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30 minutes later.

Eight people and four soul beasts had already appeared in Zhang Tianjians office in the Department of Inspection.

The strength of these four soul beasts was abnormally terrifying, especially when they were grouped together.

There was nothing but viciousness present in their savage eyes.

Although the other people from the Department of Inspection did not know what had happened on the top floor, they could tell that help had arrived.

When help arrived, there would definitely be no problem!

Naturally, Yuchi noticed the eight people in front of him.

Four of them were old men.

It seemed that these four old men were the people behind the city

Thinking about it, the human race was really poor in this world.

These beast tamers seemed to be able to control soul beasts to become very impressive existences, but in fact, were they not just relying on the power of their soul beasts

Moreover they all seemed quite proud, which was quite puzzling.

“I suggest that you dont attack me yet.

Your combined strength with just those four soul beasts is still a bit lacking.”

“Lets wait for a few days.”

“After two to three days, when the beast tamers from the other cities come here to kill me, you guys can attack me together.”

“That will give you guys a better chance at success.”

“Otherwise, if you come to me in groups of two or three, youll just be wasting your limited combat power.”

“I feel sorry for your recklessness, so Ill pretend I didnt you guys this time.

You guys can leave first.”


Yuchi was speaking the truth.

If he had been a very rational person, he would have definitely chosen to kill them as they came.

However, that was meaningless to him.

He wanted these people to be at their strongest.

Only when he defeated the enemy at their strongest could he feel a trace of joy.

His goal was not to kill, but to enjoy the process of the battle.

However, it was clear that the people in front of him could not understand Yuchis current thoughts.

Especially that one old man, who looked at Yuchi like he was looking at a mortal enemy who had dug up their familys ancestral grave.

“Youre afraid now You killed my daughter and grandson in a sneak attack.

Do you think this matter will end like that Haha, what a joke!”

“Im going to send you to your death.”

The old mans gaze immediately shifted to his subordinate, who then gave an order to his soul beast, “Go and cut off this persons legs and bring him to me.”

The soul beast nodded.

This soul beast looked like an ugly murloc, and had all sorts of watery plants and stuff dripping from its body.

It rushed over to Yuchi, swinging its sharp claws at Yuchis kneecaps.

Its strength was terrifying, and from their perspective, could easily crush Yuchis legs.

However, once it touched Yuchis knee, it realized the depths of the abyss it had plunged itself into!

It felt like a Demon King was sitting in front of it, and its original body had shrunk to the size of a dust particle in front of it.

Soon after, it knelt down on both knees in front of Yuchi, bean-sized beads of sweat flowing down its face.

Its frog-like eyes were filled with fear, “My Lord, please spare my life.”

This scene made the surrounding people instantly frown.

Why did his soul beast submit to someone else

Especially the old man, who looked at his subordinate, which made his subordinate severely scold the soul beast.

“What are you doing Bring him to us now.

Are you really going to disobey the will of a noble beast tamer like me”

The soul beast turned its head around and cursed, “Bullsh*t! Noble beast tamer Who do you think you are Get as far away from me as you can and dont disturb His Excellencys peace!”

The other party was caught off guard by his soul beasts response.

He stumbled backward continuously and fell to the ground with a plop.

Yuchi was puzzled.

“Whats the relationship between a beast tamer and a soul beast”

“I only know that when the soul beast dies, the beast tamer will instantly fall into a weakened state.”

“But is it possible for the soul beast to abandon the beast tamer”

A bold idea gradually appeared in Yuchis mind.

He needed to know the answer to this question.

“My Lord, we are the soul beast race, a race of thousands of different types of soul beasts.

On the surface, the beast tamers enslaved us, but in reality, it was just our scheme.”

“All of our soul beasts were voluntarily enslaved by the beast tamers.”

“This way, we dont have to fight.

They will send the best resources directly to us.

This is a very profitable thing for our soul beast race!”

This murloc soul beast did not dare to lie in front of Yuchi.

After it finished speaking, it sternly rebuked the other three soul beasts standing not far away, “What are you three still standing there for Come and pay respects to our new king! Do you want to die”

The other three soul beasts were baffled.

They were very powerful, so how could they bow down to a beast tamer who did not even have a soul beast However, they all knew the murloc soul beast well.

Under normal circumstances, the murloc soul beast would never have made such a rash decision.

At this moment, Yuchis order arrived, “Kill your so-called master, then wait by my side for three days.

After that, gather the other soul beasts and fight me.

Ill give you the chance to kill me.

All of you can join forces against me.”

He was too lazy to make a move personally.

He was too lazy to even blow at the eight people in front of him.

The other three soul beasts had yet to recover from their shock, but the murloc soul beast acted quickly.

It suddenly threw something into its beast tamers mouth.

As the object grew, the beast tamer was actually split open from the middle!

It had killed its master!

A soul beast could actually kill its master!

The other three beast tamers were dumbfounded.

They had always thought that they were very noble beast tamers, and that their status made it so that the entire human race had to look up to them.

However, they had been deceived by the soul beasts from the very beginning.

These soul beasts had never paid them any mind, and had been treating them like fools the entire time!

This was like the aphids that were raised by an ant colony.

The aphids thought that they were the rulers of the ant colony because they were being taken care of by the ant colony, but in reality, the aphids were simply the ant colonys pets.

Now that the true Demon King had descended, the ant colony had already gone crazy!

“You would dare to kill me!”

A beast tamer opened his eyes wide.

He looked at the soul beast beside him.

“Ive always treated you well.

Ive given you everything you wanted to eat, and Ive given you everything you wanted.

How dare you treat me like this Im ordering you to kill that soul beast!”

His soul beast laughed.

Compared to humans, it trusted its own kind more.

Its fingernail easily slit the beast tamers throat, and as the beast tamers soul power dissipated, it slapped the beast tamers head into his neck.

The other two soul beasts did so even more quickly, instantly making the necessary funeral arrangements for their beast tamers on the spot.

The ground was now covered with blood.

The four SS-grade beast tamers had been killed.

Their deaths were as trifling as the fallen leaves outside the window.


The four old men who were left behind looked at each other.

They no longer had their usual calm appearance when they were playing cards while sitting on someones back.

Yuchis order had terrified them!

They had rebelled!

They were really all rebellious!

The lowly commoners were rebelling!

The murloc soul beast grabbed two old mens heads and slammed them together.

With a loud bang, bits of their skulls flew everywhere.

The remaining two old men wanted to run, their faces were depictions of abject horror.

In the end, the other two soul beasts had charged over.

One soul beasts claw directly pierced through one old mans back and out his chest, pulling out a rotten heart.

The other soul beast bit off the other old mans upper body, leaving behind two legs that swayed for a bit before toppling down in a heap.

“Thats enough.”

“You all can wait quietly in this room.

There are less than three days left.

After that, well go out together.”

Yuchi could not be bothered to waste any more words.

He only wanted to fight these soul beasts now.

As for those so-called noble beast tamers They were worthless.

The four soul beasts obediently stood in the room.

They looked at Yuchi, who was sitting there calmly… They did not say a word, but their hearts were gradually being gripped by terror!

Why did it feel like they were… waiting for death


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