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Yuchi returned to the Netherworld Sea prison.

This time, he had gained a lot, comparable to fishing in the Netherworld Sea for a long time.

All of his attributes had reached 180,000.

Once he accumulated the remaining 20,000 points, he would be able to activate the bloodline hidden in his body.

He really wanted to see what it was!

The prisoners had no idea of what had happened in the city.

Their lives were the same as usual.

When they saw that Yuchi had reappeared on the shore, they secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Good morning,”

“Hello,” he said.

Yuchi quickly returned to his normal routine.

Every day, after his fishing attempts were refreshed, he would fish in the depths of the Netherworld Sea.

When he was free, he would daydream beside the shore.

The days passed by unhurriedly.

It was quite pleasant.

As for what was happening in the human city, he did not care.

Three years passed.

Many things had happened in the past three years.

A new Martial Arts Academy had been established in the human city, and the Department of Inspection had begun to promote martial artists.

As for the original beast tamers, they had gradually become low-key, especially the soul beasts.

The soul beasts had all chosen to keep a low profile, and no one mentioned what had happened three years ago.

It was not because they had forgotten, but rather because they did not dare to mention it.

Yuchis devilish figure was still fresh in their minds!

The highest-ranking personnel in the Department of Inspection held onto the video recording of that years incident.

Watching this video was a mandatory requirement forevery person who joined the upper ranks of the Department of Inspection.

This video was more meaningful than any education or training.

It seemed that after seeing this video, no matter how arrogant they were when they first assumed their new position, they would instantly cower in fear.

After watching the video, there was only one word on everyones mind about Yuchi.


In addition, they really did abide by Yuchis terms, and even any news about Yuchi on the internet was quietly wiped out.

It was as if there was no such person in the world.

Of course, for Yuchi, it did not matter whether he knew or not, because he simply did not care.

Today was the last day of his tenth year in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Yuchi left the shore at 12:00 pm sharp.

He stood on the surface of the Netherworld Sea in excitement.

“It really wasnt easy.”

“It took me ten years to accumulate 200,000 points in each of my attributes.

Ive finally reached this point!”

He cast the fishing line.

A fish took the bait, which then exploded after a single punch.

All of his attributes finally increased to 200,000 points!

Yuchi did not hesitate and immediately sat down on the surface of the Netherworld Sea!

All of his attributes were gathering toward the inner core in his body, and the inner core was like a black hole that devoured all his qi and blood essence.

All of his attributes rapidly decreased, but the progress of his bloodline awakening rapidly increased in tandem with it.

He kept going until the end…

And then boom!

Yuchis eyes finally opened slowly.

He had finally awakened his bloodline.

When he looked into his sea of consciousness, he could see an extremely colorful scene!

“This is the first time Ive seen such a thing.”

“Before I awakened my bloodline, I only saw these skills as skills.”

“But now that I have awakened my bloodline, I suddenly realized that these so-called skills are actually just miniature versions of the Heavenly Dao.”

In his mind, there were hundreds of balls of light of different sizes and colors.

These balls of light each represented one of his skills.

Each skill manifested or expressed the Heavenly Dao in a different way.

This was completely unknown to him in the past, but now it could be seen!

Then, he took a look at his attributes.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 1]

[Strength: 1]

[Speed: 1]

[Dao aura: Ninth-grade (1%)]

[Skill 1: Thunder Dragons Fury.

Summon the Thunder Dragon to assist you, making your enemies tremble.]

[Skill 2: Netherworld Bloodsucking: Like a Nether Swordfish, when you kill an enemy, you can extract the blood essence from your enemys body to increase your own strength!]

[Skill 3: Hellfire Dance: Like a Nether Swordfish, you can summon a hellfire tornado to attack the enemy.]

[Skill 4: Blood Spike.

Gather the blood essence and qi in your body and use them to condense a blood spike.

The wounds caused by it are extremely difficult to heal and will bleed continuously!]


All of his attributes had now been reduced to a single point.

It seemed quite sad but, in fact, Yuchi was smiling.

He felt that it was all worth it!


Because after awakening, he could sense the Dao aura!

Dao aura was a hard indicator of whether an individual could withstand the pressure of the Heavenly Dao!

In a battle between two people, the greater the difference in their Dao aura, the greater the pressure the weaker one would feel.

Yuchi did not possess any Dao aura previously, so Medusa could kill him with a snap of her fingers, which was quite terrifying in itself!

Those without Dao aura, no matter how strong their physical bodies were, were still cultivating outside the Heavenly Dao and had not crossed the threshold.

Therefore, those who had Dao aura or those who had awakened, could completely destroy the other party.

As for Yuchi, he did not even need to deal with other soul beasts now because they were too weak.

He, who had awakened his Dao aura, could simply snap his fingers to end their lives.

It was just that terrifying.

The difference between them was no longer the difference between 1 and 2, but the difference between 0 and 1.

The former was a quantitative change, while the latter was a qualitative change.

Therefore, given Yuchis strength, he could already ignore the other partys strength.

As long as they had not touched the threshold of the Heavenly Dao, no matter how many of them came, they would all die.

Those with a strong Dao aura could directly deny and obliterate the existence of others outside the Heavenly Dao!

If he wanted to strengthen his Dao aura, he could only rely on absorbing it.

The easiest way to absorb Dao aura was to cultivate skills.

For others, cultivating various secret skills could increase their comprehension of the Heavenly Dao.

However, Yuchi did not need to do this at all.

His sea of consciousness already contained hundreds of skills stored!

He knew what to do.

He had casually shattered an unused skill.

The ball of light that contained that manifestation of the Heavenly Dao shattered, and then scattered into his sea of consciousness.

His sea of consciousness, which was originally as smooth as a mirror, suddenly rippled.

[Dao aura: Ninth-grade (2%)]

As expected.

Just as Yuchi had deduced, since the skill was a way of expressing the Heavenly Dao, then the Dao aura the skill contained could be regained once the skill was shattered.

Since that was the case…

He no longer hesitated.

He shattered dozens of balls of light, and then looked at his Dao aura.

[Dao aura: Ninth-grade (99%)]

The last one…

[Dao aura: Eighth-grade (1%)]

The originally translucent sea of consciousness became even more transparent, as beautiful as the deep blue sky.

As the Dao aura in his sea of consciousness grew stronger and stronger, Yuchi could clearly feel that something was being nurtured in his sea of consciousness.

When he advanced to the first-grade of the Dao aura, that thing in his sea of consciousness should appear.

Now that he had shattered all of his unused skills, his Dao aura had temporarily stabilized at this level.

[Dao aura: Sixth-grade (98%)]

Since Yuchi did not have any concept of the strength in this new realm, he decided to spend one last day in the Netherworld Sea prison.

He would wait until tomorrow to fish again.

If he managed to find Medusa, he could ask Medusa!

“I wonder how strong Medusa is.”

“She should be stronger than me.”

“After all, Ive only just awakened today,” Yuchi thought.


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