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The human cities were scattered in a small corner of the great wilderness.

If one were to look down from the above, one would find that the human race was hiding in a cove.

If one was not told the location of the human race, it would have taken a lot of effort to find them.

After Yuchi left the human race, he started to encounter all kinds of wild beasts in the surrounding mountains and forests.

These wild beasts were generally strong.

They had completely blocked the overland traffic between human cities, forcing human cities to reach each other via underground rail.

Without the citys barrier, if ordinary people wanted to live in the wilderness, they would have to live under the constant threat of danger.

In the southernmost part of the area populated by the human race, there was a sea called the Vast Sea.

The human race calledher the Vast Sea.

In the early years, there were people who came here, but as the human race continued to decline, the number of people here had dwindled.

After all, this was the southernmost region that the human race could inhabit.

Beyond the Vast Sea was a completely unknown region.

If ones luck was good, or rather bad enough, they would be able to come into contact with some other races in this region.

The Vast Sea and the Netherworld Sea were the two largest bodies of water around the human races territory.

Yuchi traveled from the north to the south this time, and encountered many strange places and people.

Today, Yuchi finally saw the beautiful Vast Sea in front of him.

The Vast Sea was not even half the size of the Netherworld Sea.

It was like a pearl in ones palm.

It was surrounded by a mountain range, and it was glowing faintly.

Standing on the edge of the sea, one could see the lustrous green forest in the distance.

When the weather was clear, one would be able to see the beautiful scenery of this location.

He raised his head.

The sky was azure blue.

He turned around.

The surroundings were covered in a lush greenery.

There were tigers, leopards, jackals, and wolves in the forest, which was also full of vitality.

He took a deep breath.

There was such a rich and sweet smell of nature here.

This place was much more beautiful than the Netherworld Sea.

The Netherworld Sea gave off an oppressive feeling of death and suffocation, but the Vast Sea gave off a feeling of joy.

It was difficult not to appreciate the natural beauty of the Vast Sea and its surroundings.

Yuchi stood on the edge of the Vast Sea, looking at the vast deep blue sea in front of him.

The Netherworld Sea was not deep, but the Vast Sea was.

Feeling the wind blowing in his face, Yuchi also walked toward the sea happily.

When he arrived at the beach by the sea, he was stunned.

There were also crabs crawling all over the beach.

He walked on.

After entering the sea, he was not in a hurry to start fishing.

Instead, he floated on the surface of the Vast Sea and looked up at the blue sky.

He felt the windy breeze.

He relished the feeling of water between his toes.

He immersed himself in the scent of the sea.

A few hours later.

Yuchi had not expected to find a small island in the center of the Vast Sea.

It was as if this small island had been specially made for him.

The island was not very big.

It was only about ten meters in diameter.

The island was about the size of a house.

Yuchi stood on the small island with a carefree smile on his face.

It was so comfortable here!

Surrounded by the Vast Sea, there was no one to disturb him.

There was only an isolated island, and he was its only resident.

The island was covered in green grass, and there was even a tree growing in the middle of the island.

There were even apples on the tree that could be eaten.

This was amazing!

A man, a tree, an Island, a fishing rod.

When he raised his head, he saw the sky.

When he lowered his head, he saw the sea.

Finally, Yuchis heart gradually calmed down.

He did not hold back.

He took out the bamboo fishing pole and cast the line into the sea.

In the Netherworld Sea, the bait had been a piece of bone, but in the Vast Sea, it was now a small piece of jade.

It was about the size of a fingernail, hanging on the line.


In less than five minutes, something took the bait.

[Fishing difficulty level: C]

Yuchi also laughed.

The lowest difficulty level was C, and the success rate of fishing it up was 100%.

He did not dive into the sea to fight with this little guy.

It was not worth it.

He simply pulled the little guy up to take a look.

In the end, he found that it was a small crab that had become a spirit.


This was interesting.

[Catch: Vast Sea – Crab Spirit]

[Grade: C]

[Attribute: Insect]

[Skill: Turtle]

[Introduction: A small crab that lives in the sea.

When the small crab encounters an enemy, it can hide its eyes in its shell and pretend to be a rock.

Of course, if you underestimate this crab, it will suddenly stop pretending and attack you.

It specializes in catching people off guard.]

After seeing the little fellows appearance, Yuchi laughed.

This little crab was actually quite cute.

He had also obtained some basic attributes from this crab spirit.

It was better than nothing anyway.

The main thing was the skill of this little crab.

At present, this skill had already condensed into a spherical small ball of light containing its expression of the Heavenly Dao.

The small ball of light was a very ordinary gray color, floating inside Yuchis sea of consciousness.

After Yuchi shattered this skill, his sea of consciousness absorbed the Dao aura.


[Dao aura: Sixth-grade (99%)]

He was only 1% away from the fifth-grade.

Anyhow, now was the time to take it slow.

There was no need to be anxious at all.

The days that followed would be much more relaxed.

No one would come to disturb him, and there was nothing to worry about.

He would just sit on the island every day to cultivate and fish.

Very quickly, three months passed.

Yuchi had just pulled a fish out of the sea and was looking at its description.

[Catch: Vast Sea – Jellyfish Spirit]

[Grade: C]

[Attribute: Insect]

[Skill: Lightning]

[Introduction: This small jellyfish can emit lightning, much like an electric eel.]

In the past three months, Yuchi had basically been catching these C-grade existences, and somehow, all their attributes were listed as insects.

If the little crab from earlier was called an insect, he could reluctantly accept it.

But why was this jellyfish also classified as an insect

Was there any similarity between the two

Was the Netherworld Sea filled with ghosts, while the Vast Sea was filled with insects

It was a little strange.

Currently, there was not even a single ball of light in Yuchis sea of consciousness.

All of them had been shattered and fused into his sea of consciousness.

[Dao aura: Fifth-grade (3%)]

It had increased by 3% in three months.

This speed was not bad.

After all, he had not found any particularly powerful monsters over the past three months.

In any case, Yuchi understood that the ancient creatures that had died in the different seas could be caught in the present.

If the ocean used to be full of such shrimp soldiers and crab generals, then no matter how much he fished, these would be the things he encountered.

He wondered if there were similar ancient beings like Medusa in the Vast Sea, who possessed Dao aura

Yuchi came up with a basic plan.

“If I dont come across an ancient creature above S-grade in the next year or so, Ill leave the Vast Sea.”

“Perhaps this sea has been peaceful since the ancient era.”

The Vast Sea was very beautiful and Yuchi was reluctant to part with it.

However, if the ocean was full of these shrimp soldiers and crab generals, then there was not much point in staying.

He wanted to find a sea or body of water where countless creatures had died in the ancient era!

However, at this moment, he suddenly looked in front of him.

Something seemed to be flying over from the distant horizon.

When he looked closely, he realized that it was a monster with two wings on its back.

The monster seemed to be attacking something.

Flames could be seen spewing out of its mouth.

The flames were like lava raining down from the sky to the earth.

Even the edge of the sea in the distance began to burn.

The sky turned from blue to red!


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