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The sealed, old wine cellar that he lived in was filled with a rotten smell.

Captain Chen hesitated for a moment when he heard Yuchis question.

After some hesitation, he stood up.

His greasy face instantly turned red as he said in a panicked tone, “I didnt have a choice!”

“Senior, I had no choice!”

“I could only follow their lead!”

“If I didnt follow the Department of Inspections wishes, I would have ended up like Zhang Tiangang.”

He was anxious.

Seeing that Yuchi had remained silent, Captain Chen started to lose control of his emotions and shouted, “And Zhang Tiangang is really an idiot!”

“He clearly knew that there was a grudge between him and the Department of Inspection, yet he still voluntarily put himself into that position!”

“This is a choice he made himself!”

“Hes an adult, so he has to bear the consequences of his own decision.

I cant be blamed for this.”


“If you were me, you would also choose to do the same, right!”

“I didnt have any other choice!”

“I was forced, I really was.

Please believe me, please believe me!”


Captain Chen was very agitated.

His angry roars echoed throughout the cellar.

As he spoke, his whole body trembled, and he was sweating profusely.

The big white dog looked at him and just sat there, not daring to move.

Captain Chen was very clear about his current situation.

If he did not exonerate himself, then he really might die.

Was he actually going to die in the hands of this mysterious person No way! He had escaped death time and time again.

How could he die because of this Zhang Tiangang

Would anyone really care about the life and death of a worthless prisoner No one would care if a prisoner died.

‘Please dont kill me.

Im already in such dire straits!

‘I dont want to take responsibility for what happened to Zhang Tiangang!

He had already ended up like this… was this not enough Captain Chen felt that he had already received his punishment.

Yuchi did not say anything unnecessary.

He just moved his hand away from the big white dogs head and turned to look at Captain Chen, who was standing there.

“Do you want me to help you, or do you want to do it yourself”

Captain Chen was speechless.

There had been so much agitation in his heart, and so much irritation, butYuchis words instantly chilled his heart!

His white vest was cold and wet from his sweat and, as the dank and foul smell of the cellar assaulted his nostrils, his mind went blank.

“Do you still want to be a decent person” Yuchi asked.

His helmet tilted in the direction of the gun on the ground.


Captain Chen did not dare to speak!

His body was trembling!

He was shaking in his boots!

His chest heaved up and down like a bellow, but he could not say a word.

“Well, thats that then.”

“Ill be waiting for you outside.”

“Ill give you five minutes.

At least die a respectful death.”

Yuchi finished.

He stood up and disappeared into the dim light of the wine cellar, and closed the door behind him.

Captain Chen was left alone in the cellar.

It was dark in the cellar.

He turned his attention to the movie on the TV and read the subtitles playing on the screen.

Then the end credits rolled.

It was black and white, accompanied by music played by a heavy pipe organ and string ensemble.

Captain Chen started to laugh.




Waves of laughter came out from his throat.

The world was spinning!

He looked around the room in confusion.

The first thing he saw was a marionette in the corner of the room.

The marionette was too horrible to look at.

The second thing he saw was a drained wine barrel in the corner.

The barrel was filled with cockroaches.

The third thing he saw was a bookshelf filled with bullet shells and all kinds of dirty wine bottles.

“Hehe, I was actually living in this kind of place”

“When did I start living here”

“When did this all start”

“Why dont I remember”

His head felt dizzy and started to hurt.

Finally, Captain Chen turned to look at the whimpering big white dog.

The big white dog whimper had completely awakened him from his confusion.

“I understand.”

“So from that day, from the moment I made that decision, my life was destined to end like this.”

“I pity you for being with me for so many years.”

“Im sorry,” he said.

He patted the big white dogs head.

Soon after, he finally collapsed.

He laughed and cried as he patted his legs.

He cried from time to time like a child and even stomped his feet.

His bare feet stepped on the cold tiles on the ground that were peeling off, making a thumping sound.

His feet were even covered in blood.

Then, three minutes passed.

Captain Chens eyes finally fell on the ground.

This black pistol was the one he had been given when he first entered the Department of Inspection.

It had accompanied him on the battlefield for many years.

Were these fallen leaves returning to their roots now

Captain Chen laughed and cried.

His face was covered in snot and tears.

He was in a sorry state.

He sat on the cold tile floor and picked up the pistol.

He was stunned for three seconds.

He habitually unloaded the magazine of the pistol and looked at it.

The magazine was filled with golden bullets.

“Kada kata!”

The magazine was reloaded into position.

His eyes gradually became blank, and goosebumps appeared on his skin.

From the corner of his eye, he saw a big white dog sitting there.

The big white dog seemed to have sensed something and was whimpering softly.

“Faced with the Department of Inspection, you and I are just prisoners.”


He was crying!

Two streams of tears flowed down his face.

Soon after.


The sound of a frightened dogs barking and intense gunshots echoed in the cellar, frightening the passersby on the road outside.

Three minutes later.

A group of patrolmen rushed into the cellar and looked inside.

A big white dog was lying in a pool of blood.

The big white dogs entire body was covered in someones blood.

It was whimpering.

Next to it, the pistol was still emitting wisps of smoke … And the dead person was Captain Chen.

The patrolmen heaved a sigh of relief.

“So it was a suicide.”


“I thought it was a murder case.”

“There wont be any problems to deal with if it was suicide.”

“Alright, alright, Ill just collect the corpse.”

Every day, there were countless people who chose to commit suicide in the human city, and for the patrolmen, it was very simple to deal with those who committed suicide.

It was just like what they were doing now.

After checking the big white dogs dog tag and making sure that its ownership taxes were paid, they would send the big white dog to the pet area where someone would take care of it.

As for Captain Chen

They found a random plastic bag at the scene and covered his head with it.

They then picked up the discarded shell on the ground and called for a car to send him directly to the crematorium.

It was that simple.

They did not even need to file any paperwork.


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