a person, and it shouldnt be him.

After all, the island is very far from us, and theres no reason for that youth to be on the island Perhaps hes just passing by”

The people present became even more confused.

Still, if the old monk said so, then there should be no problem.

Was the youth really just passing by

Well, it was not impossible.

At this moment, the crane thought for a moment and added, “When I saw the young man just now, he seemed to be fishing.

In other words, he was fishing in the Vast Sea.

I dont think he is a passerby.”


Everyone was puzzled.

Mo Tingshu was baffled.

How could a human go fishing in the middle of the Vast Sea What kind of mentality did the other party have to be able to fish leisurely in such a dangerous environment

The others had the same thought.

After all, if you said that someone was cultivating on an island in the middle of the sea, everyone could understand.

but if you said that someone was fishing on an island in the middle of the sea, that would be a completely ridiculous thing.

It was like a soldier suddenly reporting to his superior on a dangerous battlefield, saying that someone was sleeping on a bed in a battlefield full of corpses.

To them, it was as exaggerated as that.

The old monk could not help but ask the crane, “Are you sure you are not mistaken How could anyone be fishing in the middle of the Vast Sea Even I wouldnt be able to calmly do such a thing.”

The people around him also nodded.

Even the two members of the flying feather race agreed with the old monk.

The red-crowned crane was very anxious.

It was telling the truth.

Why did this group of people not believe it

“If you dont believe me, then you can go and take a look.

Why would I lie to you” The red-crowned crane was a little angry.

It did not like being called a liar.

Although the others were still looking at the crane with a stubborn expression, the old monk and the young monk believed the cranes words.

“If its true, then the person fishing in the middle of the Vast Sea should have a basic understanding of what happened yesterday.”

“He might even be the benefactor who came to help our temple yesterday.”

“No matter what, we cant just ignore this.

We have to send someone over to take a look.”

“If someone else has helped us, we must thank them properly.

If someone else witnessed something, we also need to ask them clearly.”

After the old monk finished speaking, he was about to head to the center of the Vast Sea to take a look.

Mo Tingyun, on the other hand, stood up and gently twisted her hair, displaying an expression that she thought was very beautiful.

She said to the old monk, “Ill go.

The other party is a man, after all.

Its better to let me handle it.”

She thought that she was still quite attractive.

While she was not devastatingly beautiful, she was still someone who could turn heads in a crowd.

Hence, under such circumstances, if there really was such a young human being there, then Mo Tingyun would definitely go and take a look.

Not to mention, if the person was really an expert, then would she not be able to build a good relationship with the expert in advance before he came to the temple

Mo Tingshu understood what his sister meant.

He had also successfully built good relationships with many other races similar to the human race through his sister.

Mo Tingyun was a social butterfly.

“Let her go,” Mo Tingshu said.

“Alright.” The old monk had no choice but to nod.

Then, he watched Mo Tingyun ride the crane and fly toward the island at the center of the Vast Sea.

On the small island in the middle of the Vast Sea, Yuchi was fishing.

Whilst fishing, he also saw the red-crowned crane flying over.

There was an unfamiliar woman on the cranes back, who was looking at him with a surprised expression.

It was obvious that she was surprised that a young man was really fishing on an island in the Vast Sea.

When the red-crowned crane stopped at the edge of the island, it did not dare to speak and could only watch Mo Tingyun quietly walk towards Yuchi, who was fishing.

After a brief pause, Mo Tingyun blinked her eyes and respectfully called out, “Senior, were you the one who helped us out yesterday”

After she finished, she was still quite surprised.

‘The red-crowned crane was right.

How strange… There really is a young man fishing in the center of the Vast Sea Hes either very strong, or an idiot.

Judging from the current situation, he should be quite strong, so I need to please this person!”

“I dont understand what youre talking about,” Yuchi replied in a drawling voice.

Mo Tingyun immediately became nervous.

She then told Yuchi about what had happened in the temple.

“Hmm,” Yuchi replied.


Mo Tingyun was dumbfounded.

The young man in front of her had his back to her, and he had not turned his head to look at her since she started talking.

Then, he actually replied with a “hmm” in this situation

What was the meaning of this

Mo Tingyun suppressed the displeasure in her heart and said with a smile, “Senior, werent you the one who helped the temple deal with the attack of the flying feather race”

Yuchis tone instantly became harsher.

He was impatient, so he said, “It wasnt me.”

“Dont you have anything else to do”

“Even if you have nothing better to do, dont come over and disturb me.”

Mo Tingyun was so frightened that she took a step back and did not dare to speak.

She could not feel any human warmth from Yuchi, only a kind of ice-cold temperament that would keep people a thousand miles away.

It was so cold.

The extreme coldness seemed to originate from the depths of his heart.

It was not an act.

He was an existence that was extremely difficult to get along with in the truest sense.

He was like a cold-blooded snake!

“Sorry for disturbing you, Senior!” Mo Tingyun did not dare to stay any longer.

After cursing inwardly, she could only bow in a hurry and leave.

On the way back, sensing Mo Tingyuns dissatisfaction, the red-crowned crane said in a serious tone, “Dont provoke this Senior.

Please listen to me.”

As the crane spoke, its eyes were filled with fear.

It was a very intelligent creature.

Even if the person in front of it looked ordinary, the power hidden in his body was the most terrifying thing it had ever seen!

It turned its head to look back at the small island in the middle of the Vast Sea.

The crane seemed to see a five-colored giant python coiled on the island, and the giant python was staring at the sea with a pair of cold eyes.

The pythons calm and reserved aura was hiding its extremely ferocious temperament!

This was the first time Mo Tingyun had heard the crane say such a thing.

The situation just now had indeed been very dangerous, so much so that she had forgotten to ask for the other partys name, and even forgot to take the initiative to introduce herself.

This was a natural reaction when one was close to great danger.

Her body instinctively told her to get away from him.

Her back was actually drenched in sweat.

When did this happen How did she not know about it!


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