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In the human city, the latest news had arrived from the Department of Inspection.


“We found a mysterious person.

He might be related to this!”

In one of the offices, the subordinate informed the man in front of him of the latest findings in a serious manner.

Some time ago, Yuchi had gone to the human city to investigate some things related to martial arts.

After he arrived in this city, and especially when he entered the library, he was successfully captured on the surveillance camera footage.

The people at the Department of Inspection were not fools.

Since they knew that Yuchi was a terrifyingly powerful martial artist, they would definitely carry out comprehensive monitoring in locations in the city which were related to martial artists.

24-hour surveillance, non-stop for three years.

There were more than ten people from the Department of Inspection who were in charge of monitoring and sifting through information after the Yuchi incident, every minute and every second.

As a result, on Yuchis way to the library, he was successfully discovered by the people from the Department of Inspection.

At that time, Yuchi was not wearing a helmet.

As such, after comparing it with the database, they were shocked to find out that Yuchi was actually a prisoner of the Netherworld Sea prison.

After discovering that information, the Department of Inspection felt that it was very strange.

How could a prisoner appear in the city so openly

Furthermore, why did this prisoner go to a library that was specifically used to store martial arts manuals

Therefore, when his subordinate pieced together the clues, he immediately went to his superior and reported the matter.

The man in front of him was the Secretary of the Department of Inspection, Zhang Tianjian.

After hearing that Yuchi was a prisoner of the Netherworld Sea prison, Zhang Tianjian also frowned.

“So how did he take those tracer marks out of his body”

Any prisoner would have such tracer marks in their body.

These marks, which were actually nanorobots, would flow in his blood.

Other than the people from the Department of Inspection, no one had the ability to remove these marks from his blood.

This was why, under normal circumstances, the Department of Inspection did not even need to use the surveillance system to find a prisoner.

As long as a prisoner approached the city, the marks would immediately communicate with the city system and send out an alarm.

Faced with this question, his subordinates were also very confused.

Logic dictated that it was impossible for Yuchi to remove the marks from his body.

Those marks had been fused with his blood.

If he wanted to take out the marks, he would have to draw out all of the blood in his body.

Not some, but all…

Not a single drop of blood could be left inside the body.

It could only be taken out by draining the person dry.

However, at that point, the person would already be dead, so there was no point in taking it out anymore.

At this moment, Zhang Tianjian asked, “By the way, what did you say his name was”



Zhang Tianjian nodded.

He typed Yuchis name into the database in front of him.

After going through several rounds of filtering to narrow down the search, the database displayed Yuchis information.

The result was that he became even more confused.

According to the information stored in the database, Yuchis information could be said to be extremely ordinary.

Yuchi had parents.

He ignored the parents names for the time being.

The only interesting factoid about Yuchis parents was that they were both involved in prostitution, gambling, and drugs.

In addition, they died not too long ago as a result of their drug addiction.

Therefore, from his point of view, Yuchis parents were quite normal people in this human city.

Yuchi himself seemed even more ordinary.

When he was 14 years old, he started to run some small businesses on the internet.

He mainly operated some businesses that did not cost much.

He dipped his fingers into the gray area and made some money.

However, when he was 18 years old, he was scammed by someone and lost all his money.

In the end, he could not pay back the money he had borrowed and was sent to the Netherworld Sea prison to serve 10 years.

Therefore, looking at the information, there was no problem at all.

It was too normal.

Whether it was Yuchis parents or Yuchi himself, they were all piddling existences that could be seen everywhere in human cities.

Such a person should not have any social connections to any higher-ups or people with influence.

How could he leave the Netherworld Sea prison and go to a human city

There should not have been anyone who would help him, right

In Zhang Tianjians eyes, Yuchi was the same as any other commoner.

He was a homeless bum that had been abandoned by human society.

“I dont think hes the one behind this.”

“If he is really that capable, then why would he stay in the Netherworld Sea prison” Zhang Tianjian commented.

“Not to mention, if he was a martial artist in the past and had a good relationship with the rebels, why would he run these rubbish businesses on the internet If he had actual strength, wouldnt money come easily”

As one of the bosses of the Department of Inspection, Zhang Tianjian had seen all kinds of people.

He was quite capable in terms of work as well.

From just a glance at Yuchis information, he could tell that it was definitely not forged.

It was 100% true.

Yuchis origins were indeed very lowly.

Then, Zhang Tianjian threw out a very shocking conjecture.

“He might have formed a good relationship with a martial artist in the Netherworld Sea prison.

That martial artist helped him remove the marks inside his body, and he became the martial artists subordinate.”

“So the reason why he came to the city is probably to do the bidding of this martial artist.”

“He was born to be a chess piece and to be manipulated by others.”

“This time, he probably came to the city to find some cultivation techniques for martial artists and bring them back for the person behind him.”

“The real culprit is hiding in the Netherworld Sea prison.”

Zhang Tianjian looked at his subordinate with even more determination.

After noticing the respect in his subordinates eyes, he was satisfied.

“Im sure that something big happened in the Netherworld Sea prison after he arrived!”

Then, he searched for information about the Netherworld Sea prison.

This was not a public search engine, but an internal search engine that belonged to the Department of Inspection.

Intelligence personnel of the Department of Inspection would upload information on this special website.

Very little information could escape their surveillance.

His subordinate walked over to take a look as well.

As the website loaded in front of him, he was shocked.

“Secretary, youre right.

So many things happened after Yuchi arrived at the Netherworld Sea prison!”

The screen had already displayed the specific entries, and even the time and date of each event was clearly written.

In summary, there were a few incident entries.

First, the Netherworld Sea prison had been attacked by hunters, but the hunters were defeated by an unknown party, and most of the prisoners survived.

Second, the mysterious man was discovered in the Netherworld Sea prison.

In reality though, the mysterious man was just a puppet and did not have any practical significance.

(T/N: Zhang Tiangang)

Third, the Feng family sent people to the Netherworld Sea prison.

The Feng family wanted to destroy the Netherworld Sea prison in search of the soul beast they had prepared.

In the end, an A grade beast tamer from the Feng family went crazy, and all the prisoners in the Netherworld Sea prison survived.

Fourth, a psychiatrist named Qin Lanyu had tried to get a request for psychological treatment for a prisoner approved, but the proposal was rejected.

This prisoners name was Yuchi.

Fifth, Li Yixuns men failed to assassinate Yuchi.

After reading through the information, Zhang Tianjian smiled confidently.

“Everyone is saying that an ant is trying to shake a tree, but Yuchi, this ant, has found a big tree to rely on.

A youth as humble as an ant, at this time, actually has a mountain to rely on”


“So what if trash like him has found a backer Arent they still sneakily doing these things”

At this time, Zhang Tianjian had no way to associate Yuchi with the man in the helmet.

His logic did not allow him to reach such an incredible conclusion.

He was still looking at them from a logical perspective.

He looked at Yuchi and the others as if they were ants.

As for the man in the helmet

Zhang Tianjian slammed the table and stood up.

“Send someone to the Netherworld Sea prison and bring Yuchi here!”

“If he doesnt agree, or if anyone tries to stop you in the Netherworld Sea prison…”

“Then kill them without mercy!”

“I dont believe that a martial artist would dare to go against us, the Department of Inspection!”


“Youre just a little mouse thats hiding and playing games.

I want to see just who you are!”

Zhang Tianjian looked at the photo of the man in the helmet on the screen, and then looked at Yuchis photo when he was young.

His facial expression displayed the arrogance of a superior being.


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