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On the other side, a hunter who was chatting with his companion suddenly realized that his soul beast was walking toward him.

The soul beast in front of him looked like a sewer rat.

It stood on two feet, and had a slender body and hairless muscular tail.

It was just that this thing was usually quite ferocious, but it now seemed a little lifeless.

Its pair of blood-red eyes usually held a hint of cruelty in them, but now they were completely vacant, which felt even more terrifying in some way.

It was as if its pupils had been eaten!

“Whats wrong Have you already killed everyone”


“Why arent you responding”

“Whats going on”

“How is it proceeding”

The two hunters were puzzled.

This soul beast was usually like an obedient little dog under the suppression of his soul power, but why was it not responding now

Something was amiss here!

In a place on its body that was not currently visible to the two hunters, there was a thumb-sized hole.

Clearly, some kind of bug had crawled in through this hole.

Just as the hunter was about to ask it more questions…

The skin of this soul beast that had killed countless people rapidly crumbled! It was like a frozen fruit being shattered on the ground!


Its originally hard skin deflated quickly like air released from a balloon!

As the two hunters watched in panic, the soul beasts skin rapidly melted.

In addition, all of the blood in its body seemed to have been sucked dry!

Before it could even take a few steps forward, it fell to the ground, stirring up a small cloud of dust.

The two hunters were shocked and in utter disbelief.

Immediately after, the negative consequences of the soul beasts death appeared.

One of the hunters immediately clutched his stomach, overcome by nausea and pain.

Before the other hunter could recover from his shock, he felt the same thing as well, because his soul beast had been killed elsewhere at the same time!

“Whats going on”

“Why were our soul beasts killed”

“Wasnt this just a simple prison”


The two of them were in a mess.

They stared mindlessly at the ground in front of them in horror.

While they were stuck in that dazed state, they saw a pair of black fishing boots appear within the periphery.

When they raised their heads in surprise, they saw a black-haired young man in front of them!

“If there were no negative effects after the death of a soul beast, I may not have been able to find you.”

“Seeing that you guys are in this state, it was pretty easy to figure out that you were beast tamers,” Yuchi said indifferently.


After the two of them heard Yuchis words, they endured the pain and started retreating warily.

They were like cats whose fur was standing on end as they immediately backed themselves up against the wall!

There were ten words on the wall above their heads, which read “leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist”.

The two hunters were looking at Yuchi as if they had seen a ghost!

Who was this prisoner dressed as a fisherman

Wait, was the reason why the two soul beasts were killed… Could it be his doing


That was impossible!

Beast tamers could sense each others soul power, but the black-haired young man in front of him did not have any soul power at all.

This guy was definitely not a beast tamer!

If he was not a beast tamer, was he a traditional martial artist


A humans body would never be able to defeat a soul beast!

This was something that could not be done.

Otherwise, traditional martial artists would not have been eliminated from this world!

Yuchi did not say anything.

He simply rushed toward the two people, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

“So fast!”

The two of them were so frightened that they tried to escape in different directions, but they were instantly caught.

Yuchi very gently opened his left and right hands.

His left hand grabbed one hunters ear, and his right hand grabbed the other hunters face.

Then, without saying a word, he clapped his hands together and in a carefree manner!



It was as if two watermelons had collided, and the pulp flew everywhere.

Disdainfully brushing off the “melon scraps” from his body, Yuchi stood atop the highest building in the prison.


He looked around and listened carefully.

A minute later, after making sure that there were no other hunters around, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“If I hadnt fished up so many ancient creatures recently, and my strength hadnt increased so quickly, I would have been the one to die this time.”

“Its a cruel world out there.”

“A mere soul beast can incite such a big conflict, to the point that these people would ignore the prisoners lives completely, choosing to kill the innocent in order to achieve their objective.”


“It seems that I still have to improve my strength!”

As far as the current situation was concerned, Yuchis strength could still be considered acceptable.

At the very least, he would not find it too difficult to face a soul beast of this level.

These hunters seemed to be quite powerful, so he reckoned that his current level of strength was quite good.

At the very least, he did not have to panic when faced with a C grade soul beast and its tamer.


“Lets keep up the good work,”

“Theres no need to stand out now.

After all, I dont know if there are any powers behind these hunters.

If I let the other prisoners know that I was the one protecting them, they might sell me out in the future.

That would make me quite the fool then.”

He stopped his monologue and decided to rest.

After trying out his three skills, he chose to return to the shore to meditate and rest!

The energy consumption of these skills were rather high.

If they were ranked according to energy consumption…

The hellfire skill consumed the most energy, followed by gluttonous mouth, and finally parasitism.


As for the bite skill…


There was no need for him to use this skill.

Of course, if the opponent was a pretty girl, it might be a different story.


Then again, it really was not worth it to go up and bite someone.

The actual power of his skills were in line with their energy consumption.

The most powerful one was Hellfire, which he could hurl like viscous lava.

Its flame was like scalding oil, and could instantly kill a C grade soul beast!

As for the gluttonous mouth, its primary attribute was to restrain the target, so it took some time to actually kill the target.

As for parasitism… It was not particularly useful in this particular scenario.

After all, the thumb-sized worm was too fragile, especially before it burrowed into a soul beasts body.

Looking at the golden beetle-like parasite in his palm, Yuchi frowned.

“When new skills appear in the future, Ill replace the bite skill first.”

“If another good skill pops up, Ill replace parasitism.”

Yuchi obviously did not like these two skills.

He did not want to use either of them.

Of course, this was only because he disliked them.

If a soul beast had mastered either of these two skills, it would be sought after by many beast tamers.

After all, there was a world of difference between a soul beast with a skill and a soul beast without a skill.

This was why some soul beasts could not be graded, while some soul beasts could be graded.

He arrived at the seaside and looked at the faintly glowing Netherworld Sea in front of him, which was as calm as still water.

Yuchi lit up a cigarette for himself.


Smoke filled the air.

He did not have to worry about the soul beast underneath the prison for the time being.

He would investigate whether or not this soul beast really existed after the furor over this incident had subsided a little!


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