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In another city, Fengyi was looking at her phone while lying on her soft bed, kicking up her white and delicate legs.

She saw the news about the city Qin Lanyu was in.

She was really too happy.

A bright smile covered her face, and her eyes were filled with great joy.

“Senior is indeed Senior.

He can even kill the most powerful beast tamer in the city.”

“Hes too powerful.

“I will never be able to reach Seniors level in my entire life.”

“Hes truly terrifying.”

She scrolled through her phone and found Yuchis photo in the photo album.

This was a photo she had secretly taken earlier.

She was holding her phone with both hands as she lay on the bed.

Looking at the mans back on the screen, Fengyis face blushed.

She bit her lips, and his eyes were filled with affection.

During this period of time, Qin Lanyu easily renewed her rental contract.

No one stopped her from doing what she liked to do anymore.

As for the assistant…

The assistant had bought a very expensive underground train ticket overnight.

He had escaped to another city, fearing Qin Lanyus revenge.


However, Qin Lanyu did not care about her at all.

She knew that her current stable situation was earned by Yuchi.

In her heart, other than Yuchi and her work, there really was not much else.

When this womans love had just sprouted, it had encountered an ice-cold man.

It did not feel good to be rejected, but she had to be strong.

She had to be strong, otherwise, not to mention Yuchi, even she would look down on herself!

In the Netherworld Sea prison, Yuchi was already seated on that same familiar shore once more.

His excursion to the human city to kill those three people did not cause any waves in his heart.

Those three people had long been completely devoured by their decadent lifestyle.

They did not have the will to fight, so even their soul beasts were in a muddled state.

If these three peoples will to fight could reach half of Yuchis, then even if they could not really kill him in the end, they would definitely have been able to satisfy his craving for a good fight.

It was a pity that the three people who had enjoyed glory, wealth, and absorbed the resources of the entire city, had turned out to be such trash in the end.

What a pity.

After that, Yuchi completely blocked off any news about the outside world.

The prisoners came and went, and the Netherworld Sea prison remained as peaceful as ever.

He did not care what the people in the city thought, and he did not care if the Department of Inspection was investigating him or not.

He just focused his eyes on the Netherworld Sea, awaiting the appearance of the Siren!

Six months passed.

A year passed.

Three years passed.

Yuchi was seated by the shore as usual.

His strength was steadily increasing, and the true qi in his body was gradually becoming more and more dense.

That night, a womanly figure finally appeared in front of him.


She was like a mermaid.

Her hair was long and green, her eyes were blue, her body was covered with colorful scales, and her movements were graceful.

Seeing this, Yuchi grabbed his fishing rod and jumped into the Netherworld Sea.

He was laughing wildly.

“Its here, its here! Its finally here!”

“For three years, Ive been waiting by the share day after day, waiting for you to come.

Youve finally arrived.”

“I didnt expect you to be such a beautiful creature.

Let me defeat you fair and square.”

There was no suspense as to the results of this battle at all.

Yuchi, who had been suppressed for a long time, had finally encountered the ancient existence he had been waiting so long for.

He was like a tiger that had not seen meat for ten years.

He listened to the singing of the Siren in the sea.

This song had a very strong hallucinatory effect.

At times, he seemed to be unable to control his body as he walked step by step toward the mermaid.

When he got close to the Siren, he could see her merciless eyes.

His consciousness instantly crushed the illusion.

He held the Siren in his arms, sensing the confusion of this ancient existence, and exerted pressure with his arms.

No matter how much she struggled, no matter how much she bit his skin, no matter how many holes he had on his body, and no matter how much blood he shed, Yuchi refused to let go.

At the end, he heard the sound of bones breaking.

Yuchi did not use any technique, he just kept using pure brute force.

In the end, the Siren was hugged to death.

Her merciless gaze gradually softened, and she looked at the man in front of her carefully.

The man stared straight into her eyes and did not back down at all.

Was it love

The Siren finally gave up.

A little girls joyful voice came out of the Sirens mouth.

A cluster of ancient souls fused into his body, and the Siren surrendered completely.

[Catch: Siren]

[Grade: SS]

[Attribute: Ghost]

[Skill 1: Song of the Siren]

[Skill 2: Eyes of Petrification]

[Skill 3: Bewitchment]

[Skill 4: Suffocation]

[Introduction: The Siren was one of the kings of the ancient Netherworld.

She was born to sing.

She liked to disguise herself as a pitiful woman and sing near the shore.

Passersby were attracted by her song, but began to suffocate when they approached.

It was said that when she died, even Medusa cried for her.]

[Song of the Siren: A very melodious song sung by the Siren that completely subdues the souls of enemies and confounds them.]

[Eyes of Petrification: A technique that the Siren inherited from Empress Medusa.

Staring into her eyes will cause one to sense the impending arrival of death.]

[Bewitchment: The Siren was born beautiful.

Regardless of whether an opponent is of the same sex or the opposite sex, they will be attracted by the beauty of the Siren and will not be able to display their full combat strength.]

[Suffocation: Enemies who have had their souls enthralled by the Song of the Siren will suffocate very quickly.]

In fact, among the three kings, the Sirens overall strength seemed to be the weakest.

She did not know any powerful techniques, and the deadliest ability she had was the Song of the Siren.

When she was singing the Song of the Siren, she could not move much.

All her skills were either tied to the Song of the Siren, or the Sirens natural characteristics.

As such, Yuchi would never pick these skills to use.

Of course, after Yuchi had learned about the Sirens past in detail, he knew that the Siren never fought alone.

In the fierce battles of the ancient era, she stayed behind the World Python and the Three-headed Naga Siren.

With these two fierce generals in front of her to protect her, she could display the full extent of her abilities.

She was Medusas favorite as well.

It was a pity that the other two kings had died.

She ended up fighting alone on the sea and being hugged to death by Yuchi.

It was a different kind of romance.

All of Yuchis attributes increased once again.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 73260]

[Strength: 73260]

[Speed: 73260]

[Skill 1: Thunder Dragons Fury.

Summon the Thunder Dragon to assist you, making your enemies tremble.]

[Skill 2: Enrage.

Pain brings strength, pain brings resistance, and pain brings joy.]

[Skill 3: Hellfire.

Hurl clusters of blinding hellfire to burn your enemies like maggots!]

[Skill 4: Blood Spike.

Gather the blood essence and qi in your body and use them to condense a blood spike.

The wounds caused by it are extremely difficult to heal and will bleed continuously!]

All of his attributes had exceeded 70000 points, which meant that he now had the strength of an SSS-grade soul beast!

In addition to his terrifying skills and fighting spirit, he could now probably defeat an SSS grade soul beast!

On the other hand, any soul beast below SSS-grade was no longer worth fighting.

With a mere flick of his finger, he could kill one instantly.

While Yuchi was wiping his sweat off and was about to go ashore, he sensed a figure appear behind him.

In his confusion, he turned his head and looked behind him.

An extremely beautiful and impeccable-looking female monster had appeared behind him.

It was…



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