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Inside her clinic, Qin Lanyu stood beside the curtains with her phone in her hand.

She looked quite pretty in her white coat, but her tone as she spoke to the other party seemed unusually angry.

“I know that youre the one behind all this!”

“Youve been making things difficult for me over the past nine months!”

“Youre even messing with my career.

Did you really think I wouldnt notice your actions!”

The man on the other side of the phone replied in a roundabout way.

No matter what Qin Lanyu said, the meaning he implied by his response was centered around one request.

He wanted to ask Qin Lanyu out for a meal and a movie.

After that, and a bit more, everything could be resolved.

How could Qin Lanyu possibly agree

This was blackmail!

How could she give her virginity to such a man Even if she died, she would never let such a thing happen!

The conversation lasted for ten minutes, but nothing was resolved.

She put down her phone.

Qin Lanyu had to drink two large glasses of water in a row before she managed to gradually calm down the anger in her heart.

At this time, her face was somewhat pale.

Her assistant walked in with some documents in her arms.

She was a little embarrassed.

“Doctor Qin, was it him again”

Qin Lanyu nodded.

The assistant placed the document on the table and said in a kind tone, “Although you might not like him, I think hes a good man.

Hes pursued you fervently, as is from an extremely powerful and influential family!”


“If you and him get together, then your future will definitely be bright.”

“He can help you, and the two of you working together will be able to help even more people.”

This man had a powerful background.

He was the grandson of the Dean of the citys Beast Tamer Academy.


His name was Li Yixun.

The Dean was extremely powerful, and was one of the three big shots in the city.

It so happened that Li Yixun was the Deans favorite grandson.

The Dean had watched him grow up.

Although his strength was not particularly noteworthy, and he was only a B-Class Beast Tamer, he still had a pretty good future ahead of him.

He could slowly cultivate and, when his soul power reached a certain realm, the necessary soul beasts would be sent over directly to him, courtesy of his grandfather.

This was an arrangement that most beast tamers would envy.

Most beast tamers did not have ready access to soul beasts.

From the assistants point of view, if Qin Lanyu was willing to be with Li Yixun, then Qin Lanyus career would definitely develop rapidly!

She would be able to do whatever she wanted!

Was this not a good deal

There were many women who wanted to be with this man, but none of them would ever have the chance of doing so.

“How much did you take from him” Just as the assistant was about to continue, Qin Lanyu beat her to the question and asked sadly.


The assistant was a little confused, and her face immediately displayed signs of nervousness.

“I dont know what you mean by that, Dr.


I didnt take money from him.”

Qin Lanyu could only sigh and say, “Dont take me for a fool.

I can see how youve changed over the months.”

When Li Yixun first appeared, her assistant tried to stop him.

The reason for this was simple.

The assistant was also a woman, and a particularly jealous one.

Could she bear to watch another woman get with a man that she herself wanted

The answer to that question was a definite no!

Therefore, from the beginning, the assistant kept badmouthing Li Yixun, saying that a rich man like him would most certainly have many other women, and that if Qin Lanyu chose to be with him, he would abandon her when he was tired of her!

Yet her assistant had now changed her tune.

Was she actually speaking up for Lee Yixun


The assistant was about to string together some sort of explanation, but Qin Lanyu cut her off there and then,

“Im sorry, but youre fired.”

“Please pack your things and leave my clinic, thanks.”

She was quite decisive.

It was impossible for her to accept such betrayal.

Her assistant had sought benefits for herself and disregarded Qin Lanyus perspective and feelings on the matter.

The assistant panicked.

She had indeed received a lot of money from Li Yixun.

Li Yixun had even been extremely straightforward and upfront with her, telling her to influence Qin Lanyus mind to accept his request.

If she left the clinic now, she would never be able to complete what Li Yixun had tasked her to do.

The consequences of failure would be very serious.

“Please dont, Dr.


“Im really saying this for your own good!”

“Think about it.

Lee Yixuns grandfather is the president of the Academy, and he is an SS-grade beast tamer!”

“Under such circumstances, if you can join their family, the rest of your life will be smooth sailing!”

“Arent you a very kind person With the help of his family, you will definitely be able to help even more people.”

As she spoke, the assistant was on the verge of tears.

She simply could not understand why Qin Lanyu would reject such an excellent opportunity.

Did anyone in this world still believe in true love

It would be better for Qin Lanyu to choose a powerful man as her backer.

If there were any problems in the future, she would not have to face them alone!

Qin Lanyu suddenly felt a little sad.

“I dont know what Ive done wrong to you that youd turn on me like this.”

“But its just as I said.”

“Youre fired.”

“Please leave.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her back on the assistant and looked out of the window without saying a word.

The assistant was depressed.

In that case…

Her assistants anger was aroused.


“I wont hide it from you,”

“Youre right.

I did receive money from Li Yixun.

Its a decent sum, three million.”

“Also, hes already bought this property so when your contract with the landlord expires, you will have to leave this clinic.”


“Im sure hell find you wherever you go and prevent you from establishing your career elsewhere.

You wont be able to find another landlord who would dare to sign a rental agreement with you.”

“You will have no place in this city in the future!”

“Even if youre going to post something about it on the internet, it wont help!”

“All of your online posts will be blocked.

Your account will be locked by the Department of Inspection and then transferred to someone else!”

“You will be isolated!”

Qin Lanyu was shocked when she heard the assistants words.

She slowly turned her head and her beautiful eyes revealed a poignant look.

“So, you chose to part ways with me for 3 million”

Faced with Qin Lanyus question, the assistant gritted her teeth and said, “Yes, I did!”

“Its not just that…”

“I hate you too.

I hate women like you who dont cherish things that you have.

Do you know how much I want to marry Li Yixun and live the high life”

“Yet in the end he still chose you.”

“Do you think I care about you”


“Youre just a self-righteous fool.

I dont believe that theres anyone who would dare to stand up for you now!”

After she finished speaking, she slammed the door behind her and left.


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