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After a few more days, Yuchi had already roughly read through the books in the large box and all the other books here.

He had really benefited greatly.

Sometimes, if one was only focused on one path, the further one went, the more doubts one would have.

They would doubt if there was a problem with their path and doubt their own choices in picking this path.

However, if one fully prepared themselves before embarking on a path, and knew all the risks that one would encounter on the path like the back of their hand, then they would be able to walk that path to its limits.

Even if he were to encounter challenges and problems in the future, he would not shrink back and doubt himself.

This was what martial artists often calledstate of mind.

Ones state of mind could not be figured out just by closing ones eyes and letting ones imagination run wild.

The right state of mind was a kind ofcalmness that was derived from constant comprehension, constant observation, and constant understanding.

Among the major characteristics of a person, calmness was the one most often associated with wisdom.

Being able to objectively evaluate and discern the truth through calm observation was a key indicator of ones wisdom.

Now that Yuchi had finished reading, he turned to leave this place.

Before he left, he found the old man and simply said, “Thank you.

Im leaving.”

The old man immediately put down the book in his hand and stared at Yuchi with a burning gaze.

“Alright, but before that, theres a question Im not sure if I can ask you.”

Yuchi smiled faintly, “Go ahead.

Just say it.”


The old man took a deep breath and fidgeted nervously.

He asked tentatively, “I wonder how far youve gone on the path of martial Dao”

This was a crucial question.


He was extremely curious about this matter.

For the past half a month, this young man had not moved an inch since arriving at the library.

He just stood in the library all day without moving!

His breathing was akin to a hibernating creature, which was simply terrifying.

This young man had completely surpassed his level of understanding and knowledge!

Yuchi replied, “Martial flame realm, middle stage, around the fourth level.”

After saying that, he smiled and nodded.

He then flicked his sleeves and left.

The old man was left standing in the same place in disbelief, watching as Yuchis figure disappeared into the distance.

He was shell-shocked!

The martial flame realm!

Oh my God, did such a realm really exist in this world How did he reach this level

‘Was the body refinement realm not the limit of martial artist warriors Could martial artists still breakthrough beyond that realm Was that even possible

The old man was stunned and stood there in a daze.

At this moment, the little girl walked in, and brushed past Yuchi as he left.

She saw her grandfather standing there in a daze, as if he had lost his soul.

She suddenly became very nervous.

She thought that her grandfather had been attacked.

Just as the little girl was about to ask him a question, the old man said something from the bottom of his heart, “Yuanyuan, you must cultivate well!”

“You must strive to reach the realm that that Senior has currently reached one day!”

“Work hard on your cultivation!”

“Dont slack off!”

The little girl did not know why her grandfather would suddenly say something like that.

Of course, he had also said this to her many times in the past.

He would always tell her to focus on her cultivation and not play around all the time.

However, why did he appear so emotional when he said these words today

The old man continued, “Because that senior is a legendary cultivator!”

He clenched his fists tightly and looked at Yuchis departing figure.

His eyes were filled with gratitude.

He was really grateful.

To be honest, in an era where everyone had already given up on being a martial artist, he, as one of the few remaining martial artists, was definitely quite touched to see a fellow martial artist make it so far.

Everyone had said it was impossible, yet he had been slowly and painstakingly moving forward.

Now, he had suddenly found hope.

Someone who shared the same path as he did had actually reached that legendary realm!

This would definitely be of great help to his current state of mind!

His doubts about martial arts disappeared at this moment!

This was the first time the little girl had sensed such emotions from her grandfather… Yuchis image quickly appeared in her mind.


“He is a legendary cultivator!”

A few days later, Yuchi returned to the Netherworld Sea prison.

“Yuchi, where have you been all this time We wanted to invite you to a gathering, but we couldnt find you.”


The prisoners greeted Yuchi when they saw him.

Of course, this kind of question was just a casual one.

No one would believe for one second that Yuchi had left the Netherworld Sea prison during this period of time.

They only thought that there might be something wrong with his mental state, which caused him to hide in seclusion.

If the prisoners knew that he had left the Netherworld Sea prison, and barged into the Department of Inspection building and killed the public officials there, he wondered what their expressions would be like.

He simply talked about some relaxing topics with the prisoners.

When night fell and all the prisoners were resting, he returned to the seashore.

Originally, he fished on this very shore, but now he felt that it was better not to.

He left the Netherworld Sea prison and walked on the surface of the sea all the way until he was ten kilometers away from the prison.

There was nothing on the surface of the sea.

He stood on the surface of the sea and calmly casted out his fishing line.

Leaving the Netherworld Sea prison at night and returning after fishing was the best choice for both the prisoners and him, especially if he considered their safety

Yuchi started fishing again.

It had been a while since he had gone fishing.

Taking out his fishing rod again felt like he was meeting an old friend.

It warmed his heart.

Then, a notification suddenly rang out in his mind.

[Fishing difficulty level: SS]

His heart tightened, and his face lit up with joy.

He then looked down.

The dark green ocean beneath his feet was as peaceful as a mirror.

Under the surface of the ocean, a black visage could be seen gradually emerging.

This black visage was extremely huge and unusually slender.

It was as if a monster had emerged from the bottom of the sea!

It was a giant python with a diameter of 30 meters and a length of more than 300 meters.

The pythons head was very smooth, and the only thing that could be seen was its huge, ferocious mouth!

It really was a World Python!

Its entire body was dark green, and the surface of its skin was covered with very neat scales.

Its head was like a dolphin, its tail was like a swordfish, its body was like a snake, and there were long and sharp dorsal fins on its back!


Yuchi was like a boat drifting out at sea.

An ancient sea monster had emerged from the depths of the sea.

Such a scene would cause most people to develop a phobia of the deep sea.

Then, he heard the giant pythons earth-shaking roar!

“Who dares to disturb my peace!”

Yuchi could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

His originally calm face was now filled with anticipation.

It was the joy of seeing something he loved, but it was also a kind of madness that emerged from the bottom of his heart.

He had completely broken away from his usual state of mind, and what surfaced once again was the persona of a crazy person.

“This humble one is Yuchi.

Senior, please give me your guidance!”

After he finished speaking, he stomped on the surface of the sea, and a 300-meter-long depression appeared on the sea.

Then, he jumped into the abyss and faced the giant python head-on!


Please guide me!


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