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In the Netherworld Sea prison, a few prisoners were taking a walk by the sea.

Out of habit, they looked in Yuchis direction.

Normally, Yuchi would be sitting there quietly with a bamboo pole in his hand, not moving at all, as if he was meditating.

However, today, he was not there.

“Thats strange.”

“Where did Yuchi go”

“I dont know.”

“Could it be that he escaped”

“Its possible.

After all, were all hot-blooded men, and there arent any women in our prison.

We can only rely on ourselves out here.”

They joked around and did not think too much about it.

As they chatted, they looked at the vast Netherworld Sea.

Yuchi could not possibly have left the Netherworld Sea prison, right

How was that possible

It did not make sense.

The truth was that Yuchi had indeed left the Netherworld Sea prison.

The things he wanted to do after leaving the Netherworld Sea prison were very simple.

First, he had to help the scar-faced man deal with some people.

Second, he had to light incense for his dead parents.

Even though Yuchi did not have any deep memories of Scarface during his time at the Netherworld Sea prison, it was all thanks to Scarface that Qin Lanyu came to visit him.

Although Yuchi did not say anything about it, he would definitely remember the favor.

This time, it seemed that even though the scar-faced man knew he was about to die, he did not dare to write his name on the paper.

He thought about how a man with such indomitable spirit had died in such an undeserving manner.


From the letter, he knew that the scar-faced man missed his family very much.

The scar-faced man was worried that his relatives would be bullied in his absence.

He was even more worried that his relatives were short of money, but he could not return to see them at all.

He was drifting aimlessly in the sea of despair.

He did not have the power to decide his own fate.

The only thing he could do was to go with the flow.

Yuchi then thought of Scarface being pressed to the ground and beaten up, and a hint of madness appeared in his eyes.

“Its not that I wont take revenge, but some things need to be done first.

Then Ill clean things up.”

Yuchi was a person who did not like to move around.

He had some empathy for Scarface.

After all, the latter was the prisoners representative.

He did not bother to plan things out though.

“It seems like there are still things in this world that I cant easily ignore.”

“In the end, no man is an island.”

“I might still be considered a human.”

Yuchi was running on the surface of the Netherworld Sea.

His eyes were filled with madness and melancholy.

While he was running, he was already circulating the true qi in his body.

His true qi flowed through his veins and, as he took a step forward, a cloud of blood burst out from the surface of his body.

His skin was riddled with holes, but it was healing just as quickly.

Within the blood mist, one could see many tiny fragments.

The fragments were the prisoners marks, which were nanorobots.

After a criminal committed a crime, a large number of nanorobots would be injected into their blood vessels through a syringe.

The nanorobots with the prisoners mark would only be deactivated when the prisoner was released.

This technology was a closely-guarded secret of the Department of Inspection, and the nanorobots were not something that could be removed by a simple operation.

Yuchi had already examined his body previously, but since these nanorobots were harmless to him, he ignored them.

Besides, his status as a prisoner would allow him to stay in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Now that he was going to take a walk around the city, he could not keep these things in his body.

“Lets end the battle quickly.”

“Theres no need to hesitate.”

Waves rose on the Netherworld Sea as Yuchi sped along on its surface.

The room was dark, and there was a dim light in the room.

Inside, there was an old gray sofa, and a dispirited middle-aged man was sitting on it.

The middle-aged man was wearing a worn-out white tank top and gray boxer shorts.

His eyes were listless as he watched the movie playing on the TV.

Suddenly, a dog started barking.

Just as the middle-aged man was about to comfort the dog, the big white dog stood up and barked at the door.


Woof! Woof! Woof!

The ear-piercing noise made the middle-aged man squint his eyes and look in the direction of the door.

The doorknob turned.

Two seconds later, the metal door lock was broken, and the door to the room was opened.

“Who are you”

The middle-aged man immediately asked.

He took out a pistol that was placed beside the sofa and pointed the muzzle directly at the intruder.

By the time the figure was discernible in the darkness, the pistol had already fallen to the ground.

The dog whimpered in fear.

The middle-aged man saw a man wearing a black helmet.

The man had a strong body and was wearing a simple black shirt, loose gray pants, and a pair of ordinary slippers.


The man shouted.

His voice was filled with fear and regret.

This mysterious person was naturally Yuchi.

Yuchi had found Captain Chen through some means.

Of course, it was not difficult for him to find Captain Chen.

Captain Chen was now living in a corner of the city, under an abandoned wine cellar.

Captain Chen, who had once managed to Netherworld Sea prison, was now an unkempt bum.

“I have a question to ask you.”

“Do you know Scarface”

“Or do you still remember him”

Yuchi looked at the furnishings in the room.

This was a standard, smelly, and run-down place.

Even compared to the Netherworld Sea prison, this place was terrible.

After asking the question, Yuchi sat on the sofa casually.

Through the reflective visor of the helmet, he saw the big white dog shivering in the corner.

He beckoned to the big white dog with his finger.

The big white dog was a little hesitant but, in the end, it still lowered its head.

Its eyes looked up at Yuchis helmet, and it slowly walked over.

Yuchi patted the dogs head and continued calmly after he noticed that Captain Chen did not dare to answer, “Tell me everything you know about Scarface.”

“Dont leave anything out.”

Captain Chens heart was pounding!

He did know about Scarface.

Earlier on, he had accompanied the people from the Department of Inspection to take away his body.

How could he have forgotten about Scarface

However, why did the man in front of him come to the city from the Netherworld Sea prison to look for him Was Scarface not just another prisoner

Captain Chens heart was filled with fear.

The movie that was playing on TV had been completely tuned out.

He knew that he stood no chance at all, so he could only answer truthfully.

The scar-faced mans original name was Zhang Tiangang, and he was 34 years old this year.

He was originally from an ordinary neighborhood in the city and led a rather ordinary life.

After he married his wife, she gave birth to a daughter.

Zhang Tiangang operated a very simple bar.

The bar was not big, and there were only three tables inside, not including the counter.

It was obvious that this kind of bar was where neighbors usually gathered to drink and chat.

It was during his days as a bartender that something unexpected happened.

A high-ranking member of the Department of Inspection came to the bar for a drink.

While drinking, the two of them got into a conflict.

Zhang Tiangang said that the high-ranking member wanted to bully his wife, but the high-ranking member denied it.

The two of them even brought this matter to the police station.

A few days later, just as Zhang Tiangang felt that this matter was over, someone came to settle the score with him.

These people smashed his small bar.

The high-ranking member was even more arrogant.

He wanted to take Zhang Tiangangs wife away!

In a fit of rage, Zhang Tiangang beat the guy to death with a wine bottle.

Although he garnered a lot of public support and even had many people plead on his behalf, the other partys underhanded means resulted in him being sentenced to life imprisonment.

It was not hard to understand why Zhang Tiangang wanted to leave the Netherworld Sea prison at the first opportunity he had.

He knew that if he passed up this opportunity, he would never be able to leave the Netherworld Sea prison and see his wife and daughter again!

When he first arrived at the Department of Inspection, no one recognized him.

However, when his true identity was discovered later, his fate was sealed in stone.

For ordinary people, life imprisonment was already a rather terrible punishment.

However, to the people of the Department of Inspection, life imprisonment was nothing more than benevolent exile.

They loathed the fact that this guy had dared to take the initiative to appear in front of them again.

Furthermore, he would become a prisoner hero in the Department of Inspection.

This was something that they could not tolerate.

After that, Zhang Tiangang was tortured.

“Its like that…”

Captain Chen stopped abruptly.

He looked at Yuchi, who was calmly patting the big white dogs head, and was extremely flustered.

“Senior, thats all I know!”

He was begging for forgiveness from Yuchis side.

Yuchi nodded his head to suppress his anger.

His voice slowly rang out.

“Alright,” he said.

“I only have one question.”

“Did you participate in Zhang Tiangangs matter”

His eyes fell on Captain Chen through the visor.

Captain Chen was stunned.


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