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The porcupine soul beast walked in front of Yuchi.

It extended its fingers over to Yuchi.

Its fingers had very sharp nails that could easily cut through the skin of an adult man.

‘This young man in front of me should taste pretty good, right

While thinking about these things, the porcupine soul beast had already placed its finger on Yuchis shoulder.

Its thought process was very simple.

After Zhang Tianjian and Yuchi finished talking, it would ask Zhang Tianjian to give Yuchi to it.

Then, it could eat Yuchi to increase its strength.

“Zhang Tianjian will definitely agree.”


“After all, Im an SS grade soul beast.”

As soon as this thought appeared in its mind, it suddenly felt like it had fallen into the endless depths of hell.

It was originally very powerful, but it suddenly felt like an ant in front of a mountain.

He looked around and saw an evil demon with overwhelming power.

The demons pitch-black eyes contained a faint scarlet hue.

The demons gaze seemed to indicate an utter disregard for its life! The porcupine soul beast started sweating profusely, and it did not even dare to breathe.

Its body started to quiver.

Yuchis figure was reflected in the porcupine soul beasts eyes.

‘Hes no ordinary youth.

Although hes just standing there without moving, its like hes an active volcano waiting to erupt.

Both Heaven and Earth will be destroyed if he makes a move!

‘Damn it, damn it, damn it!

‘This is definitely not a person that I can defeat! Hes even more terrifying than many of the myriad races!


‘This young man isnt a human at all!

‘He must be from the myriad races.

He must be an assassin sent by the myriad races!


‘I need to escape!

Fear gripped the porcupine soul beasts mind, and just as it was about to break through a wall and escape, Yuchis sweet voice sounded in its ear.

“Are you going somewhere”

The porcupine soul beast was stunned.

All of the hair on its body stood up, like a cat that was frightened by something extremely terrifying.

“Im not going anywhere!”

It did not dare to move!

It really did not dare to move!

Yuchis voice somehow transmitted itself into its mind.

“Now then… you are not allowed to show any fear.

Go back to where you came from.

If you tell Zhang Tianjian about my existence, I will eat you bite by bite and tear you to pieces.”

The porcupine soul beast nodded.

It had completely lost its edge.

The pair of bloody eyes hidden beneath the sharp spines were now actually extremely obedient.

Then, it suddenly remembered that when Feng Zhaoyang walked in, his A-grade soul beast had not followed him! At first, it had not paid much attention to this minor fact, but it now realized that Feng Zhaoyangs soul beast had noticed how terrifying this man was and had bolted!

‘Damn it!

‘Zhang Tianjian, you b*stard! What kind of existence did you offend Damn you!

The porcupine soul beast was in despair.

This person was not someone it could defeat!

Being angry would not help either.

No matter how much it roared, the world would not change.

He was stuck here with this invincible man!

Zhang Tianjian had already finished reading the news.

When he looked up, he saw his soul beast walking toward Yuchi.

He immediately understood what his soul beast wanted.

“Calm down.

After this matter is resolved, Ill let you eat this young man.

Dont be anxious.”

The porcupine soul beast wanted to dig up Zhang Tianjians ancestors graves.

It was in despair.

‘Zhang Tianjian, Zhang Tianjian, what the hell are you f*cking talking about

‘Didnt you investigate his strength before you brought him here

‘You piece of sh*t! How dare you say such things now.

Arent you pushing me into the fire by saying that

‘Damn it! I shouldnt have become your soul beast back then.

I should have gone and scattered the ashes of your ancestors for you!

The porcupine soul beast looked at Yuchi with pleading eyes.

It was now like a puppy that was constantly expressing its goodwill.

Yuchi did not care about this kind of thing at all.

His eyes indicated that the porcupine soul beast should stay put where it was supposed to be.

The porcupine soul beast felt as if it had been granted amnesty.

It did not dare to say a word and simply rushed back to its small corner.

It lowered its head and stared blankly at its paws.

It gritted its teeth tightly, afraid that it would make any sound accidentally out of fear.

‘Hes terrifying!

‘This man is definitely an invincible existence.

‘Even as an SS grade soul beast, I cant defeat him.

Ive sparred with an SSS-grade soul beast before too!

‘Not to mention SSS-grade soul beasts, Im afraid even SSS grade soul beasts are no match for him!

The porcupine soul beast quickly recalled all of the powerful soul beasts it knew of in its mind, but after going through them one by one, it was shocked to find that none of those soul beasts could be compared to the man in front of it.

This was an absolute suppression in terms of power.

It was as if something terrifying had already begun to awaken in this mans body.

They were not existences on the same level at all.

Zhang Tianjian did not notice anything wrong with the current situation.

In his eyes, Yuchi had not moved since he had walked in.

As for his own soul beast, it was even more obedient as it returned to the corner where it usually stood.

All of this was no different from usual.

He was still the Secretary of the Department of Inspection, and his existence was like that of an Emperor.

“Are you envious of the position Im in now”

“But theres no point in being envious.”

“People like you are born to be like ants.

No matter how hard you work in life, you will never be able to reach the soles of my feet.”

Zhang Tianjian said in a relaxed manner.

There was no mockery in his tone.

He had already engraved this “truth” into his bones and deeply embodied it.

He also took out a pack of cigarettes and took out two from the box.

He handed one to Yuchi.

He was not in a hurry.

Zhang Tianjian enjoyed having conversations with people like Yuchi.

He could obtain a strong sense of self-confidence from talking with people like Yuchi.

This was the pity of a superior being for an ant.

He liked this feeling.

The porcupine soul beast had already cursed all eighteen generations of Zhang Tianjians ancestors.

‘F*ck you, Zhang Tianjian!

‘Were it for your father supporting you, with your current human body, what right do you have to become the tyrant of this human city

‘What are you beast tamers even thinking about

‘Youre just relying on the strength of us soul beasts to reach the peak of your life.

Youre hallucinating if you think that this strength is something that you actually possess.

You dont have any bullsh* t strength, damn it!

The porcupine soul beast was cursing Zhang Tianjian in its heart, and it was also very sad.

It had a very bad feeling.

It felt that its little life was going to end because of this stupid fool, Zhang Tianjian.


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