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In the Netherworld Sea prison, some prisoners were sweeping the floor, while others were drying their clothes.

Ever since the last incident, their lives had become much more relaxed.

Although they did not know how the Prison Department would handle this matter, they were already receiving better food than before.

At the very least, they did not have to eat compressed dry food every day.

Theur days gradually became beautiful.

From the looks of it, life in the city was not that good.

Life in the prison was tough, and they could not leave the Netherworld Sea prison, but at least they were all prisoners and there was no such thing as infighting.

However, at this moment, they suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the distant horizon.

At the same time, they felt the ground shake, and all the glass windows shattered.

Glass shards fell to the ground and, for a moment, no one knew what was happening!

Then, there was another loud noise!

The loud noise clearly came from a distance, but because the sound was so loud, it was like a giant firecracker exploding next to ones ears!


A third sound erupted! The intense noises became stronger and stronger!

“Whats happening”

“Is there a tsunami in the Netherworld Sea”


“I dont know.”

The prisoners spoke one after another quickly.

They did not dare to rush into the prison buildings at all, because they could clearly feel the ground shaking.

It felt like a continuous earthquake!

10 seconds later, one of the prisoners suddenly shouted, “Damn it! Can anyone tell me why the clouds are moving so fast!”

After he shouted this, all the prisoners were momentarily stunned, and they looked around in fear.

They could see the clouds in the sky moving backward quickly! They could also feel the strong wind blowing in all directions!

Why were there such strong winds all of a sudden

Why were there such terrifying cracking sounds coming beneath them

Then one of the prisoners suddenly shouted, “Its not that the clouds in the sky are moving fast.

Were just drifting!”

After that prisoner shouted, all of the prisoners had goosebumps!

The Netherworld Sea prison was drifting!


It was drifting due to the huge impact!

The Netherworld Sea prison island was man-made.

The Netherworld Sea itself was extremely dense.

Hence, humans used hundreds of heavyweight helicopters to lift a huge man-made island and throw it into the sea!

Hence, the Netherworld Sea prison was like a huge piece of ice floating on the sea!

In order to prevent the Netherworld Sea prison from floating around, the humans had used many chains and anchors to secure the entire floating island!

Was the entire Netherworld Sea prison island shifting

What about the chains

What about the anchors

What was making such a huge island move at such high speeds

All of the prisoners did not dare to speculate!

They squatted down and tried their best to look around!

However, before they could take a closer look, they found that dark clouds were rapidly gathering over the horizon.

There were layers upon layers of dark clouds!

They looked as heavy as ink-soaked cotton as they bore down on the island!

From the incoming dark clouds, they could see lightning and hear thunder.

The bright purple lightning bolts were as thick as barrels.

The lightning even seemed to be alive.

Wave after wave of violent explosions rang out from all directions above their heads.

The whole island was enveloped by a murderous and terrifying aura.


A violent roar suddenly erupted! The sound seemed to come from a ferocious beast!

It looked like a fierce tiger!


Its voice was heart-pounding! It was filled with killing intent, and was obviously attacking something!

The entire sky trembled along with the tigers roar!

The prisoners were filled with extreme shock and fear.

They raised their heads and saw a lot of lightning bolts falling from the sky!

The rain that followed the lightning and thunder was not ordinary either!

Drops of rain fell from the sky like molten glass, emitting a hissing sound.

In an instant, the sea around the entire Netherworld Sea prison boiled!

The surface of the sea was trembling!

The wind was howling!

In the special space at the bottom of the sea, Yuchi, who was fighting the Three-headed Naga Siren, was laughing wildly!

One after another, strong gusts of wind appeared!

A fierce tiger descended from the heavens!

The prisoners then saw an angry jackal!

The sky changed once more.

The dark clouds covered an area of more than 30 kilometers, and one could see countless lightning bolts that streaked from the sky down to earth.

The lightning bolts had transformed into the shape of jackals!

These came rushing straight down from the sky, and their dazzling blue eyes were cold and ruthless!

They were staring at their prey!

There were millions of them!

The prisoners could no longer tell if this was a dream or reality!

They could feel the wind blowing, seemingly augmenting the speed of the lightning jackals, to the point that it reached an unimaginable realm!

Compared to the flame feather from before, the divine manifestation of power that filled the sky now was far more frightening!

The prisoners were terrified.

The earth was shaking, and the fragments of broken glass on the ground vibrated violently.

The air was filled with the burnt smell of what the lightning bolts had struck.

They did not know how much time had passed but, in the sky above the sea that was burning with fierce flames, a dragon finally appeared.

“Its a dragon!” The prisoners exclaimed in shock!

The shiny, sharp, and angular scales were unmistakable, and that sole red-gold scale on its back was particularly obvious.

That was its reverse scale!

The dragon let out a loud roar.

It was like a giant hand had stirred up the heavens and earth.

As the dragon circled the sky outside the Netherworld Sea prison, the sound of people falling to their knees in worship could be heard all over the prison grounds.

A dragon!

When a dragon appeared, there was bound to be a great disaster!

Then, the prisoners spotted a figure in the sky.

The figure was very thin and miniscule.

A person

There was actually someone who was fighting against the heavens

They rubbed their eyes and looked again, but the figure had disappeared.

Everything was like a dream.

It was like a dream, or perhaps more like a nightmare.

It felt like a great tribulation, so they could only kowtow repeatedly.

They did not understand.

They did not know.

Everything was a blur.

Their minds were filled with fear… and they could sense the oppressive aura of the fierce dragon.

That was how terrifying the dragon was!

That human who was fighting it was so courageous!


Rolling dark clouds!

Endless bolts of lightning!

Heaven and earth trembled!

With a single sword flash, the dragon was like a giant snake that had been cut in half.

The severed dragon still exuded a violent aura, and hurled blazing balls of lightning one after another.




The balls of lightning continued to fly toward a certain direction over the Netherworld Sea.

The moment the balls of lightning touched the surface of theNetherworld Sea, it evaporated the water there, creating craters in the sea!

The seawater was bubbling.

The balls of lightning were like red-hot iron balls that boiled the sea.


The balls of lightning immediately exploded.

Huge waves that were at least a thousand meters tall were formed, looming ominously over the surface of the sea!

Beneath the huge waves, all living things could only cower in fear!

Violent wind!

Torrential rain!



The thousand-feet-tall waves crashed down… Until everything slowly disappeared.

The wind had disappeared!

The storm stopped!

The dragon had disappeared!

The dark clouds in the sky also gradually dispersed!

The last trace of the oppressive aura also disappeared with a “pa da” sound.

The battle that had lasted for a full hour had finally come to an end.

The prisoners all knelt down.

They did not know who was the winner, and neither did they know who was lucky enough to survive this disaster!

That man had been competing with a dragon!


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