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“What grade is it” Yuchi wondered indifferently despite sensing the ferocity of the beast in front of him.

There was no need to hesitate!

He raised his leg and kicked, leaving an afterimage in its wake!

When it connected, the werewolfs horizontal pounce instantly changed to a vertical ascent!

The werewolf was sent flying into the air.

It felt as if it had been hit by a train.

How could a human possess such terrifying strength

Its pair of eyes struggled to look down.

It saw Yuchi slowly retracting his right leg!

As it watched, it saw a hellish black flame appear in Yuchis right hand.

‘What kind of flame was this



‘Spare me!


One thought after another appeared in the werewolfs mind.

It could easily sense the menacing aura emitted by the flames!

However, before it could verbalize its thoughts, Yuchi had already hurled the flames in his hand forward!


It was as if a handful of sand had been thrown in its direction!

The flames looked like viscous black lava!

The roaring hot flames instantly appeared in front of it.

After a brief moment of dizziness, it felt severe pain!


‘It hurts!

‘What kind of flame was this

The werewolf could not move, and its eyes started to bleed!

The painful sensation enveloped its entire body rapidly.

It did not even have the chance to cry out while its body was burning in mid-air!

The air was filled with the stench of burning flesh.


“The hellfire skill is quite strong.”

When the werewolfs body fell from the sky, its body had been burned to ashes, leaving behind its charred skeleton.


When Yuchis shoes gently brushed against the skeleton, it immediately turned into a pile of ashes.

The werewolf was…


However, the entire alley was now also destroyed beyond recognition.

It was as if the place had been devastated by a cruel war!

At the same time, the bearded man suddenly bent over and clutched his abdomen.

He vomited violently and, as the world around him spun, a terrible thought came to his mind.

“My soul beast was killed!”

Yes, it had been.

Although beast tamers could avoid death by having their soul beasts fight for them in proxy, if their soul beast was killed by an enemy, its death would have a great impact on their soul!

He simply could not believe that such a thing could really happen here!

“Thats impossible!”


“This doesnt make sense.

My soul beast is a C grade monster!”

“Theres no beast tamer in this prison.

How did my soul beast die This is impossible!”

The bearded man could not understand what was going on at all!

From his perspective, this venture was simply to secure a tidy profit.

Everyone in the prison was going to be killed, so there had been nothing to worry about.

Therefore, everyone busied themselves trying to get rid of all the prisoners in the camp in the shortest amount of time.

However, his soul beast had been somehow killed!

Why How

As the bearded man heaved and hurled violently, a very indifferent-sounding voice piped up from the front.

Yuchi walked toward him and looked at him with a slight frown.

“What are you doing in this prison”

“Who are you Are you also a prisoner”

The bearded man did not recognize him at first, but when he took a closer look, he realized that this was the person who had been fishing by the shore earlier.

It was that prisoner!


He was wearing a prisoners uniform!

In that case, why did he appear in front of me The direction he came from should already have been massacred.

He should have already been dead by now!

While the bearded man was pondering this matter, Yuchi arrived in front of him.

In that instant, Yuchi calmly stretched out his right hand, grabbed the bearded mans neck, and lifted him off the ground forcefully.

A 1.9-meter tall man weighing 200 pounds had been easily lifted up!

It looked like he was holding up a little chick!

‘What kind of strength is this The bearded man was frightened.

This young man did not look very old, perhaps only around 18 years old.

How could his strength be so terrifying The young man was emitting an incredible amount of pressure!

Now that his neck was being held, and somewhat choked, he felt dizzy.

He was then easily thrown to the other side, his body smashing into the cargo hold of the helicopter.

The cargo holds metal walls caved in and made a dull sound upon impact.

His body and bones were in extreme pain.

Yuchi did not bother to respond to the bearded mans question and simply repeated his initial question, “What are you guys doing in this prison”

He looked at the mangled corpses of the prisoners.

Although he was not at all familiar with these prisoners, he had at least seen them once or twice before.

If these prisoners had been killed, it meant that these people would kill him too!

His aura gradually turned brutal.

“Dont kill me!”

“Ill talk!”

“We discovered that there was a soul beast hiding under this prison, so we came here to capture it!”

“Spare our lives!”


“Well give you money, so please spare our lives!”

The bearded man did not dare to speak further.

The guy in front of him was extremely ruthless.

Things would definitely end badly for him if he tried to lie.

He was too f*cking fierce!

He was like a child in front of this person! He had even thrown all his bank cards on the ground!

“Is that so…” Yuchi pondered the matter for a while.

He understood the situation now.

If they wanted to capture this soul beast and take it away, they would have to kill everyone in the prison to prevent any news from being leaked.


In that case, he knew what had to be done.

He casually picked up a brick from the ground.

The bearded man was still begging for mercy.


The brick shot out like a cannonball, leaving afterimages behind as it instantaneously smashed into the mans face.

The bricks shattered into dust, which scattered into the air!

Instant kill!


Yuchi did not even spare the bearded man a second glance.

His gaze fell onto a roof not far away and, the very next second, he sprung from the ground onto the edge of that roof!

He quickly leapt forward, following the sounds of the prisoners cries and rushing toward the source of the commotion!

In the distance, a prisoner was looking at a weasel-like soul beast in abject terror.

He was so scared that his legs had gone soft.

His back was slumped against the wall as he kept begging for mercy.

This two-meter tall weasel was already stained red with the blood of countless victims!

Earlier, its sharp fangs had even torn apart another prisoner right in front of him!

Obviously, this weasel had no intention of sparing the prisoners life.

It laughed hideously!

It was going to kill the guy in front of it and clean out the entire prison!

However, when it tried to move forward, it suddenly realized that it could not move!

It lowered its head and looked at its feet.

A circular magic array had silently appeared under its feet.

A ghostly head with red and black hair then emerged from the magic array!

The indestructible hair immediately tied it to the ground!

As the heads mouth gradually opened beneath its feet, it fearfully discovered that it was being pulled deep into the mouth that was less than a foot long!

First the feet, then the legs…

After that the waist…

And then the arms…


The final bit that was devoured was its head.

It had personally witnessed its own powerful body being devoured rapidly, one bite at a time.

Its devoured body was spurting blood like a fountain.

It was an extremely cruel-looking scene.

In the span of just two breaths of time, the weasel was only left with its eyes, which briefly darted up toward the roof in confusion, spotting a black-haired human looking at it indifferently!

“Did he do this”

“He concealed himself so well!”

A self-deprecating thought appeared in the weasel monsters mind, after which the intense pain disappeared.

It had been annihilated.

The prisoner was still kowtowing on the ground, his head hitting the hard concrete floor over and over again.

However, at some point, he suddenly realized that something was wrong with the situation in front of him.

He sneaked a glance in front of him.

The weasel soul beast in front of him had already disappeared, leaving behind a pool of blood on the ground!

“What happened”

“Wheres the weasel”

“Where did it go”

The prisoner did not even dare to imagine how or why the weasel in front of him had suddenly disappeared!

He got up from the ground in a panic and rushed into another room.

He used two wooden boards to block the door and huddled himself in a corner, shivering.

His face was filled with horror!

He cried bitterly!


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