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Seeing Yuchi follow the two girls into the building next to them, some prisoners who knew Fengyi and Qin Lanyu stood up.

They were introducing the other new prisoners and helping them to understand the situation.

“Dont overthink things too much.

One of the girls is Qin Lanyu.”

“Shes a very famous psychologist in the city.”

“The reason why shes here this time is probably because of the psychological treatment she gave Yuchi last time.

Shes probably back for a follow-up examination.”

“The other girl is Fengyi.”

“Shes a young lady from a very famous family in the city.”

“Although I dont know why she came here this time, it seems like she has something to tell Yuchi.”

After hearing the prisoners explanation, the new prisoners gained an understanding of the matter.

So it was like this

They watched as Yuchi finally entered the building.

One of the prisoners suddenly said something.

“Logically speaking, when a normal man meets these two very beautiful girls, he should be happy.”

“But why doesnt Yuchi seem to be happy”

“He seems to be as indifferent as usual”


After the prisoner finished speaking, the other prisoners also felt that things were quite strange.

They did not understand why Yuchi was behaving like this, but they still found it impressive that he was able to remain stoic in the presence of such beautiful women.

“Yuchi, how can you be so calm”

“Although hes not exactly trying to court these two girls, he should at least be happy.”

“He doesnt seem to have anything to be happy about”


“I dont understand.”

The prisoners did not know what Yuchi was thinking.

Five minutes later.

‘It seems like this girl named Fengyi is his girlfriend, right

‘Only his girlfriend would come all the way to the Netherworld Sea prison to see him.

Qin Lanyu looked at Yuchi, who was sitting opposite her, and then at Fengyi, who was standing next to Yuchi.

The two of them actually looked quite compatible.

At least in terms of age, there was no problem at all.

Moreover, Fengyis gaze towards Yuchi was also quite gentle.

Although it would be a little farfetched to say that they were really in a relationship, the two of them at least seemed amiable to one another.

Qin Lanyu made an initial assumption, which she immediately overturned shortly after.

“Thats not right.”

It was Fengyi who was casting such a warm gaze toward Yuchi, but Yuchi himself was quite ambivalent about the matter, as if he did not care about what was happening around him.

She looked at Fengyis eyes carefully and soon realized that the latters gaze was not one of a lover!

Qin Lanyu could even see a tinge of respect and awe in Feng Yis gaze!

From this, Qin Lanyu could clearly sense Feng Yis current attitude toward Yuchi.

It was the attitude one had when facing an elder!

She seemed a little reserved, and her eyes were full of admiration.

This confused Qin Lanyu.

Why did Fengyi respect Yuchi

What was their relationship

According to Qin Lanyus previous judgment of Feng Yi, although she did not know her exact identity, it was obvious that this young lady was a descendant of a major family in the city.

The way she spoke and dressed were all carefully thought out.

Why would a young lady from such a distinguished background display such a respectful look toward a prisoner like Yuchi

In contrast to Qin Lanyus confusion, Fengyi was also quite curious.

“Yuchi, you were seeing a psychologist This is the first time Ive heard of this.”

She was now one hundred percent sure that Yuchi was the mysterious man in the Netherworld Sea prison.

He was the mysterious man who had suddenly appeared that night, then held her chin and made her cry.

This was something that could be confirmed.

His figure and silhouette were exactly the same!

Such a powerful and terrifying warrior… No, cultivator, how could he need to see a psychologist

This was strange.

Fengyi was not able to figure out what was going on here.

However, no matter what the truth was, Fengyi was in a very good mood.

She stood behind Yuchi.

Although the two of them did not talk much and did not communicate with each other, just standing behind him made her feel at ease.

She had never experienced this kind of feeling before.

‘Senior is indeed worthy of his title.

‘After I go back this time, Im going to go to another city to cultivate!

‘Although I might not be able to impress Senior in the future, at the very least I must fight for the opportunity to stand behind Senior again and gaze at his back!

That was Fengyis line of thinking.

While the two girls were engrossed in their own thoughts, Yuchis heart was as calm as a lake.

He waited patiently for the psychologists questions.

He wanted to know the purpose of the other partys visit.

Still, why were the two of them looking at him without saying anything Yuchi could not understand what was going through their minds.

“Doctor Qin” Yuchi opened his mouth and gestured, “Can we start”

“Ah, okay!”

Qin Lanyu snapped back to her senses and her face turned slightly red.

The awkward atmosphere also dissipated.

However, she really did not want to talk about Yuchis illness in front of a girl with an unknown identity.

Her eyes also darted toward Fengyi, who was standing behind Yuchi.

Her meaning was very obvious.

She wanted to ask Yuchis opinion on the matter.

“Please go ahead,” Yuchi said.

“Alright,” she said.

Qin Lanyu understood.

Sure enough, there was some sort of relationship between the two.

Although it did not confirm that they were a couple, at the very least, Yuchi was willing to disclose his illness with Fengyi.

She opened her mouth.

Qin Lanyu spent ten minutes talking about Yuchis current mental state.

In a nutshell, she would be staying in the Netherworld Sea prison to help Yuchi with his treatment.

She hoped that Yuchi would not be nervous about this matter.

After all, the effectiveness of psychological intervention would vary based on the patients mental state and attitude toward treatment.

However, most would be resistant to psychological intervention at the beginning.

Fengyi was stunned.

She looked at Qin Lanyu in disbelief.

What was Qin Lanyu saying Why was she saying that Yuchi had a serious psychological problem

Yuchi was a powerful cultivator!

There was almost zero chance that he had any psychological problems!


Still, the other party seemed to be a very good psychologist…

She did not understand any of the professional terms that Qin Lanyu had just said, but she felt that what she said seemed to make sense.

Qin Lanyus words made Fengyi carefully consider her judgment of Yuchi.

She thought about it.

“It really seems reasonable!”

Fengyis eyes instantly fell on Yuchis back, who was sitting in front of her.

‘Yes, this seems to be the case!

‘This Seniors attitude is usually quite friendly, but he still has a side that no one knows about!

‘That side was rather ferocious, and rather cruel.

‘He seems to be a completely different person in that state.

‘Is this his psychological problem

‘If thats the case, then this psychologist is really a good person.

‘Its definitely a noble act for her to come all the way here to treat Seniors psychological state despite his lowly status!”

For a psychologist to travel thousands of miles to the Netherworld Sea prison to treat a prisoner, this was definitely something that everyone would applaud.

Fengyi questioned herself and felt that she could not be as selfless as Qin Lanyu.

This girl was too amazing!

While Fengyi was deep in thought, Yuchi smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern.”

“Please give this opportunity to the others.”

“Thank you, though,” he said.

Unexpectedly, he still refused in the end!


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