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During the following month, Yuchi appeared on time by the seaside every day.

Although he did not see the Three-headed Naga Siren again during that month, he had encountered other new species.

However, thanks to his experience with the Three-headed Naga Siren, Yuchi did not have much interest in these ancient existences that looked fierce, but were actually just so-so.

During this one month, his strength had improved leaps and bounds.

Although he would often encounter triangular cone nightmares, there were two new existences besides the triangular cone nightmare and the king of nightmares!

[Catch: Netherworld Sea – Nine-ringed Ghost]

[Grade: C ]

[Attribute: Ghost]

[Skill: Hellfire]

[Introduction: The Nine-ringed Ghost is quite ethereal.

If one ignores its strength because of its beautiful body, that person will suffer dire consequences!]

This fellow looked like a sea snake, but it glowed elegantly.

From head to tail, it had a total of nine ring-shaped red ribbons, and its entire body was dark green.

Of course, the Nine-ringed Ghosts strength was about the same as the king of nightmares.

When Yuchis attribute had reached 40 points back then, he was already capable of hauling the king of nightmares up, so now that he had more than 140 points, he did not encounter any issues with this new species.

[Catch: Netherworld Sea – Parasite]

[Grade: C ]

[Attribute: Ghost]

[Skill: Parasitism]


[Introduction: Unlike other parasites, this parasite can feed on souls!]

As for the parasite, it was even more disgusting.

It was like a corpse puppet the size of a seal.

Still, its strength was nothing in front of Yuchis current strength.

Both were easy to fish up and absorb.

Therefore, after a month, his strength had increased considerably!

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 400]

[Strength: 400]

[Speed: 400]

[Skill 1: Bite.

Bite the enemy without letting go.

As the skill deals damage to the enemy, you will recover a small amount of health.]

[Skill 2: Gluttonous Mouth.

Use the Nightmares mouth to bite others, causing great pain while restraining the enemy.]

[Skill 3: Hellfire.

Hurl clusters of blinding hellfire to burn your enemies like maggots!]

[Skill 4: Parasitism.

Create a parasite that can burrow itself into the enemys body to suck away their vitality!]

“My attributes have increased from one measly point two months ago to 400 points now.

This is a 400-fold increase in strength!”


Yuchi laughed in a relaxed manner.

As for the king of nightmares which he had fought against for over 30 minutes back then…

He could now pull them out of the sea with one hand.

His overwhelming strength did not even allow the other party the slightest chance of dragging him into the sea to fight on their turf.

It could be said that he was rather ruthless in that sense.

The kings of nightmares were probably thinking,How did I offend this person

At this moment, Yuchi was stowing away the fishing rod while examining his current strength.

He had been in this prison for two months, and there was still plenty of time before he would be released.

By the time he left, his attributes would definitely have reached quite a striking number.

However, there was no one to fight in the prison at the moment, so there was no way for him to properly evaluate his combat strength.

He would have to find someone to spar with.

‘But why would someone in the prison even agree to fight me

“My palm strikes can already easily shatter some rocks.”


“In light of that, I should probably refrain from bullying my fellow inmates.”

As Yuchi stood by the sea, he was fiddling with a stone in his hand.

The stone was being slowly ground away like milled flour.

At this moment, he heard a buzzing sound coming from the sky not far away.

Yuchi squinted his eyes.

Taking a closer look, he saw two helicopters.

The two helicopters were painted black, and the black matte paint made them look relatively advanced.

These did not seem like regular passenger helicopters, but military transport helicopters.

The cabins of these helicopters would be able to hold cargo along with some passengers.

Yuchi did not really care.

Helicopters were not a rare sight in this prison.

When prisoners were released from prison, they would leave on a helicopter.

Besides, helicopters were cheap.


“Its probably for another prisoner who has finished his sentence and was released.”

“I might have envied them in the past, but now this prison is the safest place for me.”

“At the very least, I dont have to worry about my enemies coming to the prison to kill me.”

“After all, the prison is protected, so I can slowly improve my own strength.”

Yuchi had no idea that these two helicopters were carrying hunters.

The other prisoners were not expecting this either.

After all, who would believe that there was a soul beast hidden underneath this prison Unless someone had obtained clues about it in advance, it was simply impossible to discover.

There were a few hunters in the helicopters cabins.

“Brothers, make your final preparations!”

“Were about to land!”

“Were going to take this soul beast away.

10 million is waiting for us!”

The loud laughter of the other hunters could be heard on the radio.

The bearded man had already shifted his gaze to the cabin.

There were a total of six people in their team of hunters.

Two of them were mainly in charge of intelligence and logistics, while the other four were beast tamers.

The bearded man was the strongest among them.

He had a pet beast that had reached C grade!


It was a two-legged werewolf that was sitting in the corner of the cabin with its eyes closed.

The werewolf looked like a human, with its muscled legs bent like that.

It had blood-red eyes, and even though its eyes were currently closed, one could still sense the fierceness in its eyes!


It probably weighed around 500 pounds, and its bulging muscles were like steel plates, welded layer upon layer over its bones.

It was a very fierce creature!

After seeing his pet beast, the bearded mans expression became quite satisfied.

“As a beast tamer with a C grade pet beast, handling some prisoners is a piece of cake!”

“After I get there, I can easily exterminate all of them!”

“In addition, this is also because this place is a prison surrounded by the sea, so theres no need to worry about any of them escaping!”

“All of these people must die.”

The bearded man arrogantly looked at the approaching prison through the cockpits windscreen.

He could clearly see that many of the prisoners were unaware of their impending death.

They were still looking up at the two helicopters and waving at them.

“Look at that idiot fishing on the shore!”

“What a big fool he is!”

“Im dying of laughter.”

He noticed Yuchi after a simple glance.

The two of them locked gazes with each other at a low altitude.

“Ill throw you into the sea and drown you later!” The burly man said disdainfully.

Soon, the helicopters arrived and began to descend.

In the howling wind, the prisoners were shouting at each other in excitement.

“Whos going to leave the prison today”

“Congratulations, brother.

After you leave this place, you have to remember to send us letters.”

“So which brother is leaving”

“I dont know!”

The prisoners looked up at the descending helicopters and then at each other with envy.

They watched as the helicopters landed in the center of the prison.

The sliding doors of the helicopters were pulled open!


Everyones expression gradually changed from joy to confusion, and then from confusion to fear!

This was because they saw a werewolf slowly walking out of the cargo hold of one of the helicopters!

The 2.5-meter tall werewolf weighed more than 500 pounds, and its sharp claws were like blades, gleaming with the promise of cold death.

This was a soul…

It was a soul beast!

“Hurry up.”

“Go and kill them all.”

The bearded mans boots had yet to step out of the cargo hold, but his casual voice had already given the savage werewolf instructions.

The werewolfs ears twitched.

It had heard the command.

The werewolfs ugly and smelly fur fluttered in the wind.

The very next moment, before the helicopters rotors even stopped, it had already rushed out like a gust of wind!

This was a one-sided massacre!

The moment the werewolf rushed forward, its claws immediately dug into a prisoners body, shattering their bones.

It waved its arms around violently!

All sorts of chopping and slashing started to take place!

As the helicopters rotor blades slowed, pieces of flesh from various corpses splattered everywhere!

There were originally more than ten people gathered around the helicopters.

Now, after just a few seconds, none of these people were alive!

They had all been killed by this sudden attack!

The entire courtyard was filled with these pieces of flesh!

The werewolf shook its head and threw a piece of meat into the air.

Then, it caught it with its mouth and swallowed it.

“Everyone, execute the plan!”

“Dont show any mercy when you encounter anyone.

Kill them all!”

“Dont leave anyone alive.

Otherwise, well be in trouble the next time someone from the prison department comes.”

After the bearded man finished speaking, the others all responded in the radio channel.


“The slaughter feast has begun!”

The next moment, the prison was filled with dense killing intent, and a one-sided slaughter started!

In front of a beast tamer, mortals were helpless!

Even if someone picked up a stone and hurled it at the soul beast, the soul beast would not need to dodge.

It would just directly crush the stone, and the person behind it, with a single claw slash from top to bottom.

All sorts of wails and howls could be heard everywhere!

The prison was gradually turning into hell on earth!



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